Axxo Proxy Unblock | Top 9 Axxo Movies Alternatives

AXXo Movies is a well-known brand that springs to mind for everybody who enjoys watching free HD movies on the Internet. AXXo Movies provides high-quality movies in small sizes while maintaining definition.

For years, it provided hundreds of movies from various torrent sites. Nonetheless, AxxoMovies has gone into hibernation and now offers torrent versions of HD movies directly from their own websites: and Anyone wishing to download aXXo Movies HD Movies should go to these sites to get aXXo Movies HD Video torrents.

What happened to Axxo Movies and How to get it unblocked?

AXXo Movies is one of the most well-known film distribution sites on the internet today, thanks to its torrent database. The portal is well-known for downloading high-quality films as soon as they are released. Axxo, the prolific uploader behind aXXo Movies, was formerly used for popular torrent sites such as Kick-Ass torrents.

They adhere to film as far as the substance is concerned. That implies you may discover practically any movie of reasonable quality on this platform. Thousands of torrent fans visit our site every day to view free movies from Axxo.

However, because to its tremendous popularity, it has quickly attracted many ISPs all over the world. As a result, XXo films have been banned in a number of nations. So, if you’re a true aXXo Movies lover who is frustrated because aXXo me Movies isn’t working for you, I’ve provided a list of tactics below that will allow you to access aXXo Movies.

Axxo Movies Proxy & Mirror Sites



1 Online Very Fast
2 Online Very Fast
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4 aXXo Alternative Online Very Fast
5 Online Very Fast
6  Online Very Fast
7 Online Very Fast
8 US Proxy Online Very Fast
9 Online Very Fast
10 UK Proxy Online Very Fast
11 Online Very Fast

Alternatives to Axxo Movies

1. Seedpeer

Despite the fact that it appears to be a Russian torrent portal, Pakistan receives the highest traffic. The pages have a large archive, however because it provides web hosting resources, they don’t necessarily stay up for that long. When it’s going, it’s one of the greatest spots to look for a few obscure names. So you don’t have to be concerned about being unable to access the original site when you always have the same torrents. I hope this list of sites similar to Torrent King has been useful to you.

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2. LimeTorrents

If you’re looking for legal torrents, LimeTorrents is a good place to start.mThe website offers a massive collection of new material that is constantly updated, and the legal torrents are also among the largest on the internet today. It is regarded as one of the greatest torrents in music history. Because the site provides a wealth of information on the content, you can quickly determine whether it is worthwhile to download.

3. Torrent9

If movies are your thing and you want to keep up with the latest releases, one of the first places you should look is Torrent9. The sections are dedicated solely to movies and have a comprehensive index to help you find what you’re looking for. Torrents on your bandwidth are also recognised to be really simple. It also boasts a vast user base of committed seeders, ensuring that you can stream some of your favourite material with minimal effort and waiting times.

4. The Pirate Bay

Although the Pirate Bay moves around a lot, it has been around in some form or another for a very long time. It is well-known as one of the most popular torrent download sites, and it has tools that allow you to determine whether or not a seeder is trustworthy. The search engine is quite user-friendly, and uploads of new information are usually fairly easy to find.

5. YourBittorrent

If you’re new to BitTorrent, this is one of the most straightforward ways to get started. With a simple interface, you can rapidly download and search for what you’re looking for. One of the key reasons why people like to use it for their searches is the clear interface, which we also recommend.


If you have a strong attachment to the film, RARBG is the greatest option. It contains a complicated website with information that will educate you what you need to do with your files. In comparison, the top ten rankings ensure that you notice a film’s success and make it simple to identify new releases.

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7. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is another service that may give you with short and concise torrents. The platform features a simple details page, and with a large database, you should have no trouble finding what you’re looking for. All of the information about the torrents you chose is also displayed. If you’re looking for book torrents, torrent downloads are the finest option.

8. Torrentz2

Although it is not a torrent site, Torrentz2 is an archive that allows users to find the finest torrents from a large directory of torrent sites for the content they are looking for. It will allow you to browse some of the most recent torrent sites for the best option to meet your needs. It is great for locating older material that you might not be able to uncover on your own.


EZTV has accused them of stealing their content, however the site is still up and running. You might not find what you’re looking for here, yet it consistently scores high for high-quality material. One disadvantage is that the web will go offline from time to time but will always resurface. If you’re looking for torrents of your favourite TV episodes, EZTV torrents are a great option.


That concludes How to Unblock aXXo Using aXXo Proxy and Mirror Websites. I hope you found it useful. So, here are some of the better performing aXXo proxy and mirror sites. Because the official website has been decommissioned, you should rely on these pages. Otherwise, you can still use the axxo-torrents or similar pages that are still popular in the torrent realm to access the majority of the torrent information.