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How to Get YouTube Premium for Free in 2021

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, next to Google. YouTube is a video streaming platform where users can learn and also watch movies and entertainment content with commercials included in every video. Even though YouTube is free to stream, the developer offers a subscription package that unlocks many features like ad-free streaming, offline downloads, background play, etc. The below section will show an easy trick to get a YouTube premium subscription for free.

How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

Is YouTube Premium Worth?

If you are a desktop user, YouTube Premium is not that useful as it only lets you block YouTube advertisements on the desktop you can block by simply using the ad-blockers. But if you’re a mobile user, then it will be best for you as it offers offline downloading, ad-free, background play, and more.

YouTube Free vs Premium

All contents available Yes Yes
Ad-free streaming No Yes
YouTube Originals No Yes
Background play No Yes
Downloading HD videos Yes, limited. Yes
YouTube Music Premium No Yes

Subscription packs:

  • Monthly pack – $11.99/ month
  • Family pack – $17.99/month
  • Student pack – $6.99/month

How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

You can get a YouTube premium subscription for free by using two methods.

  1. Using the free trial method
  2. Using Google One account

Get YouTube Premium for Free Using Free Trial Method

1. Go to YouTube premium page.

2. Press the SIGN IN button in the upper right corner.

YouTube Premium Free

3. Enter your email address or phone number and press Next.

YouTube Premium

4. Type your password and then press Next.

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5. Tap the GET YOUTUBE PREMIUM button.

YouTube Premium Free

6. In the next window, press TRY IT FOR FREE button.

YouTube Premium Free

7. Choose either a Credit card or PayPal and press START 1-MONTH TRIAL button.

YouTube Premium

8. Complete the checkout process on your bank page or the PayPal website.

9. After successful checkout, your YouTube premium subscription will be activated instantly on your account.

10. Enjoy streaming ad-free YouTube videos for free.

Using Google One Subscription

1. Go to Google One website and Login into your google account.

2. Press the Upgrade button on the home screen.

YouTube Premium Free

3. Choose any one subscription as per your needs.

YouTube Premium Free

4. In the popup window, choose your preferred payment.

YouTube Premium

5. Complete your payment, and then you’ll be redirected to Google One account.

6. Now, all your packages will be activated along with 3 months of YouTube premium.


With the above tutorial, we have learned all the possible ways to get YouTube Premium for free. We recommend you to follow both methods. First, activate a free trial and then subscribe to Google One so that you’ll get 120 days of YouTube Premium.