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10 Best Pinterest Alternatives – Apps Like Pinterest To Try

Pinterest is a great platform for sharing and discovering similar ideas. But why confine yourself to just one image-sharing platform? To expand your idea, you must offer alternatives to Pinterest. As a result, we work hard to create a Pinterest-like app for you to draw creative and artistic inspiration from. Do you take pictures? Are you an entertainer, a designer, a marketer, a content creator, or a foodie? You have an idea, and you’re going to share it on Pinterest and other social media platforms. You will share more as your media profile grows. As a result, you want to assemble a collection of social sharing websites and apps. You’ll learn about websites and apps that are similar to Pinterest in this article.

10 Best Pinterest Alternatives – Pinterest-like Apps

The 10 best Pinterest alternatives will be covered in this article to improve your social sharing. You could also get intelligence from the most powerful community of people. There is a brief overview of some alternative possibilities, but these are not similar to Pinterest. We don’t base any of the apps like Pinterest on rankings; instead, we choose them at random.


1. Hometalk

Hometalk is a home-centric app similar to Pinterest. You’ll find a fusion of design and do-it-yourself here. There are four categories: kitchen, bathroom, and yard. You will receive special recommendations for each category. Additionally, the community will respond to all of your questions in addition with the theme of your post. One of the best Pinterest alternatives for interior design is Hometalk. However, you will soon benefit if you think community ideas are necessary. As you build homes, it will increase your productivity and decrease your workload.

2. FoodGawker


FoodGawker is a secure website for foodies and an app similar to Pinterest. It offers a variety of recipe suggestions and cooking methods. They will also benefit from the beginner cooking ideas on the internet. Anyone can post their meal on the app, but it won’t be published until it has been approved by editors. The largest app with amazing food ideas that has been updated is called FoodGawker. You can find a well curated photo collection of cooking methods, ingredients, and recipes. It also has an addition of meal recipes that food experts from around the world have assembled. The entire content of this website is divided into categories such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegan, etc.

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3. We Heart It

We Heart It

One of the best Pinterest alternatives is We Heart It. The user has the option to post photos in a variety of categories, including food, entertainment, creative, travel, etc. The majority of app and website users are college students and teenage girls. Furthermore, women like this app. If you enjoy art and culture, you should download the We Heart It app. However, unlike Pinterest, this app does not have a pinning feature. Instead, State of the Pin will receive you a heart button. You may discover about your image by tapping the heart button on an Android or iOS smartphone. The size of the community on this image-sharing app is enormous.

4. PearlTrees


With little differences, PearlTrees offers similar apps to Pinterest. You receive a board pin on Pinterest. However, you will receive trees and pearls here. You can research numerous content types with it. Although the user interface is functional, it looks antiquated. It is among the best Pinterest alternatives, aside from pearls and trees. A free image sharing platform is called PearlTrees. However, the premium version is available for $2.99 per month. You could use it for all of your learning facilities. It is possible to view different images of URL documents and snippets using the browser extension. 1 GB of free storage will be provided in the free edition.

5. DudePins


We Heart It is aimed at women, while DudePins is aimed at men. Focused on men’s fashion and style, fitness inspiration, sports, and fashion, this Pinterest substitute. Discover everything masculine is its motto. The app is easy to use, organised, and decorated with floral patterns. A fascinating website for men is called DudePins. Guys will be drawn in by the collection’s richness. DudePins also wins the hearts of guys, unlike We Heart It. It does not, however, only apply to women. This image-sharing app is accessible to female users.

6. Tumblr


You can share text, images, quotes, links, chat, audio, and video instantaneously on Tumblr. American-based microblogging and social networking service similar to Pinterest. An accessible platform for apps that cannot be described in prose is Tumblr. It has more than 500 million monthly visits and maintains more than 500 million blogs. Tumblr is a similar-time photo-sharing app, like Pinterest. The parallel will therefore give you a number of knowledge-based suggestions. Its straightforward sharing options have helped it grow in popularity. You must first log in as a user in order to share content.

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7. Dribbble


The community of expert app designers is called Dribbble. But anyone can use this alternative to Pinterest for sharing images. This community is quite responsive to any questions you might have. One of the best apps like Pinterest is Dribbble. In this area, designers post different graphics, logos, and images. It has apps for the web, Android, and iOS.

8. Google Photos

Google Photos

The best photo-sharing and storage service in the world is Google Photos. Unlimited photo storage is available on our site without charge. Due to its ability to host images, it is regarded as one of the best alternatives to Pinterest. Up to 16-megapixel photographs and movies in 1080p quality can be saved. In 2019, there were one billion users. Access to this app is accessible on all devices, including iOS and Android.

9. Juxtapost


Although it has different features from Pinterest, Juxtapost is a site. You can find this button to get your collection of similar items. As the Juxtapost community expands, you will have access to a number of exclusive forums once you become a member to market your content. Juxtapost creates categories and conveys each idea to the right person at the right time. Similar to Pinterest bookmarks, you can save any kind of content. You may not be aware of a lot of its other advantageous aspects.

10. Fancy


The platform for expensive personal items is fancy. All items are shown, with a focus on modern technology. You can buy anything from here without leaving the central platform. There are many more categories accessible in addition to modern gadgets, including clothing, home goods, and fine art. You should switch to this app if you can’t help but feel the want to spend money but don’t have the money. It might be considered as an alternative to Pinterest because of the categorization of its items. But it cannot take the place of logic. Instead, it might be a source of knowledge and inspiration. For instance, you might use this app to show information based on your budget if you wanted to buy your significant other a gift.