30 Best MangaDex Alternatives To Read Free Manga Online is one of the popular readers for reading manga online. All major languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish, are supported. The active team has complete control over Scanlators’ releases, and Scanlators make the site for Scanlators. The site of the site is similar to one used to stream movies. You can choose any title and read as much of it as you want.

With more than 30 different categories, it contains a vast database of Manga books. You have a choice inside each category. MangaDex org offers you a variety of ways to find your favourite titles, much like other sites. You may, for instance, go through its genres or sort the titles by year or name and you can also type the name of the manga you want to enter in the box for advanced searches and you can select any detailed results from the list that appears after typing in the name and reading it.

You may also send your preferred Manga to friends and family via email or social media. One of the best things about this site is the ability to post Manga novels and receive immediate feedback. offers essential features including daily additions of new titles, an intuitive user interface, an online community, millions of visitors worldwide, and more.

Why Use MangaDex Alternatives?

Recent database leaks are the blame for MangaDex’s current downtime. User information like usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, passwords, etc. become public due to these leaks. Many kimetsu no yaiba MangaDex fans have already chosen to switch to an Anime and Manga site with better security for their information while experts work to fix the issue.

Change any passwords or other login details you may have provided to the MangaDex twitter account while looking for a replacement for MangaDex. As a result, there will be a lower likelihood that hackers will gain access to more of your data.

30 Best MangaDex Alternatives To Read Free Manga Online

In this post, you can read about a list of MangaDex alternatives.

1. Mangamo


There are no ads in Mangano’s books, which may be downloaded for iOS and Android. Due to its exclusive collection of manga titles, Mangamo has an advantage over other manga reading applications. In addition, Mangamo offers a wide variety of titles and genres jojolion mangadex. Installing the app on your device and paying the $5 monthly charge will pay you access to all of Mangamo’s content.

2. Mangakakalot


Anyone new to manga or starting their first manga comic attack on titan mangadex should visit this website. The Interface will surprise you with how swiftly it reacts to your orders and clicks. Mangakakalot is another simple and fundamental way to find and read your preferred manga. It is simple to operate thanks to its straightforward design. Reading the comments made under each manga series can also find reviews and details about the primary plot. Anyone who has used MangaDex down can vouch for the excellence of this alternative.

3. MangaGo

Mangago Alternatives.

MangaDex, a popular service currently unavailable, is being competed with by MangaGo, a new service. However, you can read completed manga stories without worrying about when new ones will be released. To begin reading any well-known manga comic immediately, simply click the icon for “Completed Manga” in the header menu bar at the top. You may also browse through tens of thousands of free Manga comics on the Directory or All Genre pages. You can see all the pertinent details when you visit a manga comic page, including the Volumes, Authors, Chapter Count, Available Languages, and Genre, to help you decide whether you want to start reading that specific manga.

4. Renta


Renta has made a spot in our list of the top MangaDex alternatives and renta is a place where you can rent any manga book for 48 hours, as you would have predicted. You can sign up for limitless if you need additional time to read a manga comic. It is simple to use online and appears good. Because it lets users to view a preview of the most recent manga, the homepage’s feature design is enticing. Renta owns a big collection of manga comics. On their website, romantic manga, such as shojo, errotica, or clown, make up the majority of the titles. You can purchase individual manga comics from Renta’s collection or purchase points that may be used to purchase several comics.

5. AniChart

AniChart  9

A website called AniChart lets users to find what anime shows or motion movies are presently playing or have just ended mangadex reddit.

The platform allows users to discover, keep track of, and share information about future anime shows and movies. People can read a summary of the shows and check more about the play’s style on the website. Depending on the year, users can access shows from the winter, summer, spring, and fall seasons in the system’s archive. It also has a separate website just for upcoming shows. The show’s description and style are on this page.

6. Mangapanda


You may read thousands of manga comics on MangaPanda, which keeps you occupied. The website offers top-notch manga comics that can be read anywhere on any device, similar to MangaDex. You can find original recommendations for MangaDex to read any Manga Comic in a section of Mangapanda that is comparable to TenManga’s “Surprise” section.

7. Mangaden

Do not be frightened to browse the various sections and categories of the website, even though it appears dated and complex. The information is so good and clear, you’ll be astounded. You may use the mangadex app on any device, even if your internet connection is slow because it has one of the fastest loading times. A PDF download containing the entire Manga comic is available. Using this technique, you may better organise your reading and eliminate interruptions

8. Comixology


Amazon is the owner of the digital comics portal Comixology. Each comic can be purchased separately, or you can subscribe to their mangadex kimetsu no yaiba monthly subscription, which provides you access to and allows you to read more than 25,000 comics. It can take some time to find a manga comic worth reading, as this isn’t just a manga website. Locate and select the Manga option immediately below the browsing area.

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9. Chia Anime


Before switching to another MangaDex substitute, you should still visit the website Chia Anime even though it is stuffed with advertisements. Similar to MangaDex jojo, the site features an endless supply of high-quality Manga comics. Every day, the database is updated to ensure you access to the most recent Manga comics, news, and updates. Simply visiting the website will give you free access to hundreds of Mangas.

10. Manga Reader

MangaReader 8

For those who enjoy anime, Manga Reader is an intelligent website with people of features. On it, you may view a variety of anime shows for free and read a staggering number of different anime stories. It lets you to make Manga and share it with community people, just like other sites. Additionally, it lets for feedback.

11. Manga Bird

Manga Bird

Another option for Manga Rock is the Manga Bird. Both iOS and Android are supported. It boasts one of the largest Manga libraries, a clear, user-friendly layout with a section for new updates, other practical features, and a speedier download option. If you want to obtain it, click here.

12. CDisplay Ex

CDisplay Ex

Popular Android comic book reader CDisplay Ex is available in free and premium editions. You can download the small, user-friendly CBR Reader app from Amazon’s website. Readers are able to read any comic book file as well as the definitive manga (.cbr,.cbz,.pdf, and so on). It is one of the best MangaDex substitutes.

13. MyAnimeList


A alternative for MangaDex is MyAnimeList or MAL. It shows a list of the available anime and manga so that you can find new treasures based on your preferences. You only need to register to check out the new collection, and it features an intuitive user interface that makes searching simple. You never run out of the most recent series because

14. KissManga

KissManga  6

Kissmanga is a website with a contemporary design for manga readers. You can browse the website’s special sections and read the mangadex for Kaguya-sama: Love is War. You can email your friends or share the content you read on it with them on other social networks and you have access to the neighbourhood discussion board, where you can post your thoughts and interact with others.

15. MangaPlus


MangaPlus is the next-best alternative for MangaDex on our list. Finding titles is easy with MangaPlus. The most well-known ones are included, such as Spy x Family by Tatsuya Endo. Before Viz acquired the rights, most of the titles on MangaPlus could be read for free. It’s unfortunate that you will have to pay for the books you wish to read.

16. MangaMe


Users of the website MangaMe can create an anime or manga from an image using an A.I.-powered feature. With the help of this onemanga download, which is always being updated, users can transform their photographs into anime characters in the Japanese style. Without any prior drawing knowledge, users can also create a visual novel.

17. AnimeTown


Due to its popular library of manga comics from a variety of genres, this reddit community for mangadex alternatives is well-liked. It appears upscale and has a cutting-edge user interface, but it is free. The portal’s home page has other categories and an alphabetical filter for comics. Since there isn’t a forum section, you’ll have to share with other manga readers in the comments section. On the other hand, MangaTown is superior because it doesn’t require users to sign in order to access the comics. Click the banner and scroll to the desired language to begin reading.

18. Tachiyomi


Tachiyomi is a free and open-source manga reader for Android that may be used as an alternative for Mangadex. You can keep track of all of your favourite Manga using the library, reading lists, and completed sections. Other choices include choosing between Mangadex and Manganelo and adding extra extensions. People in your area may also be able to provide you with information. The finest reader for readers contains extra viewers, reading instructions, and other options, and may be set in various ways. You can purchase it from this place.

19. MangaDex


On the website MangaDex, you may read manga in a variety of languages. MangaDex was created by scanlators with scanlators in mind, giving them total control over when new manga is released. It’s a novel approach to Manga Rock. Here is where you may find more. Manga Zone is one of the most well-liked Android manga reading apps. Users can read manga on their phones or tablets with the reading of Manga Zone. Numerous Manga books are available for free reading, discussion, and download. You can download a copy of it from this location.

20. Manganelo


People who enjoy manga can share and read a lot of manga with the app Manganelo. You don’t need to sign to view Manga, and the website’s design is simple. It’s free for everyone else to use as well. It lets you discuss and talk about your manga with others and receive feedback from the real world, just like MangaDex v5 and other comparable manga reader sites.

It’s also recognised as a social media strategy where manga lovers worldwide may discuss numerous manga reviews and voice their opinions. Another choice enables you to access free, high-quality anime streaming. This website’s articles span a variety of genres, including action, adventure, drama, love, and more. There are tens of thousands of options available to each person.

21. Mangapark


MangaPark 900

Access to the manga series mangadex cc is one of the ways available to Manga subscribers through MangaPark. Itmakes easy to read comics late at night because of how dark this place is. You might even add your manga to MangaPark’s enormous community of manga readers. The most recent manga novels can be found on your website’s home page.

The system’s ability to unite the largest manga fandoms in the world and allow them to share a lot of manga is its best feature. It is extremely amazing in comparison to similar sites. It works as a social networking app, which makes it superior to many others because of its user-friendly UI.

22. Mangakisa


Mangakisa describes itself as a “free online manga reader sponsored by user donations rather than ads.” It is much faster and has a fantastic user experience. There are just two options to read mangakisa: online publications and television shows. The greatest substitute is one piece MangaDex com, which is free. Users of the free online manga viewer Mangakisa can read manga uninterrupted by advertisements. The contributions of numerous people support it.

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There are more than a thousand manga available, and each one has a unique cast of characters. The site’s port is really beautiful. You can use a range of options, including the ability to search and look into its classes, which have more than 90 different sorts, each with a name, to find the things you enjoy.

23. MangaOwl


It ranks among the popular websites for Manga comics. It is commonly known that the WSJ series’ proprietors frequently leak new episodes before the scheduled release date is made public and it contains a huge, well-organized database and an orange theme, which is very similar to MangaDex. The genre feature is third on our list because our staff gave it a lot of thought.

There is a forum where you can converse with other manga fans and express your opinions in the discussion section. You can see who has read the comic for the longest time under the section titled “Top Night Owls.” Like other mangastreams, it offers comics in a variety of languages.

24. MangaHere


You may satiate your ever-increasing thirst to read manga with our collection of over 10,000 mangas, which is always expanding. The popularity of the website causes its LINK address to change frequently. Due of this, DMCA complaints have been made against it. Although there are numerous Koren Manga, Hong Kong Manga, European Manga, and other titles, most of the scanned manga in this collection are Japanese. The MangaHere website has a fantastic layout and design. Each manga collection is organised up into a wide lot of divisions and genres. The website also contains a Manga Looter and News section in addition to manga checking. To ensure that devoted manga readers are aware of the newest and upcoming manga as well as the MangaDex Alternative.

25. Viz Media


You may purchase manga comics directly from the programe using the free Viz Media app. For APK and iOS devices, it’s free, but if you want to test out mangas on a PC, you must buy a subscription package. There is a big library of Japanese stories and anime in addition to manga. You may enter the entire world of anime and manga with only one app.

In addition, you can check for something using the title of your favourite manga. You will translate all of these mangas and animes into English. It is said to be software for fans of manga and anime that may be used as a library and e-reader. If you appreciate anime, here is a list of sites where you may view animations and anime online.

26. MangaTown


A vast database of information about good manga comics is available on MangaTown. As a result, its name accurately describes how hard it works. Check out MangaTown if you don’t like the style of most manga scaling websites. It has a very simple design and a different appearance. Your mind will be blown by how you use it. Also check a look at the Best MangaDex Alternative. The home page of the MangaTown website features about every manga category a reader might desire, including Hot Manga Launch, Featured Manga Launch, New Manga Launch, and so forth. It offers a special manga directory where you may browse for manga comics based on their A-Z titles, Sights, Scores, and most recently added groups.



Fans of manga and anime can find all their needs at You can access tens of thousands of good manga sites, including mangadex. The site was created and released in 2017 by a small yet dedicated scanlation group. There weren’t many features at first. It is managed by a group of skilled writers and editors constantly looking for fresh and interesting content to post. To show your abilities, you can also make and sell a series. Like other sites, it includes a sizable collection of the top manga chapters from across the world organised by type.

28. AnimeFreak


MangaFreak is another outstanding MangaDex status twitter substitute on the list. It features manga comics that are still being produced, including those from well-known shows like Naruto and One Piece, and it isn’t just one genre. Your reading history can be saved without being logged in. The site will delete your browsing history for you if you don’t.

29. MangaFox/FanFox


Manga Fox is another excellent option when searching for the top MangaDex Alternatives in this category. The interface of this program is simple to use and doesn’t require any complicated setup procedures. It’s simple to navigate this website. A vast selection of manga comic series are available for users to scan, read, and see. It is available on the market for free, exactly like its substitutes.

30. Manga Reborn

MangaReborn 8

A large manga site called Manga Reborn is dedicated to legally disseminating manga comics all over the world. You will need an account on Manga Reborn if you want to read any manga on the site. It has a section for information and a section for an online forum. For a true manga fan, these are always a must-have. Here, you can stay up with the newest manga news and talk about anything connected to manga comics with a vast community of manga fans. You can also check at MangaDex Alternatives on this page.

The site has a good visual appearance and an eye-catching white and maroon theme. Italian and German are two of the numerous languages Manga Reborn offers manga. You can speak to other people to learn more about fictional characters or names that aren’t well known. The site is still quite young, but it already has a rising number of regular visitors.


Despite the fact that there are a lot of MangaDex 2021 alternatives online. The ones we discussed in this post are well-liked and frequently employed. As unique as MangaDex is, there are no other websites that are comparable.