Top 9 Best HappyFox Alternatives In 2022

This article will go over happyfox alternatives. Amazing assistance requires two things: great people and the right tools. Without one of these, the job becomes considerably more difficult. Finding the right tool is the easier of the two, but it is not without challenges.

When it comes to the tools they use to deliver customer service, each support staff member has their own set of demands and needs. As a result of this approach, support software companies that provide a la carte services have sprung up. One of the most well-known instances is HappyFox.

The 9 Best HappyFox Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you will learn about happyfox alternatives, which are detailed below.

Instead of giving a pre-packaged platform, you can select the tools you want to use and pay a monthly fee for each While this allows you to tailor the solution to your exact requirements, it also makes pricing more complicated and unpredictable, which can be problematic when seeking permission or adding a new team member.

If you’re an existing HappyFox user looking to switch or merely gathering options in your support software search, the nine HappyFox competitors listed below are a great place to start.

The 9 Best HappyFox alternatives

Despite some feature overlap, each of the nine HappyFox competitors described below has their own distinct qualities that make them better suited for specific use cases.

1. Help Scout

HappyFox is the greatest option for growing teams.

Help Scout is a dedicated customer care platform that assists growing teams in providing exceptional customer service. When you sign up, you have access to a variety of tools designed to help you provide the best possible client experience. Also see Biteable Substitutes.

Our shared inbox includes team collaboration capabilities such as private notes and @mentions, as well as collision detection, which prevents redundant effort by highlighting when an agent is actively engaged on a certain issue.

Workflows can also be used to automate common operations such as conversation sorting and client profiling in order to provide more context.

Docs, our knowledge base builder, is great for encouraging users to assist themselves. The easy-to-use editor makes creating self-service content a breeze. Customers can find answers fast thanks to built-in search capabilities and organisational features. Finally, Docs-specific reports show which material is performing well and where you can make improvements.

Beacon offers live chat capabilities and proactive assistance options via an embeddable widget. Customers can use the widget to search your Docs site content or ask your support team a question, allowing them to get answers when and when they need them.

Help Scout also includes pre-built performance dashboards via our reports. Custom reports can also be created to focus on the metrics that are most important to you and your team. Finally, you will have access to Help Scout’s world-class support team, which is available by email 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions you may have.

Prices start at $20 per month per user.

2. Live Agent

HappyFox is the greatest solution for chat-heavy teams.

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When LiveAgent originally started up, their major purpose was to help teams provide exceptional live chat service They’ve added more services to their toolkit as they’ve grown, such as a shared mailbox, social support (for a fee), and even video calling (though this is only available on their higher-cost plans).

Though they provide adequate coverage, the cost of adding additional services quickly escalates, making LiveAgent a bit pricey for some. If you don’t need all of their channels, there are other options on the list that are less expensive.

Monthly fees for agents begin at $15 per month.

3. Zoho Office

The greatest HappyFox replacement for Zoho teams.

Zoho’s CRM system propelled them to fame. As the company grew, it added other services, such as Zoho Desk, a support desk solution. When you sign up, you have access to support tools such as a shared email, live chat, a knowledge base builder, and reporting to track team success.

They also feature productivity tools such as saved responses and basic automations to assist your team save time. If you use Zoho CRM, the two seamlessly integrate, providing you with a comprehensive view of your interactions with a single customer, saving time and work for everyone involved.

There is a free plan available. Monthly fees begin at $14 per agent.

4. Zendesk

HappyFox is the greatest option for large teams.

Zendesk is arguably the most well-known help desk application. They divide their plans into two types: basic and suite. The basic plans are less expensive, but they are primarily limited to email support, with some basic reporting and productivity features thrown in for good measure.

Omnichannel coverage is included in the suite plans, which start at $49 per agent per month. Their suite choices include a shared mailbox, a live chat tool, a knowledge base builder, reporting, and productivity features like as automations, integrations, and AI-powered automated responses.

Despite the fact that the list of features is broad, it is likely to be more than most teams require. Zendesk is also time-consuming to set up, so you may be paying for two products for months while you get everything up and running and train your personnel. If your budget is limited or you do not require all of their complex capabilities, you should probably look elsewhere.

Monthly fees for agents begin at $19.

5. Freshdesk

HappyFox is the greatest solution for phone-heavy teams.

Freshdesk is a customer care platform that incorporates a shared inbox, live chat software, a knowledge base builder, and artificial intelligence-powered automatic responses (though that functionality is limited to their highest cost plan).

Freshdesk is nearly identical to Zendesk, except that they separate plans into two categories: support desk and omnichannel. All of their omnichannel subscriptions, though (starting at $29 per agent per month), provide more advanced phone functionality, including included minutes. If your workforce relies extensively on phone help, they could be an excellent option.

There is a free plan available. Paid plans begin at $15 per month for each agent.

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6. Front

HappyFox is the ideal alternative for teams that want to use personal email addresses.

A group email address ([email protected]) is widely used by support teams, although it isn’t always the ideal solution. If this is the case, Front could be a good choice for you. It’s a service that allows users to respond to emails using their own email accounts.

In addition to that capabilities, they have certain collaborative tools, such as internal notes and ticket assignment Basic automations and other productivity tools are offered, but only on their more expensive subscriptions.

Monthly charges begin at $19 per person.

7. Salesforce Service Cloud

The most suitable HappyFox solution for Salesforce teams.

Salesforce, like some of the other companies on our list, may not come to mind immediately when thinking of support solutions, but they have been producing customer support software for quite some time. The most recent iteration is Service Cloud.

Service Cloud includes a shared mailbox, a knowledge base builder, and a live chat tool. You’ll also have access to common tools to help you understand team performance, such as internal notes, automations, tagging, and reports You can connect the two if you utilise another Salesforce product to discover even more about the people with whom you’re communicating.

Monthly fees start at $25 per user.

8. TeamSupport

HappyFox is the finest option for B2B support teams.

TeamSupport is a customer service platform created specifically for B2B businesses. Many of its capabilities, such as a shared mailbox, knowledge base builder, and live chat software, are similar to those on the list (though chat is only offered on their higher cost plans).

They do, however, provide some more advanced customer management features, such as detailed client profiles, the ability to have numerous SLAs for different clients, and a customer health dashboard, which can assist your team in staying informed and anticipating customer expectations.

Monthly fees for agents begin at $49 per month.

9. Kustomer

For organisations looking for CRM capabilities, Kustomer is the finest HappyFox alternative.

Kustomer combines a customer care tool and a CRM. There is a shared email, a knowledge base builder, and live chat software included. They also provide an AI solution called Kustomer IQ, which is intended to help with ticket deflection and can fulfil basic customer care needs.

CRM allows you to create customer profiles so that representatives have a more complete picture of the people they’re dealing with. You can include crucial data in profiles by adding custom objects, and you can restrict access to different parts of the platform to ensure that all of your clients’ information is secure.

Prices start at $89 per month per user.

Making the best decision

The availability of appropriate tools is important to the success of any support team. No one wants to overpay for features they don’t need, but there must be a balance.

Teams adapt, and their needs change. Make certain that you are not purchasing only based on current events Rather, buy with your current and future needs in mind.