Best 5 Google Drive Alternatives Reddit In 2022

This article will go through Google Drive alternatives Reddit. A solid cloud system allows users to easily access protected, stored content. For quite some time now, Google Drive has been an acceptable cloud solution for a wide range of consumers. Nonetheless, it has some limits that should not be neglected or minimised. When Google Drive fails to satisfy all of your requirements, it’s time to consider alternatives.

Best 5 Google Drive Alternatives Reddit In 2022

In this article, you will learn about Google Drive alternatives to Reddit, and the details are provided below.

If we do not include Google Drive, the top Cloud Storage service supplied by Google, our list of Dropbox options will be incomplete. Get 15 GB of free cloud storage also access your files from any device at any time. Everyone understands that Google Drive will save your files securely. You can even copy material from other people’s Google Drive accounts directly into your own. You can make a special folder of data available to the public so that anyone can download it.

1. Tresorit

Tresorit is an end-to-end encrypted data sync and exchange service with over 10,000 corporate users worldwide. Dropbox does not have end-to-end file encryption, and it was hacked in 2012, with the majority of passwords still freely available on the internet. Tresorit features a more secure, “zero-knowledge” approach to storing your files, making it a viable Dropbox alternative potential. You are required to use strong passwords, and your passwords are encrypted; as a result, your files are safe and secure on the Tresorit servers.

Tresorit is a secure dropbox alternative that may be used for both commercial (company) and personal needs. In a hackathon, 1000 professionals were challenged to breach the Trsorit security, but Tresorit proved to be impenetrable. If you wish to increase the security of your files, you can enable two-factor authentication. This allows you to submit files to Tresorit servers without fear of being hacked or leaked.

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2. BOX

Box provides free storage of up to 10 GB. You can upload data from both a desktop and a mobile device. You can sync your mobile and desktop accounts on the same box account. Marvelous! Files can be dragged and dropped directly into the desktop program. As far as the best Dropbox choice goes. It has a catch with the free account, which is a data capacity limit of 250 MB.

You may keep this low file size by upgrading to a Beginner account (6$ per month). There are several unique capabilities of Box, such as the ability to save, edit, and share Microsoft Office files without closing the data, organise your folders with individual comments on each folder, and even replace your data on a folder while keeping the old URL. Box allows you to freely share your data.

3. ByteBX

ByteBX is new to the market, but it has already attracted a large number of customers due to its Secure Cloud Storage service as well as its unique and fully responsive web design. There is no essential to install any apps on your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone. Because of its flexible website design, you can publish and download your files online. In your open accounts, you will receive 2.5 GB of free storage.

Because it is inexpensive, I recommend it as a superior service. You will only pay $9.90 for 100 GB of storage for one month. Because ByteBX allows you to download an entire folder as zip data, this is an excellent Dropbox alternative. You will be able to download files via BitTorrent networks as an added bonus.

4. Degoo

Degoo offers 3GB of storage for free when you sign up. You can upgrade it for free up to 100GB by comparing your disc to others. Connect its desktop client and select the files to be backed up. If you turn off your desktop, all data will be uploaded to your degoo report. Upload will resume as soon as you turn on your computer. Okay, that’s convenient, but what about security? Your files are separated into several portions and stored in several locations throughout the world to ensure their safety.

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5. Mega

Mega is one of the best Dropbox alternatives. Mega provides a philanthropic 50 GB of cloud storage for free. If you need additional storage, you may upgrade to the PRO service, which includes 500GB of storage and 5TB of bandwidth for 99 EUR. Mega offers HTML5 end-to-end encryption of your files, meaning that even Mega will never be able to decrypt them. If you are particularly concerned about your business files, Mega is a good option.

To properly use HTML5 end-to-end encryption, you must use the most recent version of Firefox or Chrome, and Mega’s Firefox Addon and Chrome extension are ready to assist you. Mega offers both a desktop client and a mobile application for synchronising your computer with Mega’s Cloud Server. You can also give your files and papers to your friends. Consider Mega to be the best secure dropbox option.