Top 20 Bandwidth Monitor Software For Windows 10 To Monitor Traffic

Bandwidth Monitor Software is explained in this post. Keeping track of your bandwidth test usage is critical if you do not have limitless internet access. If you surpass your network bandwidth limit, your Internet Service Provider will charge you extra. You can avoid this by using a bandwidth monitor to track inbound and outbound traffic.

What is Bandwidth Monitor Software, and how does it work?

A bandwidth monitor software, often known as a network traffic monitor, is a tool that allows you to keep track of the download and upload speeds of your internet connection. It gives a comprehensive report on your bandwidth usage These app are beneficial to everyone who has a slow internet connection.

Top 20 Bandwidth Monitor Software for Windows 10 To Monitor Traffic in 2022

In this post, you learned about Bandwidth Monitor Software; further details are provided below.

A bandwidth use monitor can also assist you in determining which hosts consume the most bandwidth definition. On addition to keeping an eye on your network, an internet use monitor helps you to keep track of what’s going on in your LAN. As a result, you may detect high-traffic processes and programmes, as well as individuals who waste critical network resources.

The Top 20 Bandwidth Monitor Apps for Windows 10

Even if your internet connection is unstable and all end-user remedies have been exhausted, you should assess whether your network has a bottleneck and whether bandwidth utilisation is the source of the problem.

We’ve collected a list of the best bandwidth monitor apps to help you keep track of your Windows 10 PC’s internet consumption.

1. Antamedia Bandwidth Manager

If you want to keep track on network traffic, use Antamedia’s internet traffic monitor. It enables you to easily modify the download and upload rates of your internet connection. Antamedia also limits the amount of bandwidth available to all network users.

You may also manage or blacklist content by banning unwanted websites and choosing from over 100 filtering options. You can use the data use metre to optimise your traffic so that it is consumed as little as possible.

You must to establish a Demo account in order to utilise the sample version. Following that, you will be able to operate three gadgets. If you need access to more devices, you must purchase the full version. In addition to home use, the tool is perfect for cybercafés, schools, and small enterprises.

2. SolarWinds Bandwidth Monitor in Real-Time

Solarwinds is a free bandwidth metre that allows you to monitor how much bandwidth you’re consuming. This network diagnostic tool allows you to simultaneously monitor internet consumption across many interfaces. It also provides easy-to-read graphs, delivering visual treats that reflect the location of your network.

Because you can set the refresh time to as small as 0.5 seconds, SolarWinds is one of the best tools for monitoring bandwidth usage. As a result, you may see real-time internet usage. You may also set warning levels to notify you when your internet consumption reaches a certain threshold.

3. GlassWire

GlassWire’s network usage monitor allows users to monitor their network activity by geolocation, traffic, and application. It is displayed in graphs that are simple to understand. You will be able to view the traffic on your computer for the last 30 days.

You can also detect and disable out-of-date apps, as well as pinpoint the cause of a sudden spike in network activity, spyware, and malware. It will also alert you to potential attacks, DNS changes, and unexpected changes to the network system file so you may take appropriate action.

Even if you are not in front of the computer, GlassWire can remotely monitor it and notify you of any suspicious activities. As a result, you can prevent it. GlassWire’s firewall comes in handy when it comes to anticipating network threats.

4. PRTG Bandwidth Monitor

PRTG is a fantastic tool for analysing network bandwidth. The software evaluates and lists a variety of criteria to give you a complete picture of your network connection and internet performance.

With the help of this net speed monitor, you can discover bandwidth overloads. It also supports you in taking the necessary precautions to ensure that your connection is in good working order. This network traffic monitor is suitable for both home and professional use.

Private users of the software can run speed tests to see whether or not their internet connection is working properly
Professional users, on the other hand, can utilise PRTG to identify and eliminate bandwidth hogs, assisting in the reduction of employee productivity. In the free version, you can utilise up to 100 sensors for free.

5. NetWorx

NetWorx is a free bandwidth metre that analyses your bandwidth utilisation and internet speed. You can monitor specific connections, such as a mobile internet connection or Wi-Fi, as well as all connections at once, using the software.

You can establish data quotas and receive alerts if you exceed them. They also offer a net consumption graph, which allows you to keep track of your current bandwidth usage.

Depending on your requirements, the application also delivers a thorough report that indicates bandwidth usage on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You may also keep track of how much bandwidth each of your computer’s users uses.

6. BitMeter OS

BitMeter is a free open-source tool that runs in the background whenever you boot up your computer. You can monitor your broadband usage using your PC’s web browser or even a command-line tool.

The network diagnostic tool can tell you how much bandwidth you’re currently utilising. You can also view the amount of bandwidth consumed in the past days, weeks, and months.

You may monitor network traffic by setting alerts to notify you when a certain threshold is exceeded, as well as examine a summary of your data usage for specific days and export information in CSV format. It’s a simple tool to use. Despite the lack of further capabilities, it is acceptable for persons with limited requirements, such as using it as a data usage monitor.

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7. FreeMeter

If you need a tool to monitor network traffic, you should use FreeMeter right away. It’s a lightweight and easy-to-use Windows 10 bandwidth metre.

When you first launch the app, you’ll see a live graph displaying your current data usage. If you don’t want to see the graph every time you open the network usage monitor, you can reduce it. The Taskbar graph containing the live stream will remain active. As a result, you can access it with a single click whenever you want.

The update frequency, transparency, scale, and colour of the graph can all be customised. When you double-click on the graph, you’ll see a report that shows your weekly, monthly, and daily internet data usage. You can also set alarms to be warned if your data limit is exceeded.

8. ManageEngine OpUtils’ Network Bandwidth Monitor

This application is good for monitoring network traffic. It can also be used to track bandwidth usage within your network’s perimeter.

In the free edition, you can monitor two interfaces from a single device. Despite their limited number, router ports will give you with the data and information you require. Do you need to determine the source of your poor internet connection? It’s worth a chance to use this network bandwidth metre. It will also help you figure out who is using your bandwidth.

Graphs and statistics are used to depict usage trends and network traffic across days, weeks, and months Administrators are being pushed to investigate bandwidth usage. They can then determine whether more bandwidth is required. You can also limit your bandwidth use and receive real-time notifications when it is surpassed.

9. BandwidthD

This internet data use monitor enables you to keep track of your online activities, scan a range of IP addresses, and generate statistics-based reports. Aside from monitoring your bandwidth, the application also lets you view a graphic from the past hour as well as traffic sensor details like IP address, date, and time.

You can use this data use monitor for Windows 10 to detect hosts on your internet network by scanning an IP address range. You can generate statistics, alarms, and programme logs, as well as export them as PDF or FP3 files.

BandwidthD will offer you with information on normal traffic volume by analysing the behaviour of the previous months. It will also provide information on downtime and traffic volume for a specific time period. You may examine graphical representations of your network traffic, monitor your PC’s bandwidth, and collect data using this network bandwidth monitor.

10. Software to monitor Bandwidth Usage

This Windows 10 bandwidth monitor is a little piece of software that allows users to check bandwidth usage as well as view information and data in a graph format. You can also copy the history log to the clipboard.

The structure of this software is user-friendly, allowing the user to do as many tasks as possible with the least amount of effort. The tool can record the monitoring process for up to 24 hours. A graphical representation of your broadband consumption history is also available.

This application is trustworthy and completes all duties quickly. There will be no errors while the operations are being carried out. The general performance and speed of your machine will be unaffected. In addition, the data use monitor uses very few system resources.

11. ISP Monitor

ISP Monitor is a tiny, free application that allows users to simply monitor their internet speed. You will be able to identify the real bandwidth speed you are paying for. In addition to monitoring broadband consumption, the software allows you to set upload and download limits.

The network bandwidth is checked in real time, and the percentage of your total limit that has been used is displayed You can also make changes before the timer runs out. You can also setup the software to disconnect the network connection when the threshold is reached.

The network speed monitor contains no viruses or spyware. It has a simple user interface and is easy to use.

12. BitMeter II

ISP Monitor is a tiny, free application that allows users to simply monitor their internet speed. You will be able to identify the real bandwidth speed you are paying for. In addition to monitoring broadband consumption, the software allows you to set upload and download limits.

The network bandwidth is checked in real time, and the percentage of your total limit that has been used is displayed.
You can also make changes before the timer runs out. You can also setup the software to disconnect the network connection when the threshold is reached.

The network speed monitor contains no viruses or spyware. It has a simple user interface and is easy to use.

13. TbbMeter

tbbMeter displays the amount of data that your computer sends and receives in real time. As a result, the application is an excellent internet data usage metre. The software also displays you how your internet speed changes throughout the day.

Although it lacks functionality and isn’t the best data consumption metre for Windows 10, tbbMeter can assist you in keeping track of your uploads and downloads. It also displays how much bandwidth is being used. It’s ideal for your home PC if you simply want to keep track of your bandwidth usage.

This app can help you avoid paying exorbitant Internet fees, and it does not trace your online habits. You may check daily, weekly, and monthly data, as well as set up alarm notifications if you go over your consumption limit.

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14. BWMonitor

Do you want to know how much bandwidth you consume? BWMonitor keeps track of internet data usage on the machine where it is installed. Unlike some of the other broadband consumption monitors we’ve covered, this freebie does not measure bandwidth across several PCs.

Upload and download speeds are shown in real time. The software also creates daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
BWMontior includes some essential tools including a speed stopwatch and a transfer rate recorder. You will also receive usage notifications if you exceed your data limit. BWMonitor monitors your internet usage and generates traffic statistics without having you to register in.

15. Ntopng

Do you want to know how much bandwidth you consume? Use ntopng, which is a wonderful traffic analysis tool as well as one of the best broadband consumption monitors. Because it is open-source, the community version of ntopng is free. If you intend to use it professionally for a small business or enterprise, you must obtain a licence.

In addition to high-speed traffic analysis and flow connectivity, a network traffic probe monitors internet consumption. The utility displays active hosts and network activities in real time. Furthermore, it creates long-term reports for a range of network parameters.

Ntopng will send you an email if it identifies suspicious behaviour in your internet activities. You may also generate graphical reports that provide a daily, weekly, and monthly summary of data usage.

16. Gold WhatsUp

If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s using my bandwidth?” WhatsUp Gold’s network monitoring app is for you. One of the functions it encourages is bandwidth monitoring. The software has many functions, but it is also quite simple to use. It includes a free 30-day trial version as well as a free starter edition, allowing you to test it out before purchasing it.

The software monitors network traffic, data consumption, and server performance. The user interface features an interactive network map that allows you to drill down to find issues. WhatsUp Gold users can get bandwidth use data, and the reports can be customised.

You can configure notifications to notify you when your bandwidth limit is reached. You can receive the alerts by email or text message. Triggered actions make it easier to swiftly deliver automated responses to alarms.

17. NetBalancer

NetBalancer is a bandwidth management application for internet traffic. Priority can be set, and upload and download speeds can be monitored. Higher priority apps might be given greater bandwidth, whereas lower priority software can run at a slower rate.

The network traffic monitor is simple to understand and use. The user interface is basic and easy to use. You may also password-protect your settings to prevent unauthorised changes. You may monitor detailed data usage statistics as well as configure network traffic controls.

To facilitate synchronised traffic balancing, the user can group local network machines. The tool’s sync feature allows you to control several systems from a single web interface.

18. NetLimiter

NetLimiter is an excellent tool for managing internet traffic and one of the best bandwidth usage monitors available You can use the software to restrict the amount of bandwidth consumed by a certain app or application.

The network use monitor can be used to configure upload and download speeds. You can also limit the transmission rate of individual connections or apps. Many app allow you to set quotas or threshold constraints and be notified when the limit is surpassed.

NetLimiter is an amazing tool for measuring real-time traffic, but it also displays data usage in charts that may be customised. If you purchase the advanced edition of NetLimiter, you will gain access to additional features such as a connection blocker, rule scheduler, and data transfer statistics.

19. SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager

Do you spend a significant amount of time on the internet? Are the costs for the same unexpectedly high? Is your company’s performance suffering as a result of ineffective internet use?

This bandwidth manager addresses all of the difficulties mentioned above. The application analyses internet network behaviour and allows you to set bandwidth consumption limitations in whatever way you like. This enhances the quality of network regulation.

The software reduces your overall bandwidth consumption while ensuring that vital apps run at full capacity. It’s an excellent solution for managing and controlling internet traffic that’s also reasonably priced. The user can choose specific limits for maximum data rates and internet usage allowances.

20. TMeter

TMeter is a network traffic metre that lets you control the internet speed of all Windows processes that connect to the internet. The software may monitor traffic depending on a number of criteria, such as the destination or source IP address, protocol, and port.

Simple graphs that provide statistics are used to illustrate the measured internet traffic. The app includes a Network Address Translation engine that allows several hosts on a private network to connect to the internet using a single public IP address.

A firewall incorporated into TMeter safeguards your network against unauthorised intrusions. The current Traffic Shaper allows you to control internet speed for certain users.


We’ve created a list of the best bandwidth monitors to help you figure out what’s coming in and out of your network With the right network traffic monitor, you may get complete control over your bandwidth and internet usage. A good network bandwidth monitor will give you the information you need, such as which software, user, or application is using the most bandwidth. You should also be able to monitor upload and download speeds and set thresholds that notify you when the limit is reached.

Remember that monitoring bandwidth is the first and most crucial step in effectively monitoring your network. Data limitations and internet speed throttling should no longer be a concern for you.