Rajkotupdates.news : PUBG developer Krafton has filed a lawsuit against Garena Free Fire


In a recent development in the world of mobile gaming, Krafton, the developer behind the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has filed a lawsuit against Garena Free Fire, another prominent battle royale game. The lawsuit alleges copyright infringement and seeks to protect Krafton’s intellectual property rights. This legal battle has attracted significant attention within the gaming community, and its outcome could have far-reaching implications for the industry.


PUBG and Garena Free Fire are both successful battle royale games that have amassed millions of players worldwide. While PUBG gained immense popularity since its release in 2017, Free Fire has also gained a significant following, especially in regions like Southeast Asia and Latin America. However, it appears that the success of Garena Free Fire has now led to a legal confrontation with Krafton.

Copyright Infringement Allegations:

Krafton’s lawsuit alleges that Garena Free Fire has copied several key elements and features from PUBG, violating its copyright and intellectual property rights. The complaint claims that Free Fire has replicated distinctive gameplay mechanics, character designs, weapon systems, and even the game’s overall aesthetic. Krafton argues that these similarities are more than mere coincidences and constitute copyright infringement.

Krafton’s Position:

Krafton asserts that it has invested significant time, resources, and creativity in developing PUBG, and the company seeks to protect its intellectual property from unauthorized usage. They argue that Garena Free Fire’s alleged replication of PUBG’s core elements dilutes the uniqueness and distinctiveness of their game, potentially misleading players and causing confusion in the market. Krafton believes that taking legal action is necessary to safeguard their intellectual property and maintain a fair and competitive gaming landscape.

Garena Free Fire’s Response:

Garena Free Fire has responded to the lawsuit, stating that the allegations made by Krafton are without merit. The company claims that Free Fire is an original creation that differs from PUBG in significant ways. They assert that the battle royale genre is a broad concept and that similarities among various games within the genre are to be expected. Garena Free Fire maintains that they have not infringed upon Krafton’s copyright and intends to vigorously defend their position in court.

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Implications for the Gaming Industry:

The outcome of this lawsuit could have significant implications for the gaming industry as a whole. It could potentially set a precedent for how copyright issues and intellectual property disputes are handled in the context of battle royale games. Given the growing popularity of the genre and the existence of various similar games, this legal battle could influence how developers approach game design and creative innovation to avoid potential copyright infringement claims.


The legal battle between Krafton and Garena Free Fire highlights the ongoing challenges surrounding copyright infringement and intellectual property protection within the gaming industry. As both parties present their arguments in court, the outcome of this case will have far-reaching consequences, potentially shaping future game development practices and the legal landscape of the battle royale genre. The gaming community eagerly awaits the resolution of this lawsuit, which may have a lasting impact on the industry as a whole.

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