What Smartphones are Built to Watch March Madness Best?

Gone are the days when keeping up with sports events and games meant attending them in person or reading up on them in the newspaper the next morning. Nowadays, technology makes it possible to do virtually anything, and with the introduction and use of smartphones, searching for information like the most recent March Madness expert picks is just a click away.

Through sports applications, fans and supporters can use their mobile devices to look at real-time statistics and scores at any time. These apps are designed to provide users with all the current news they need to stay informed on what’s happening in the sports world. Some even go as far as providing detailed stats on each player in a team and all the tools you need to create a customized fantasy league.

Once the March Madness season arrives, millions of fans take to their smartphones to make the best of each experience. Unfortunately, not all smartphones operate the same way; therefore, it’s important to keep a few things in mind if you’re interested in using your smartphone to watch live NCAA basketball tournament games for the first time.

AT&T and Verizon Wireless

Once you get into using sports apps to tune in on your favorite games, you’ll likely come across the name ‘AT&T’ now and then. AT&T Inc., which is also known as American Telegraph & Telephone, is a large service provider that’s popular for providing local and long-distance telephone services across the United States. Presently, it’s the second largest company in the country to offer wireless services.

Before smartphone users decide to jump into downloading and installing the best sports apps, they need to ensure their mobile devices can connect to AT&T and Verizon Wireless service providers to access live NCAA basketball tournament games.

As an AT&T subscriber, you’ll have access to all 63 live tournament games, but if you’re a Verizon Wireless subscriber, you’ll have access to just 27 of the live games. Because AT&T is one of the tournament sponsors, this explains why it’s able to account for the difference.

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It’s worth noting that both companies charge a subscription of $15 that subscribers will pay monthly, but AT&T does give its subscribers the option to use its two-month free trial service plan as well.

Top Smartphones

Unfortunately, only certain smartphones have special receivers required for broadcasts. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best smartphones to watch your March Madness games, you can look into getting the:

  • LG Vu
  • Samsung Eternity by AT&T
  • LG Voyager by Verizon Wireless
  • iPhone devices

Benefits of Using Sports Apps to Watch March Madness Games

Sports apps are primarily created and launched for the convenience of sports fans who are keen on having access to all the news they need, especially while on the go.

It’s the perfect way to connect sports teams, professionals, and the sports industry to fans so they can watch their favorite sports channels while getting information on updates and match fixtures for each of their favorite players. Let’s look at three key benefits that come with using sports apps for watching games.

Team Spirit

Fans can support and follow their favorite teams and players by using sports apps to access all the information they need and stay informed on game schedules. This promotes team spirit and keeps supporters captivated and connected to the tournament, despite being miles away from the actual event.

Score Updates And Notifications

Most sports apps send their users notifications on updates regarding game takeoffs, but this will depend on the sports team or channel you’re subscribed to. Here, you won’t miss a single detail regarding goals scored, wins, losses, and points achieved.

They also keep fans updated on what’s happening in a game thanks to real-time information centered around highlights and game schedules.

Tailored Content

Fans are always looking for relevant information that’s always fresh and current. Each time developers launch a mobile sports app, they aim to ensure fans are notified on which teams are about to play, sports time, and date schedules that are all readily available at your fingertips.

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You then have the option to customize the content you receive, so you only get notified of information you want to follow.