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7 Best Math Apps For Students In 2023

Student-Friendliest Math Apps:

Being a math major does not require you to study mathematics in college. However, math is a course option in many academic programmes. You will therefore ultimately come across this fascinating issue whether you are studying engineering or business.

Math is also a need for the majority of jobs. For instance, Boolean algebra is used by Logic Gates, Relational algebra is used in databases, and Number Theory has many apps.

Numerous mathematical ideas, such as probability theory, linear algebra, and multivariable calculus, are covered under the field of data science. Math is therefore still useful after high school.

Even though math is enjoyable, some topics can be challenging. Math apps are used to make the learning process easier. As additional learning and practise tools for mathematics, these programmes can be employed.

The majority of these math apps, among other things, may graph your selected function, check a solution, and offer a step-by-step procedure.

The best math apps for college students will be covered in this article.

1. Photomath


Photomath Logo

When it comes to the most well-liked and effective math apps for kids in 2023, Photomath is a favourite tool among college students who use it to verify their math assignments, get ready for tests, and increase their math confidence.

Interactive graphs, various approaches to solutions, free step-by-step procedures, video learning, word problem exercises, and a powerful scientific calculator are some of the app’s standout features.

The math app covers a wide range of topics, including sequences, algebra, functions, calculus, trigonometry, and numbers and quantities.

Photomath helps with integrals, the area under the curve, tangent lines, limits, derivatives, differential equations, curve parametrization, and more when studying calculus.

If you need algebra solutions, Photomath enables you to solve equations and inequalities, polynomial divisions, determinants, combinations, variations, and permutations. It can also be used to solve factorials, binomial theorems, and matrices and matrix equations.

You can use this app to identify sequences, check for convergence, and use sequences to solve geometric and arithmetic series problems.

For a variety of topics, Photomath’s free version offers detailed explanations. If you want to study mathematics at a high level, upgrade to Photomath Plus.

You can solve geometry and word problems with this edition, which gives you access to a selection of explanations from certain textbooks. The best math teachers in the world will have access to content that they have reviewed. You will also have access to more “why” and “how” guidance for specific scenarios.

You will also benefit from multimodal learning that improves your visual perception and understanding of math through audio explanations and AI cartoons.

According to the Photomath website, Photomath Plus for Android and iOS apps costs $9.99 per month and $59.99 per year.

2. Mathway – Scan & Solve Problems

Mathway – Scan & Solve Problems

The most intelligent graphing, calculus, algebra, and other math calculators are all found in Mathway. Additionally, it gives users access to a variety of math solutions, which makes it easier to understand complex mathematical concepts.

Mathway is straightforward: point your camera at your math difficulty and take a picture of it, or type the problem in to get step-by-step solutions.

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You may download Mathway for free to your Apple or Android device. On the other hand, you can upgrade to a premium plan for $9.99 a month or $39.99 a year. Apps for iOS and Android may require a membership fee.

You must create an account before you can upgrade. The program’s advertising are removed in the premium edition, which also offers step-by-step solutions to math problems.

3. Symbolab: Picture Math Solver

Picture Math Solver

Symbolab comes next on our list of the most well-known and effective math apps for college students. Calculator and expert math problem solver Symbolab Use the app’s scanner to capture an image and get solutions to a variety of math problems. The math issue can either be entered as an equation or a word issue.

For help with your algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometry, matrix, geometry, and vector assignments, turn to Symbolab. You will also have access to step-by-step solutions to problems based on our particular requirements and interests.

On Symbolab, you may find more than 500 scientific calculators created by math professionals. Calculators come in a variety of forms. Some examples are the fraction calculator, derivative calculator, integral calculator, graphing calculator, matrix calculator, trigonometry calculator, inequality calculator, ODE calculator, and series calculator.

Your math solutions can be solved for free at The best mathematicians and educators from the app will provide step-by-step explanations to subscribers who pay annually, monthly, or weekly.

Symbolab subscriptions are priced at $2.49 for a weekly subscription, $6.99 for a monthly membership, and $29.99 for an annual subscription. Both iOS and Android apps are subject to the same pricing.

4. Brainly – Homework Math Solver

Brainly – Homework Math Solver

In 2023, are you still seeking for the best free math apps for high school students? The capable math problem-solver Brainly can resolve algebraic, trigonometric, and geometrical problems. The app will then immediately provide you accurate, expert-verified answers.

Here are a few characteristics of Brainly that I like:

  • First of all, access is unfettered from anywhere at any time.
  • Answers verified by specialists are displayed.
  • The query can be captured using the camera scanner.
  • You have access to on-demand help from proficient math instructors.
  • If you have access to an online community of at least 350 million willing friends, you will be encouraged to learn and like math. This group can also instantly solve your math homework solutions.

It’s free to use Brainly. However, Brainly Tutor and Brainly Plus are two premium versions that are offered.

Upgrade to Brainly Tutor to get fast access to a math master who is prepared to assist you with your math problems.

On the other hand, Brainly Plus offers ad-free, limitless access to all of the solutions.

While Brainly Tutor is $29.99 or $95.99 per year, Brainly Plus is $9.99 or $39.99 per year. These costs can be seen in the app store.

The Android app’s in-app purchases (subscriptions) range in price from $1.99 to $96.

5. Math Ref

Math Ref

You can use the more than 1,400 formulas, examples, and pictures in Math Ref to assist you with a variety of math problems. You may quickly complete routine calculations by using tools like the triangle solver, unit converter, and quadratic solver.

One of the Best Apps to Learn & Master Math in College, it is one of the top-rated math apps. Equations can be stored as favourites in Math Ref. Any function, including prime numbers, can be found using the search tool. Additionally, the editable notes will let you make notes that you may come back to in the future.

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Want to access an equation on your computer so you may use it offline? Math Ref can then be printed. You can use this Best Math Software in night mode as well.

The main subcategories of Math Ref are algebra, linear algebra, integration, geometry, vector calculus, series and sequences, trigonometry, discrete functions, differential equations, algorithms, tables of integrals, probability and statistics.

6. IMathematics!


Are you seeking to find a private math teacher? You are then covered by iMathematics! It is used by thousands of students to study for exams.

Over 70 learning topics with clear explanations are included in iMathematics’ free version. You may quickly save time by using the powerful search algorithm to find the information you need.

To make problem-solving easier, interactive calculators are offered. For instance, the Advanced Calculator, Equation Solver, and Fraction Approximator can all be used to quickly solve math problems.

For $2.99, iMathematics! Pro subscribers have access to more than 120 advanced topics. You can test your level of readiness using the interactive quizzes that are included in this version.

The step-by-step solved assignments are also helpful because they benefit you how to respond effectively to a range of scenarios.

The pro edition additionally gives users access to more sophisticated tools including the Systems Solver, Graphing Calculator, Math Glossary, and Matrices Solver.

The Daily Graph can be used to track performance in addition. IMathematics! is only accessible via the App Store.

7. MathStudio Express

MathStudio Express

If we’re talking about the best free math apps, MathStudio Express is a scientific calculator that includes a number of math functions for a variety of subjects, including, among others, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Basic Math, Precalculus, Trigonometry, Calculus, Finite Math, Statistics, and Linear Algebra.

With a simple and modern layout, this math app provides features similar to those on TI calculators.

With this app, you may graph, compute derivatives, integrate, and solve equations. I value how quickly the tutorial walks you through using the programme and figuring out how it works.

Data lists can be plotted in boxes, histograms, scatter plots, and probability graphs using MathStudio Express. The app also offers a comprehensive regression analysis package with a number of regression algorithms. You can even create your own functions if you’d like.

An exclusive computational algebra engine powers MathStudio, which neatly formats your results. You may factor polynomial equations and difficult algebraic equations with the help of this programme.

It can be used to solve a variety of equations, including derivatives, limits, integrals, and differential and quadratic equations. Additionally, the programming language in MathStudio enables the development of scripts that are compatible with loops, recursion, and variables.

For $6.99, MathStudy Express is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

Conclusion: Top Math Apps

When using an app, tackling mathematical problems is enjoyable. You may assist your tasks with the help of the top math apps for college students on the list above, whether it’s algebra, calculus, trigonometry, or probability.

Choose the math problem-solving app that best meets your needs from the features it offers. After that, you may download it to a tablet or smartphone and start working on even the trickiest mathematical problems.