Factory Reset Ps4 Console

How to Factory Reset Ps4 Console Simply

This article explains factory reset ps4. Have you remained in a scenario of no return, where you believe there is no other method than starting afresh? Well, I have, and I understand you have too, although it might not include a PS4 console. Well, before we begin, I think you ought to know that resetting your PS4 console will entirely wipe the disk drive of your console and likewise remove its system software, taking it back to its factory settings. Resetting a ps4 is convenient when your console has a problem or refused to boot up or when you want to begin again by deleting all the information in it.

How to Factory Reset Ps4 Console Simply

In this post, you can know about factory reset ps4 here are the information below;

The very first safety measure you should take is to constantly keep a backup of any data on your console ere carrying out a reset. You can select to back up your information on an external drive or cloud storage. To backup data on cloud storage on PS4, you need to have a PlayStation Plus account.

When you’re in this circumstance, there are two different methods you can bail from it. The original is from the console’s dashboard, while the other is in Safe Mode (only if the console has boot-up related problems). In this post, we will talk regarding the different methods you can factory reset your ps4 console.

How To Factory Reset a PS4 Console

Follow the basic actions listed below to factory reset the ps4 console.

Sign Back Into Your Console to Access Settings Menu

To sign back into your PS4 console, begin by going to the Settings menu and look for the ‘PlayStation Network/Account Management’ choice. Eliminate the machine as your primary PlayStation 4.

That will enable you to play downloaded video games offline as it will determine it as yours. Note that missing this action will require you to come through various issues when you log in to your new console.

Go On and Deactivate Your Console

To deactivate your console, navigate to ‘Activate as your main PS4.’ this will make sure that your PS4 is triggered. Still, if your PS4 has currently been started, the Activate choice will be greyed out, and the Deactivate button will be the only clickable button. Choose ‘Deactivate’, and after that, choose yes on the next screen that will appear.

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Sign Back Into Your Console Using Your User Account

This action is various from your PS4 account, so take care. As soon as you are signed in, continue to the settings menu once again.

Browse To the Initialization Options in the Settings Section

For this area, you should look out for two choices, Restore Default Settings and initialize PS4. The first option will eliminate any conserved settings data, and after that return, the PS4 to its factory setting; however, remember that it won’t format your disk drive.

While the second alternative will erase the data on your drive, consisting of conserved game data, downloaded games, and any different thing you have contributed to the console because of its purchase. This choice will take your PS4 back to its best condition (out of package settings).

Select Full on the Initialize Screen

This area is about information cleaning. Here you have two options. The ‘Quick’ option is quick, while the ‘Full’ alternative takes a very long time, probably a couple of hours or more.

As soon as you have initialized the clean using any of the alternatives mentioned above, the PS4 console will present you with a development bar that will suggest the anticipated time it will require to end up. When the method is done, you will be able to set up your PS4 the precise process you did the first time you acquired it. But if you aim to offer it off, you need to hand it over without any information connected.

How to Reset Your Ps4 Console from Safe Mode

This method is a good idea if you have a problem with your system software or different mistakes that prevent you from accessing your Settings menu to reinitialize your PS4. If you are in that mess, then you are entrusted to Safe Mode. To utilize safe mode to reset your console, please follow the actions listed below:

Turn Off Your PS4 Console

Turn off your power totally on your PS4 to boot into Safe Mode. Remember no to set your console to Rest Mode. To boot into Safe Mode, follow the next step.

Hold Down the Power Button until Your Hear Two Beeps

To take place, you need to press the power button on the console rather than using your controller. Press the power key for 8 seconds, and you will hear a beep before its boots into Safe mode. It will be labelled, and you will see it by its black background.

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Select the Reset Option You Need

When you on Safe Mode, you can select the reset alternative you desire. I advise ‘Restore default Settings’ because it will reset the PS4 to its original software application setting and keep your data while at it. Ideally, you can pick ‘Initialize PS4’.

Selecting Restore Default Settings will clean your console hard disk and restore it to its factory settings; however, it will keep your system software, that is, its os (OS). But you can fall back to the ‘Initialize PS4’ choice, which is a fuller factory reset ps4 that will need you to reinstall the operating system.

Choose Initialize Ps4 If You Come Across Any Software Related issues.

Using the ‘Initialize’ alternative will restore your console hard drive and software settings to their factory settings; however, it will leave the operating system intact. It’s comparable to the one above where you will be above to pick between Quick and Full initializations.

How to Reinstall System Software on PS4 Console

Download an official PS4 firmware

To get a main PS4 firmware, get on your laptop/PC and download the PlayStation site’s current system software.

When the firmware is downloaded on your computer, you will need a medium to move the information to the PS4, so it’s a good idea you get an external drive with a USB connection. Additionally, you can utilize a USB drive with adequate area to accommodate the firmware.

On Your USB Device, Create a New Folder and Name It PS4

Inside the freshly developed folder, develop a different folder and title it ‘UPDATE’ (it must be in capital letters). Then save the firmware you’ve downloaded within the UPDATE folder. Make certain the file you downloaded is called ‘PS4UPDATED.PUP’ when you saved it.

Boot The PS4 into Safe Mode

To boot your PS4 into Safe Mode, follow the actions earlier pointed out.

And finally, select Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) on your PS4

Follow the prompt directions. The console will eliminate all detail consisting of the system software. Then it will need you to insert the USB device you saved the updated firmware for reinstalling the system software. When the whole procedure is completed, your PS4 console will be gone back to its old glory (factory settings).

With this post, you should be able to repair your PS4 whenever you come across any system software related issues by factory reset ps4 and reinstalling the latest firmware.

If you think we skipped or disregarded anything in this short article that would make it much better, do well to draw our attention to it. Do not forget to share your ideas and feedback about this article by using the comments area below.