Showbox Not Working Error

[Solved] How to Fix Showbox Not Working Error

Did you see the “ShowBox Not Working” error message in your ShowBox application? In this tutorial, we will reveal to you how to rectify this issue. If we are speaking about well appreciated online streaming apps on the market, ShowBox needs to be one of them with its brilliant UI and simple navigation. It is among the typically used online streaming applications that let Android owner’s access excellent features, free of charge.

[Solved] How to Fix Showbox Not Working Error

In this article, you can learn about the solution of Showbox not working. Here are the details below;

Nevertheless, like every different software you understand, it is bound to establish one problem or the other as time goes on. If the “Showbox not working” is a disappointment for you, we can support you. See How To Fix “ShowBox Not Working” Error Message?

How Can I Repair “ShowBox Not Working” Error?

  1. Try To Update To The Current App Version

When you see the “ShowBox not working” error message, the foremost thing to do is look for a new update of the app and, after that, upgrade it if you find one. This can be the service you need. The Android app is no place to be found for download on Google Play because of Google’s policies and conditions. Nevertheless, the application is visible on the platform numerous times. For that reason, it can be looked for. You can likewise download the Apk variation declare your Android device.

How Can I Repair “ShowBox Not Working/No Downloads” Error?

All you have to do is clear App Data & Cache here, and we can support you with that.

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1. Continue to Settings on your mobile device.

2. Find “Apps or Handle Apps” and tap it.

3. Head to the MegaBox HD app, where two alternatives will be visible, “Clear data” and “Clear cache.”

Be aware that your device must be working Android Marshmallow 6.0 for this to work, and the function can be looked for under Storage to clear data and likewise clear cache.

Finally, clear the data and cache to remedy the issue.

How Can I Solve ShowBox Video Playback Error?


To correct the issue, you can uninstall Google Plus updates or Twitter. To make this occur, go to Settings– Apps or Application Supervisor– Google Plus app– Uninstall Updates.

If your phone has Android Lollipop and higher variations, do this: Go to Settings-About Phone and press “Develop Version” 7 times to unlock “Developers alternative” under Settings.

You can now swipe down in “Developers” and tap “Use AwesomePlayer” to activate it. If started already, attempt deactivating it. You can now reboot your phone to confirm if it is repaired.