Top 10 Learning Apps For iOS & Android In 2022

This post is about Learning Apps For iOS And Android For On-the-Go Learning. Because of the digital era, information is now widely available. You won’t run out of materials because you can educate yourself while on the go.

Top 10 Best Learning Apps For iOS & Android In 2022

In this article, you will learn about the Learning Apps For iOS And Android To Learn On The Go, which are detailed below.

Using smartphones and devices to learn something new is a terrific idea because they are adaptable and can be used for more than just photography, texting, and social media. What better way to promote the idea that it is never too late to study than to be aware of the greatest learning apps.

The Best Android and iOS Learning Apps

A multitude of online learning systems and websites have made education more accessible. Educational apps, on the other hand, broaden your horizons and satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Learning apps have transformed smartphones into virtual classrooms. We scoured the internet for the top instructional applications for Android and iOS. Check out the finest apps for studying math, a new language, science, and coding.

1. edX

edX is a fantastic place to locate hundreds of high-quality online tutorials and courses. There are courses offered from MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, and other industry giants. These are not degree app, but they are excellent for anyone who wants to learn about a subject from credible sources and world-class experts.

It is one of the top learning apps, with over 2,000 tutorials. You have high-quality articles and video content on any topic, including business management, biology, data science, finance, and cybersecurity.

Top edX features include:

• Gain knowledge from experts from prestigious universities.

• Gain critical insights on any subject

•Research relevant issues such as economic trends and public health.

• Select from a range of credential app to advance your profession.

• Convert the app into a virtual school to master in-demand skills.

2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the top learning apps, providing tutorials in every educational area. As a result, you won’t have to worry about being unable to pursue a certain course or study something you’ve always wanted to learn.

Udemy is a fantastic learning platform that has it all: web development, creative classes, coding, graphic design, sound production, and personality development.

The speakers are industry experts with deep knowledge and a solid background in the subject. Which do you want to learn first: Photoshop, data science, or marketing.

Udemy’s Best Features

• Study at your own pace

• Choose between free and paid courses to study anything under the sun.

• Seek professional guidance and learn a new skill.

• Learn on the go by downloading materials.

3. Be a Blinkist

Blinkist has a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books. Everything from learning how to push yourself to mastering the art of winning an argument is covered. One of the greatest learning apps for working professionals, Blinkist, provides a 15-minute overview of a book.

It’s valuable for anyone who wants to learn about a book but doesn’t have time to read the entire thing. You can gain knowledge on a variety of topics by pulling relevant information from the resources. With each usage of the app, you become a more knowledgeable person with a broad understanding of a number of topics.

Blinkist’s Best Features

• Purchase over 3000 best-selling novels.

• Create custom audio playlists

• Easily switch between audio and text.

• Read in the offline mode. There are 28 distinct categories to choose from, making it simple to discover what you’re looking for.

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4. Lynda

Lynda is one of the best educational apps, with hundreds of courses covering a wide range of topics. Lynda has you covered when it comes to studying the most up-to-date tools for graphic design or music production. Web development, video creation from the ground up, animations, and Excel sheet maintenance are all taught under one roof.

Lynda is one of the greatest learning applications for learning on the go and at your own speed. Students can sign up for a monthly membership and take as many courses as they want during the specified time period. Are you ready to learn from some of the world’s top teachers?

Lynda’s Best Features

• Join the library to have access to any course you choose.

• Use the dashboard to track your training progress.

• Download resources to your computer for later viewing.

• Share instructions on all of your social media platforms.

• Receive course recommendations based on your preferences.

• Courses that play automatically

• Pick up where you left off with a lesson.

5. The TED Conference

If you’re looking for free learning apps, TED is the place to go. You can find out what famous and well-known people have to say about current events all throughout the world. Personal experiences and inspirational stories are also shared. Smart lectures can cover any topic under the sun, and the content is usually determined by the speaker’s interests and mood.

You gain practical knowledge and information about a wide range of issues, as well as insights into a wide range of fascinating topics.

Motivational TED talks could range from someone telling how they rose to prominence in their field to someone sharing how they overcame despair.

TED’s Best Features

• You may bookmark stories to read later.

• The learning app’s subtitles are available in over 100 languages.

• The app can sync across several devices.

• Users have access to the highly sought-after TED Radio Hour Podcast.

• Make your own playlist • Browse the massive TED presentation history and choose your favourites

6. Duolingo

Duolingo was created in 2014 and has since grown to enormous popularity. One of the finest language learning apps, Duolingo, is both engaging and free. More than 30 languages, including German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese, can be learned through enjoyable games and bite-sized courses. The teachings become more difficult as you progress through the mini-games, but the entertainment level remains high.

According to the founders, 34 hours spent on Duolingo is equivalent to a full semester of college or school.
Duolingo is a popular educational app for both children and adults, and it is ad-free.

Duolingo’s best qualities include:

• It’s entertaining, free, and effective.

• It employs a science-based educational system.

• Select any language from the available selections.

• Enhance your writing, reading, and listening abilities.

• Keep a record of your progress.

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a cutting-edge resource for learning about any subject or seeking cutting-edge courses. If you want to excel in traditional fields taught in schools and colleges, such as science, economics, physics, humanities, and arithmetic, you must use the app. It is the ideal learning tool for youngsters, with over 10,000 instructional videos available.

It enables you to study new topics while also brushing up on old ones. One of the top learning apps, Khan Academy, is completely free to use. There are no additional fees.

Khan Academy’s Best Features

• Hone your knowledge by taking tests and practising exercises in any subject, such as history, politics, and language.

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• Continue to learn even if you don’t have access to the internet.

• Pick up where you left off.

• Obtain comprehensive and in-depth articles on your chosen topics.

8. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

If you’re enthralled by Saturn’s rings or awestruck by the Sun’s radiance, the official NASA app is the finest place to learn about the solar system. Images, films, live feeds, and text can all be used to learn more about the organization’s many missions.

The official NASA app also has an Augmented Reality capability with a 3D model.

With the Augmented Reality capability, you may find and watch the International Space Station, other NASA app orbit around the Earth, and the brightest stars in the sky.

NASA’s Best Features

• NASA photos and news widgets that can be put to your Home Screen

• Augmented reality function

• NASA TV in real time

9. Coursera

You are never too young or too old to learn something new thanks to online classes. Coursera is one of the top learning apps, with a diverse selection of courses and tutorials. You may start your journey from the convenience of your own home. Whatever you want to learn, Coursera will have something for you.

They have it all: creative, business-related, arithmetic, scientific, linguistic, and personality development.

There are around 2,000 different courses to choose from.

Lessons and classes in the educational app include video lectures and reading assignments.

There are both free and paid courses available.

Coursera’s Highlights

• Study with world-class instructors.

• Obtain everything from music to medicine.

• Record video lectures for offline viewing

• At the end of the training app, you will be awarded a certificate.

10. LinkedIn learning

People looking to increase their employment skills should look into LinkedIn Learning. There is a wide range of courses and tutorials accessible, covering all professional sectors. Regardless of your primary field, the app will supply you with a suitable course to help you brush up on existing skills, learn something new, and improve your CV.

Lynda’s available classes are displayed in the app.

One of the top learning apps, LinkedIn Learning, is a terrific location to start browsing for professional courses.

The user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate.

LinkedIn Learning’s Best Features

• Select from over 16,000 unique courses.

• Gain knowledge from industry experts with decades of experience;

• At any time, you can access bite-sized video information;

• Receive personalised course recommendations

• Save tutorials for future reference.

• Study at your own pace

• Save material for offline viewing

• Receive certificates upon course completion


It is never too late to learn something new. Increasing our knowledge and developing new skills are never out of date. Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, and they are an excellent learning tool. You can study whatever subject you’ve always wanted to study, from technical to artistic fields for professional advancement. We’ve also produced a list of the finest learning applications available on Google Play and the iOS app store, including topics such as science, space, geography, mathematics, and coding.

This list’s greatest educational apps are all compatible with both Android and iOS handsets. You may download them from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, then go exploring. Some of these will also track your progress. Thanks to the digital age, learning on the fly has never been easier.