How To Edit A Pdf Without Adobe?

When conducting business online, PDF files are files you cannot do without. However, there may be instances where you need to make changes to a PDF file but do not have access to the full edition of Adobe Acrobat due to its premium edition.

Not to worry, there are other possible ways to make changes to a PDF file without paying for Adobe Acrobat. Several PDF editors are available in the market, such as Foxit, Smallpdf, Sejda, Nitro PDF Productivity, PDFLiner, and PDF-XChange Editor.

Although there are more out there, we shall discuss the alternatives mentioned above to Adobe and surely recommend the best PDF editor. So let us go to the list I have for you without wasting time.

Foxit PDF Editor

Like similar PDF editors in the market today, Foxit gives you the ability to perform the same functions as Adobe but at a friendly price.

Foxit’s low-priced products for securing work with PDF documents and forms are used by businesses and individuals alike to boost productivity. Foxit is a well-known PDF reader and editor installed on one-third of all Windows PCs.

Summarily,  look no further than Foxit, a market leader in software development for convenient, low-cost, and safe PDF solutions.


Like Foxit PDF editor, the document management tools provided by Smallpdf, which has won numerous awards, are among the best available.

Smallpdf, founded in 2013, is a lightweight alternative to cumbersome PDF readers. It is very safe to use, and all your documents are well protected because it uses SSL encryption while uploading files online.


You might not find the Smallpdf editor interesting enough or not up to your standard. With the Sejda PDF editor, on the other hand, you can make your PDFs look supergood.

Sejda has an OCR tool that allows you to change text or filter your document. It has amazing features that you can split pages and merge pages too.

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In addition, you can add signatures, encrypted documents, and watermarking. However, it comes with a price of $63 per year.

But luckily, you can access a weekly subscription of $7.95.

Nitro Pro PDF Productivity

Sejda PDF editor can take you somewhere, but it might not take you far, and that’s where Nitro pro comes in. It contains advanced PDF tools, digital workflows, highly secure electronic signing, and identity verification. In addition, it comes bundled with a Nitro Pro editor.

It comes with a price of $143.99 to harness the ability of this PDF editor; if you want a robust platform, check it out.


If Nitro Pro is too pricey and very robust for you, try PDF liner. PDFLiner is a cloud-based service that enables users to edit, sign, fill out, add trademarks and material, make documents fillable, and distribute PDFs, among other things. With its simplicity for quick assignments or business work, its premium comes with a $15 subscription if you want to explore all the features.

PDF-XChange Editor

PDFliner editor might be limiting you due to its limited platform use. However, PDF-XChange Editor is the lightest, quickest, and most feature-packed free PDF viewer and editor that is currently available.

You can create PDF files, view, edit, annotate your documents, search, digitally sign, and much more using this app.

Overall, I recommend the Foxit PDF editor as an alternative to Acrobat. Though both editors are similar in style and robust features, Foxit is more beginner-friendly and affordable.

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