Gujarat Vidyapeeth, one of India’s prestigious educational institutions founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, is all set to host a distinguished guest. The institution will extend an invitation to Governor Acharya Devvrat to commemorate its rich legacy and contribute to its future endeavors. This article explores the historical significance of Gujarat Vidyapeeth and highlights the importance of Governor Acharya Devvrat’s presence in promoting its values and ideals.

Historical Background of Gujarat Vidyapeeth:

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, established Gujarat Vidyapeeth on October 18, 1920, with a vision to impart education rooted in Indian culture, self-reliance, and a spirit of social service. It was Gandhi’s response to the British education system, which he believed had alienated the Indian youth from their own cultural heritage. He aimed to create an institution that would nurture young minds while instilling a sense of pride in their national identity.

Over the years, Gujarat Vidyapeeth has remained true to its founding principles, offering education based on Gandhian values such as truth, non-violence, simplicity, and the upliftment of the underprivileged. The institution has become a beacon of light, attracting students from across the country who seek a holistic and meaningful education.

The Role of Gujarat Vidyapeeth Today:

Gujarat Vidyapeeth has evolved into a multi-disciplinary university, offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs in various fields. The institution is known for its focus on rural development, social work, and Gandhian studies. It emphasizes the importance of practical training and community engagement, encouraging students to actively contribute to the betterment of society.

With a strong emphasis on self-reliance, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development, Gujarat Vidyapeeth aims to produce socially responsible individuals who can address the challenges of the 21st century. The university’s commitment to inclusivity and equality ensures that students from diverse backgrounds are given equal opportunities to excel academically and make a positive impact in their communities.

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The Invitation to Governor Acharya Devvrat:

In a move to celebrate its legacy and seek guidance for future endeavors, Gujarat Vidyapeeth has decided to extend an invitation to Governor Acharya Devvrat. Known for his unwavering dedication to public service and his deep understanding of Indian culture and spirituality, Governor Devvrat’s presence at the institution is highly anticipated.

The invitation aims to provide an opportunity for Governor Devvrat to interact with students, faculty members, and the administrative staff, and to share his valuable insights on various aspects of education, leadership, and social development. It is expected that his visit will inspire and motivate the Vidyapeeth community, encouraging them to uphold the institution’s values and contribute positively to society.


Gujarat Vidyapeeth, established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, continues to be a torchbearer of his vision for holistic education rooted in Indian values. By inviting Governor Acharya Devvrat, the institution aims to strengthen its commitment to these values and seek guidance for its future endeavors. The visit of Governor Devvrat is expected to inspire the students, faculty, and staff, reinforcing the institution’s mission of producing socially responsible individuals who can make a meaningful impact in the world. Gujarat Vidyapeeth remains a symbol of excellence in education, with a legacy that continues to shape the lives of countless individuals.

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