Install Dynamic Island

How To Install Dynamic Island on Android Device

Do you want to install Dynamic Island on your Android device? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use a few straightforward apps to mimic Dynamic Island from iOS on Android.

This brand-new feature is available on the iPhone 14 Pro, the most recent model of the device. All recent notifications and ongoing events are shown on Dynamic Island.

The normal iPhone cutout has been updated with the Dynamic Island notch. The gap caused many to dislike the iPhone X’s design.

This particular iPhone model was the first to include the notch. Although the iPhone is the only device that can perform the original function, developers have made apps that let users of other platforms replicate Dynamic Island.

Each Android Device Can Play Dynamic Island.

The Android apps below can activate the Dynamic Island theme in your mobile browser.

Step 1: install Dynamic Island Using DynamicSpot

Install the DynamicSpot app that Jawonmo, a member of the XDA Developers community, made. You can select which apps to run in Dynamic Island to customise your experience there.

  • The DynamicSpot app is available from the Google Play store.
  • Tap Next > Select Apps to customise the Dynamic Island apps.
  • Selecting the option All, you may use Dynamic Island to show notifications from all installed apps.
  • Publish “Draw Over Other Apps” for use. Set Notification Access, don’t forget.
  • You can change the dimensions of Dynamic Island and allow for additional notification pop-ups using Pop-Up Settings.

The Dynamic Island will appear on the screen as a little pill. For a brief period, tap and expand it to display the notification for the app.

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Step 2: Guide to MIUI’s Dynamic Island

Can a Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone run MIUI 13? Then you can apply a skin that imitates iOS’ Dynamic Island’s appearance and functionality.

It’s a MIUI theme with the name of Grumpy UI. It offers a pill-like. The display has a pill-shaped notification panel that, when touched, opens into a regular-sized notification window.

Users have reported that it is unstable, indicating that it is still in the beta or testing stages. The Grumpy Theme seems to perform less well than the alternatives. However, this is a wonderful alternative for fans of the iPhone 14 Dynamic Island to enjoy their experience on Xiaomi devices.

Step 3: Android’s Dynamic Island App

Who claims that Dynamic Island for the iPhone costs hundreds of dollars? An Android app called Dynamic Island was made by Grice Mobile. The banner will expand into a notification display when you tap the feature’s tiny, movable notch, which resembles a pill, to enable it functional. Below is a description of how to set it up.

  • Install Dynamic Island from the Google Play Store for nothing.
  • Make sure you install the app and give it access to all it needs afterward.
  • By tapping the switch next to the Turn On option on an Android smartphone, you can turn Dynamic Island.
  • Find the on/off switch to the right of Turn On to tap this option in the notification section of settings. Then, the Dynamic Island pill will display every app alert received.
  • Under Display Options in the View menu, you can modify the dynamic island’s size.
  • The Gesture Options panel provides access to the touch screen’s gesture options.

In contrast to iOS, where Dynamic Island vanishes until you open your iPhone, Grice Mobile shows it right away.

Step 4: Dynamic Island Edge Mask App

  • Install the Edge Mask app from the Google Play store.
  • After installation, launch the app and use it.
  • By tapping Allow, you can make the app tap in the background and get notifications.
  • Enable “Message,” “Samsung Message Style,” and “Toggle” from your tap’s menu, then tap again to return to the previous screen.
  • Go to Edit > Backdrop Color > Adjust Color to make the background fully opaque.
  • Change the Message colour to white to make your Dynamic Island alerts stand out more.
  • Additionally, the system notification can be turned off. To do this, click the “Block Double Notifications” option. The new alerts will display up under Dynamic
  • Notifications when you do this. Receiving the same notifications from several sources is not possible.
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Besides the ones mentioned above, a few additional apps provide the Dynamic Island feature. They were created by Chinese apps, though.

These apps raise questions about their reliability. Everyone is aware that Chinese apps are notorious for stealing user data. If you’re going to install and use such apps, do so at your own risk.

I won’t advise using these apps because they could not be secure. Please utilise the apps Imake recommended from the Play Store.

As a result,

The ease with which Android OS integrates new technology is one of its finest features. This time, Android engineers have successfully cloned Dynamic Island from iOS. This tutorial will show how to use the aforementioned apps to install Dynamic Island on any Android device.