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All Warzone Bunker Codes, Locations & Map Updated 2021

Do you need Warzone bunker codes and locations to get into Verdansk? We can help you. There are bunker locations in Call of Duty Warzone that make it easy to find the best park bunker code warzone or hide out as the zone gets smaller.

Some Warzone bunkers require specific codes, while others require red cards to get in. We know how to get into any Warzone bunker. The Warzone bunker codes, park bunker codes, and more can be found here. You can get into Warzone’s secret bunkers by following these steps.

Is this what you want? There are a lot of bunkers spread across Verdansk. Each one has important loot that can change the course of a game. A lot of people think that these bunkers will help them win. Whether you need money or powerful weapons, these bunkers will likely help you.

Everybody else in the battle royale game has already found out about the hidden treasures in these bunkers in warzone, even though you’re late. If you try to open any of these vaults, you can expect to be attacked by teams of other players who are looking for game-changing loot when you do.

A group of friends is the best way to make it more likely that you will open a bunker early in the game. In Season 2, more than half of the bunkers were closed. The nuclear bombs that are hidden in these bunkers in the warzone are about to destroy Verdansk.

There is a new Warzone map that is said to be based on Black Ops Cold War. This means that all three Call of Duty bunker codes games will be played together.

All Warzone Bunker Codes, Locations & Map Updated 2021

In this post, you can know about warzone park bunker code here are the information below;

Warzone Bunker Codes & Maps Access

In Warzone, there are 13 different types of all bunker codes that you can use. Six of these bunkers can be opened with access codes. For five bunkers, you need a Red Access Card to get in and out. Bunker 11 takes the most steps to open, and the last Airport Bunker doesn’t need anything to get in.

Here are the Warzone bunker codes:

Junkyard code – 87624851
Kart Racing Track code – 87624851
BCH TV Station – 27495810
Warzone Farmland code – 49285163
Warzone Prison code – 72948531
Styor Spomenik code – 60274513

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Warzone Red Access Card Bunker Locations Warzone

It takes a Red Access Card to open bunkers with green lights above the doors that are locked. As of now, it looks like Red Access Cards are no longer dropping in Warzone. It is now impossible to get into any of these closed bunkers unless you have a Red Access Card.

Here are the Warzone bunker locations locked behind red access cards:

  • Crash Site
  • East of Karst River Quarry
  • West of Gora Dam
  • Zordaya Prison Complex
  • Zozsni Spomenik

Warzone Season 3 Secret Bunker

One of the new points of interest, the Airplane Factory, is located under a store. A new secret bunker has been found beneath the Airplane Factory and the store. A keypad that isn’t working is next to the door. It is thought that it will be turned on at a later time in the season. It doesn’t have a number on it. A bunker like Bunker 11, where you could get a weapon blueprint and Verdansk was rumoured to be nuked, is very likely to be like this.

Warzone Bunker Airport

The Airport Bunker was first got to add to Warzone during Season One of the game, which was about the Cold War. In contrast to the other 12 Warzone bunker codes, you won’t need any special equipment to get into the things inside the stronghold.

Make your way through the hole in the floor on the runway of the airport. Then, you can get into the Airport Bunker! Advanced players can even parachute right into the bunker, giving them the best chance to get late-game goodies as soon as they start the game.

Unfortunately, because the loot is so good, it has become a popular place for hot-dropping teams. The first time you try to break into this bunker, you’ll have to fight off groups of other people.

A great possibility is that if you get out of the bunker alive, you’ll find a Red Access Card. This card will let you get into another bunker in the area.


Bunker 11 is by far the most difficult bunker to open in Warzone, but the benefits are worth the trouble. As well as having access to a lot of cash, you will also be able to get the blueprint for the Mud Drauber MP7, which isn’t even for sale in the game’s market at the time.

We strongly recommend that you read our Bunker 11 Warzone guide, which tells you how to unlock this very difficult bunker. If you didn’t get the blueprint here, it looks like you won’t be able to get into this bunker any more.

Warzone Bunker Locations

It shows the Warzone bunker locations for all 11 of the 11 Warzone bunker sites on the map above. There are still only three bunkers open for business: bunkers 1 to several 3 and bunkers 7 through 8. Bunker 00 is closed.

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This isn’t true, though. In the Black Ops Cold War teaser, bunkers 1, 3, and 10 were turned into bunkers that could only be opened with Warzone bunker codes. Bunker code options that used to be closed are now open by default. They don’t offer much more than normal loot, but they can still be used to make things more exciting.

A red key card could be used to get into the bunkers with the numbers 02, 07, and 08 so you can get more treasure and cash. If you happen to get your hands on a red keycard, your Warzone bunker codes are limited to the following.

How to open Warzone bunker doors

All the first ten Warzone bunker doors that aren’t part of the bunker 11 puzzle are shown here. These are very easy to get once you get to the first level. The first step of the process is to get one of the Warzone red access keycards.

Warzone red keycard locations

It doesn’t seem like there is a simple answer to problems because the Warzone red keycards can only be found by getting them from crates that are scattered around the map. There are ten bunker doors marked on the map that you can go to and open. Once you get one, you can go to any one of them and open it.

Green lights mean that you can open it. In these bunkers, you might find valuable things that could help you win a game.

Warzone Stadium Access Code

This place, like Bunker 11, is very tough to get into because there are a lot of people playing the game. They can easily sabotage your mission’s progress. Three keycards, codes from near the area computers, and a way to decipher the hidden code are needed to get into the Stadium Bunker.

In addition, if you manage to get into the Stadium Bunker, you’ll be able to find a legendary Enigma CR-56 AMAX blueprint, which we’ve already said is very powerful. In our Warzone Stadium access codes guide, you can read about all of these ways to get in.

This document has all of the information you need about Warzone bunker codes warzone and Warzone bunker locations. As of right now, it makes it look like new bunkers will be decided to add to the game at random, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this page for any future changes. If you haven’t already, you can find out what the best Warzone loadout drop is and all of the best Warzone guns if you haven’t already.