20 Best TorrentFunk Proxy And Mirror Alternative Sites In 2022

You can find torrent files for millions of movies, TV shows, web series, paid software, and other things on TorrentFunk also called the “king of torrent search engine sites.” People have used since it was made in early 2011. Google Trends shows that the site is becoming more and more popular. Users often come to this website looking for a torrent file of their favorite torrentfunk movies or other paid content, like a book or a game. But you can’t say enough about the importance of having some great alternatives to TorrentFunk com. Also, only users who want to download torrent files can use this website. This website used to be a torrent hosting website, which meant it shared the torrent files found on other torrent websites. But after a while, this website started building its database and giving users torrent files it had found.

In the meantime, you should look for other websites with torrent files of the kinds you want that meet your needs. We’ll list the top 20 TorrentFunk alternatives for 2022 that you might want to consider for your next move. There are 20 websites that are similar to TorrentFunk unblock proxy, and each one has a significant advantage over the others. We hope you’ll choose the best one to replace the TorrentFunk website.

20 TorrentFunk Proxy and Mirror Alternative sites

You can find out more about torrentfunk alternatives in this article. Here are the facts:

So, you shouldn’t worry if Torrentfunk no longer works, right? If those options don’t work, you might want to try Torrentfunk or other sites.

1. Torlock


In the modern world, many people think spurt is a great place to get software, songs, movies, games, and many other things. There aren’t that many gush sites left now. Still, some of the above websites, like The Pirate Bay, TorLock, 1337x, and others, are used to get people to sign up for the service. Check out this great post about TorrentFunk alternatives to learn how to quickly and easily download torrents.

The best torrent site that was open to the public used to be TorLock. The site was known for a long time for its healthy gush content, which made it easier for people to download things faster. Also, the website wasn’t shut down when the mass gush limit was implemented in 2016.

Even though these things happened, the website’s good name on the internet could never be saved. TorLock isn’t very stable, so some people don’t like it. Because it often goes down, TorLock isn’t one of the most reliable gush websites.

2. YTS


It’s one of the most significant websites, and everyone needs it. Over the years, this website has had a big lead over many other similar sites. The YTS torrent website is one of the most popular because it has great graphics and is easy to download. There are a lot of movies, TV shows, and internet series in different languages and styles. This website makes it easy to look at online collections from the United States, India, Korea, Japan, China, and other places.

Most of the time, the YTS gush movie website is used to give away free Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The site’s popularity has decreased because the number of sources on this torrent network has been decreasing. Users are very unhappy with how this website works, but we won’t let you down again.



Fans of TV shows often do torrent as a hobby, and there are many ways to get better at it. For example, the site has an anonymity checker and a schedule that shows when episodes will be released on different websites and screens.

Many people use the site often, and there are a lot of answers to common questions and ways to get help on it. But if you go to the EZTV website, it’s best to use a popup blocker because clicking on menu links brings up pretty popup windows. I do have some free time.

Is there anything that slows down EZTV? Are you looking for ways to get around EZTV other than through There are many ways to get EZTV when it’s not allowed. On the other hand, EZTV proxy and mirror websites are the best option. But it’s not always easy to find EZTV Proxies and Mirrors that work.



People sometimes refer to this service as “KATS.” It looks a bit like the service’s Silk Road 2.0 version. There were a lot of ups and downs in their lives. It came out in 2008 and ran for about eight years. In 2016, the US Department of Justice took over its domain name and owner and manager, a Ukrainian citizen held in Poland.

During those eight years, KickAss Torrents changed its domain name so the government wouldn’t take over. Most of the time, people go to this site to download games and movie torrents. As a result, there were a lot of fake sites that looked like the real ones. Each of them had malware and phishing pages on them.

5. Zooqle


The TorrentFunks movie choice is another movie they picked for you. Zooqle is now one of the most popular sites people go to make money online. Almost all of the files on this spurt platform have already been checked. This means that your computer or phone has a very small or no chance of getting infected. Check out this great post about other sites like TorrentFunk.

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But after a lot of people tried to get it to shut down, they changed how easy it is to use. It is almost impossible to sign up for an account or log in to this website. Because you have to log in to the website to get there, here are some other sites that are just as good as Zooqle.



A website called ETTV is the best in the world, according to its fans. When I first found it, it was a great site. On COVID-19’s day of the quarantine, everyone should watch ETTV and see beautiful and exciting movies. It is a group of gush trackers that you can trust and has many meta torrents. It gives users 100% verified gush files with many seeders and uploaders.

Is it blocked where you live? Or you can’t get there. We’ve already talked about the best torrent and proxy sites, so don’t worry. At ETTV, a group of people upload and seed torrents. When a torrent site gets popular, many of them get blocked, but not all do. Use these sites as proxies or mirrors. They offer users the best option. These are the places you can go to get to these torrent sites.

7. TorrentDownloads


Many have been able to watch current TV shows and movies, play games, and read books on the software for years. The site has a lot of content, and new movies and apps can be downloaded in seconds. Even though the number of the best torrent sites goes down every day, many people still come to our site to download and install things for free.

Most likely, the Spurt TorrentDownloads proxy websites will be the same as their main site, They have the same layout, gushes, and other changes as the original domain. So, if you can’t get to Gush Downloads for some reason, you can use one of the Proxy sites below to get around it.

8. 1337x

This will be the first torrent site we check out. A site of people know about The Pirate Bay. A popular torrent site like 1337x lets you download your favourite movie.

Now, Pirate Bay has been shut down because it encouraged piracy. But the information is backed up by a lot of mirror sites. If you don’t like 1337x, you can always go to the Pirate Bay to download any movie or TV show you want to watch.

9. Torrentz2


You can’t make it work. There are other people like you. Many of the best torrent search engines have stopped working. EuroID, which is in charge of the computer registry domain names sent a notice to the site’s owner about a problem that the public could see, like a broken link.

A Public Prosecutor’s order caused the Torrentz domains to be shut down. Even though we don’t know much about the order, there are rumors there will be a long legal battle. was the place to get video games, movies, books, torrentfunk music, and many other users from the Internet. One of the most popular torrent search engines was called The Pirate Bay. It showed results from popular torrent websites like LimeTorrents, RARBG, and others.

10. ExtraTorrent


ExtraTorrents came out in 2006 when Mininova and TorrentSpy were the most popular places to download things like movies and TV shows. ExtraTorrents was the second most popular torrent site as long as Pirate Bay was the most popular. Every day, a lot of people went there.

People knew that the website held movies and TV shows. As a result, many businesses and domain name service providers received complaints. This made the website stop working, which is torrentfunk safe. But it’s not clear if the law led to the death of the “torrent kingpin.”

 11. IsoHunts


People think this torrent company is one of the best in the peer-to-peer gush system. You can find a lot of different kinds of information on it. Some of the things it has are apps, apps for the software you use, books, movies, videos, songs, and other things. No matter what you want, IsoHunt can always find it.

Not everyone is a good fit for it, though. Some people like what it offers but would rather go with a different Gush company. Are you part of this group? Do you want to work with other gush service providers besides IsoHunts? You should know what you can do.

12. LimeTorrents


It is the most popular torrent site on the web. It lets you download movies, TV shows, software, Android apps, songs, and more using the torrentfunk protocol. BitTorrent is a website for computers to share files.

Because of legal and piracy issues, a gush website can’t stay up for very long. We know these things. This means that you have nothing to worry about. Every day, a number of new torrent websites with advanced features are released. I do have some free time.

Lime spurts drivers and other people who like Torrents help us find the newest Limetorrents proxy and Lime gushes torrentfunk mirror sites, which have the same information, indexes, and new products as the original site. This is also similar. The best way to tell them apart is by their names.

 13. RARBG


RARBG Proxy is one of the most popular sites for downloading and installing all kinds of media, like movies, TV shows, games, songs, books, and more. It has been around since 2008 and has grown since then. But now we have a problem where strict rules are always being broken. We can’t use it because our ISP has blocked it.

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We’ve put together a list of the 22 best RARBG proxy, Mirror, and TorrentFunk options to help you find the best ones. The RARBG Proxy Listing and TorrentFunk download options are becoming more and more popular. They are updated often and give suggestions for trackers that work. If you answered “yes,” you’re in the right place.

We found at a lot of websites and picked out the best one for you. There is no way to know if any of these sites will still be around in the future since they could all go away at any point.

14. Utorrent


Before BitTorrent, Inc. bought it, everyone who used uTorrent to download files knew about it. It used to be an open-source and lightweight client, but BitTorrent made it closed-source and filled it with ads and spammy offers. Many people still use it, but some people who don’t like how it works are looking for other options.

There are many kinds of Torrent clients, including both open and closed source ones. Some of the others have features that uTorrent doesn’t, and some of them are very similar to each other. There are a lot of other torrent clients that can harm your computer because they have viruses and other problems. It can be hard to find the best one.

Help you find what you need. We’ve listed alternatives to Torrent Funk with the least risky jobs. Even if some of them still have Adware, you can easily cut it down if you are always on the lookout (do not stress and anxious, we will caution you regarding those).

15. ThePirateBay


Usage In 2021, the newest and fastest proxy service will be Thepiratebays3. When it first started in 2003, the Pirate Bay was called TPB, and it stayed that way. You can find torrents with stolen magnetic links and gush files on this site. It also has a simple interface and uses BitTorrent to let people share documents.

When this Pirate Bay was made in 2009, the creator who made it was found guilty and given a year in prison. In a few places, ISPs have banned this website. But you can still find a few easy-to-use proxy websites on the internet. It is the third most popular gush site in the world in 2019. It has a lot of pop-up ads.


It has also given us time to stop thinking about everything. One of the most popular torrent sites in the world is Torrentz. Eu will shut down and say “goodbye” to its fans. This is not a torrent website, so don’t confuse it with one. On the other hand, Torrentz search was a meta-search engine linked to other popular BitTorrent websites like the Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrents, RARBG, etc.

People use torrent users to download movies, games, and other essential things. People started looking for mirrors, proxies, and websites like torrentz to use instead after it was shut down.

17. TorrentReactor


Finding a trustworthy website that isn’t blocked or shut down by the government is getting harder and harder. A few years ago, the creator who started KickAss Torrent was arrested for downloading and hosting things without permission. The government shut down almost every important gush site.

Some websites, like The Pirate Bay, Limetorrent, and TorrentReactor, could get around the ban on all of them. It’s one of the most popular sites because it organises several legal torrent products, which makes it one of the most popular sites.

As for TorrentReactor, it got past the restrictions on mass gush and didn’t work at all. Before it was shut down, there were still a lot of people who looked for TorrentReactor.


This isn’t like any other torrent site that gives the user the digital content so they can download it. People could download movies, music, games, videos, anime, manga, and other things from the site. The content is free, in high definition, and perfect.

The unique information about this link as a search engine is that it doesn’t remember what the user is looking for. It only shows the most important content. It’s a safe site, and you can find a lot of verified torrents there without any problems.


A site called Skytorrents just joined the list of torrent sites. It is also one of the sites that is growing the fastest. The promise that there won’t be any ads while you site has made it a huge hit.

This more closely resembles a search engine. Here is the best place to look for different torrent files. This app is best for users who don’t know much about torrenting. There are a lot of movies, videos, games, and other things to look at on a safe and secure site.


This torrent indexing website doesn’t have any torrent files, but it does have active links to the links that have the code for the torrents that the user wants to download. Magnet links can be used to download files from a site.

You can find, among other things, movies, music, games, software, e-books, series, and shows. The site, which came out in 2012, used a VPN to make sure that downloading was safe and secure.