Similar Sites Like To Watch Subbed/Dubbed Anime 2021

Chia-Anime is a website where you may view anime for free. Chia-Anime features a large library of anime and cartoons that is constantly updated. To watch anime, all you need is a stable internet connection and electrical devices such as a smartphone or laptop. As Chia-Anime continues to develop their site in order to provide a good experience to their visitors, server problems do occur on occasion.

Similar Sites Like To Watch Subbed/Dubbed Anime 2021

Then you don’t have to miss your favourite show, we’ve included the other 15 greatest sites like Chia Anime tv below.


AnimeHeaven is anime fans’ paradise. Action, adventure, romance, drama, and many other genres are available to watch anime through genre filters. Every single one of their scenes is perfectly captured on each animation page.

You may view anime, dubbed anime, anime arrangements, and anime movies on the Anime Heaven website. Instead of Chia-Anime, you should bookmark this page.

2. Anime Planet

Because it contains such a large selection of dubbed and watch subbed anime, it is ideal for Anime enthusiast. Not only does it have an anime library, but it also has a manga option that is free to use online. Anime-Planet is known for its high-quality anime, which is why you should pay it a visit.

3. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList stands out from the competition since its blog postings include in-depth information about characters and voice actors. MyAnimeList also offers a necessary item called “Manga,” which you can enjoy.

4. AnimeLand 

The AnimeLand website, as its name implies, is the ideal place for anime fans to visit because it provides a vast selection of anime for free. For their anime fans, Anime Land also offers online anime services. AnimeLand is a collection of websites dedicated to English-dubbed anime.

5. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll also has anime available online. It also offers exceptional customer service, so if you want to watch more anime with more features and capabilities, you should visit the Crunchyroll website.

6. AnimeKaizoku

If you don’t want to watch anime over the internet, go to AnimeKaizoku. Because this website allows you to download anime, you can do so by selecting a genre from the drop-down menu or searching for it using the search box. It gives you a brief synopsis of the anime before you download it, so you can decide whether or not to watch it. Anime Kaizoku, like the Chia-Anime competitors described before, provides a large number of anime lists.

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7. AnimeLab

AnimeLab provides you with access to their extensive anime library, which includes both well-known and new titles. It allows you to buy Xbox One, PlayStation, Samsung TV, Telstra TV, Apple TV, Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Sony TV and Blu-Ray, Android Phones and Tablets, Google Chromecast, and PCs, among other things. Anime Lab features a large library of anime that you may watch by genre.

8. 9Anime

9Anime has a search box on its homepage that you can use to browse and search for your favourite anime. For a newbie, this feature makes it straightforward to use. On 9 Anime, you can watch ongoing live anime series. You may also look for the specific genre of anime in the genre section.

The propelled channel on 9Anime is probably the best feature, as it allows you to filter the anime list by genre, season, year, quality, kind, status, or even language.
9Anime assists clients in locating the appropriate anime in the most efficient and user-friendly manner possible. It’s possible that it’ll be dubbed the best site like Chia-Anime.

9. KissAnime

KissAnime is one of the sites that has a huge collection of all the shows you could ever want to see, and you can watch them all for free. If you simply want to look around the Kiss Anime website, you should go to its anime list section, where you can choose your favourite anime either by name or by channelling them one after the other.

You may also sort anime into numerous categories, such as Action, Adventure, Cars, Cartoon, Comedy, Dementia, Demons, Historical, and so on. Being a result, it is regarded as a standout among other Chia-Anime alternatives.

10. Random Anime 

Random Anime is a host website that provides you with a natural resource to find your favourite anime, despite the fact that it has a massive collection of anime postings with trailers, depictions, and all the necessary information about anime.

11. ConTv

Contv isn’t just interested in anime; yet, despite this, you may watch a high-rated anime series and the most recent anime on contv with good quality. You may enjoy anime arrangements without paying a single dime here.

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12. Funimation

Funimation is another option for English-dubbed anime, in addition to Chia-Anime. You can watch anime in high definition, so have fun with your anime season.
You can use the filter option to search and watch your favourite anime here.

13. AnimeFreak  

Animefreak is the place to go if you want to watch anime for free online. The nicest aspect of this website is that it offers both subtitled and dubbed anime.
Anime Freak has a significant following all over the world. Every anime page has a nice and appealing UI.

In terms of the site’s highlights and utility, it has a component that allows you to make a watch list so you can watch anime later if you get distracted when viewing anime.

 14. SoulAnime

Because it contains a feature that gives you a list of completed anime, Soul Anime is the best alternative to Chia-Anime because you can view it again at any moment. Furthermore, this website offers a diverse selection of anime films that will never boring you. SoulAnime features a diverse UI and enticing homepage that may easily attract a large number of anime fans.

15. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime also has the best-dubbed anime available. This is a well-known alternative to Chia-Anime, which has a large anime collection and has been serving anime fans for many years. The majority of its users watch anime in English because its English-dubbed anime is well-known around the world.

Every anime page on GoGoAnime also includes a brief description of the anime as well as other information such as the genre, duration, quality, and ratings. Similarly, you can rate each anime on its own website to make it easier for different clients to find the best-rated anime.

Final Thought

Finally, we’d want to reassure you that all of the alternatives to Chia-Anime listed above are reliable and do not violate your privacy. However, because these sites, such as ChiaAnime, do not have an authorised platform, they are unable to provide anime streaming for free. In the same vein as JustDubs.

Chia-Anime and these Alternative Sites could be pulled down at any time, therefore we’re constantly updating this list and bringing you new and exciting places to watch anime online. Until then, visit these websites to enjoy a superb anime experience during this lockdown.