8 Best Android Screen-Recording Apps

There’s a lot going on with your android screen recorder. Maybe you just got a kill in PUBG mobile and want to share it with the world, or maybe you want to film parts of your screen for a video you’re making. Simply simply, there are numerous reasons to want an android screen recorder.

You are, thankfully, not without options. There are numerous excellent Android screen recorders available, including open-source alternatives as well as a hidden screen recorder option built right into Android 10. We have gathered them for you right here.

8 Best Android Screen-Recording Apps

This article will provide you with a selection of the top screen recorder apps.

1. Android 10 Secret Screen Recorder

Customers were ecstatic when they discovered a new screen recorder capability embedded straight into the Android 10 beta. However, Google elected to leave it out of the most recent version of Android 10. However, with a little twiddling, you can still gain access to this built-in screen recorder feature!

It’s extremely attractive because its icon is right there in your Quick Setup menu. It’s not perfect yet, and some people have reported pests, but it’s still nice that it’s right there for you to use.

2. Screen Recorder

Makes our list with a name that is both concise and direct. It makes it extremely simple to tape-record video segments. A blue button will start the screen recorder, and a small handy widget will appear over the screen you’re now viewing on your phone.

It can record HD resolutions at 60 frames per second and also allows you to add flair to your screen recorder such as logo designs, images, and text. There’s obviously an option to turn on the mic so you can talk over your recordings, and there’s also a Facecam option if you’re attempting to build a screen recorder with that professional “Let’s Play” appearance.

You can use it during the day or at night, and it has some excellent editing features such as video clip cutting (of course) and the ability to remember while you record.

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3. MNML Screen Recorder

MNML Screen Recorder is an open-source screen recording that focuses on ease of use above all else. It is still in early access, but it is refreshingly free of all the commercials, paywalls, and other annoyances that litter individual programmes on the Play Store. (The name is obviously pronounced “extremely small.”)

Despite the fact that it isn’t yet on account 1.0, it seems great to use, screen recorder at up to 60fps with small bit rates up to 24 Mbps. At the moment, resolutions are limited to 1080p, but developers are working hard to extend this restriction, noting that Android has made it difficult to increase the screen recorder frame price.

You download and install the app from the Play Store or Github, and you also show your support for a free screen recorder that eliminates a lot of the BS.

4. ScreenCam Screen Recorder

There’s a lot to be said about a completely free light-weight programme that doesn’t bombard you with advertisements and also lets you perform exactly what the name says. ScreenCam may not have as many options as other Android screen recordings on our list, but it more than suffices, allowing you to change the video clip bitrate, screen recording quality, and FPS you want to utilise (approximately 60fps).

It is also receiving routine upgrades, which has resulted in the addition of floating widgets that allow you to quickly manage your recordings from any screen. There is currently no picture-in-picture mode, thus you cannot record yourself with the front camera while recording the screen.

5. RecMe Free Screen Recorder

RecMe is one of the few screen recording apps that can record both audio and video when used on a rooted smartphone. If you’re not rooted, you won’t be able to use the inner sound feature, but you’ll still have a lot of fun with screen recording, which includes up to 60fps 1080p video high resolution, a front/back camera overlay (for Pro users), and microphone recording.

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The user interface is responsive and welcoming, with a material-design visual that makes it look like an official screen-recording software built into your phone. Having said that, we move on to the next item on our list.

6. Google Play Games

If you do not want to download any third-party apps, and especially if you only want to record gaming content, you can simply utilise the Play Games app on your Android device.

Simply launch the Play Games app and navigate to a video game’s information page, then tap the “Document” icon at the top of the screen. You’ll have the option to record in 480p or 720p, so nothing super high-definition, but it’s included, so we’re not complaining.

To use this characteristic to record non-gaming content, perform the instructions listed above, then exit the video game when it appears. Simple.

7. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen is one of the most popular screen recorder apps on the Play Store, with a plethora of features including a full HD screen recorder at 60fps. It also provides tools for adding flair to your videos after you’ve recorded them, such as background music and the possibility to film yourself doing intro and outro video clips. It’s especially useful for gaming, as it allows you to record your sessions while also recording your face reacting to on-screen action. (Who can say?) You could be the next PewDiePie… God help us all.)

8. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen recorder does not require origin obtain access to (great start) and also has the option to pause and also return to screen recorder, which is particularly useful for generating instructional movies. It also features a front-facing electronic camera overlay function, although access to it requires a costly upgrade. You can alter settings such as resolution, structure rate, and bit rate, as well as include a text message or logo design along with the recorded screen cast. Screen recorder with microphone is supported.