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The Kpsc login portal will be explained in this article. Visit|psc thulasi and kpsc thulasi|Thulasi PSC Kerala to learn more about the KPSC Login Portal and Thulasi PSC Kerala.

In 2022, visit the kpsc Login Portal at

The information in this article about the Kpsc login portal is as follows:

Kerala Public Service Commission is referred to by its abbreviation, KPSC Thulasi. The main website created by the Kerala state government for all public employees is called PCS Kerala. This kpsc login thulasi home Portal was developed by the government to help young people find online tasks and government-related services. Https:// and thulasi/ are the main websites for Thulasi PSC Kerala Online.

If you live in Kerala State, you can access vital information through the KPSC login home online portal. After that, you must first register on this login page. Your user ID and password will then be ready for you to use to access this portal. So we are sharing this post in exchange for your help. And in this brief essay, we’ve covered all the information you need to know about the Kerala Public Service Commission (Kerala PSC), Sanketham, Kpsc Thulasi Login, Kpsc Thulasi Login My Profile, Kpsc Recruitment 2022, and online applications at the login website. Check Vimarsh and TSSPDCL as well.

Process of PSC Thulasi Registration in Kerala

– To get started, visit the KPSC Thulsai login portal’s official website.

– At this option, you must select whether to register a new account or not.

– After that, enter the boxes with the necessary data, like your name, date of birth, gender, address, caste, region, and so forth, to finish the registration form.

The following step is to create a user name and password.

– After that, enter the declaration by entering the access code.

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– Finally, you need to choose Register. portal sign in for Kerala PSC Thulasi.

How can I sign in to the portal?

To get started, go to, which is the official website.

Select the login tab option on the homepage now.

Enter your password information.

Right now, you must enter the access code.

After that, click Login and enter out your OTR profile details.

Select your profile, my application, verification, and so on to access your prizes.

How to Send an SMS to Reset a Failed KPSC Thulasi User ID and Password?

Text messages can be sent to 166/51969/9223166166.

– To get the User ID, text KL USR to KL.

– To reset your password, use SMS.


Remember to change your password on your first login following the reset after you’ve successfully set a new password.

How Do I Change My Kerala OTR Profile details Online?

To edit Kerala OTR Profile Facts on, follow the steps below.

– Visit the Kerala Thulasi PCS official website to get started.

– select the login link on the homepage.

– Enter your password and user name.

– The next step is to enter the access code and click the login button.

– Complete the OTR Profile.

– Select your educational background from the available options.

– You have the option to modify your information.

Select the save option when you are done editing.

How can I edit my photo and signature on the login page?

– First, visit the official portal for the Kerala Thulasi Portal.

– enter out the space provided with your User ID and Password.

– select the login option, then sign in to your account.

– Visit the dashboard and click the add/change picture and signature option to make changes.

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– Images and signatures can now be easily changed to suit your requirements.