Turn On Location Services on iPhone

How to Turn On Location GPS Services on iPhone 2023

All smartphones are built with the technology to suggest nearby happenings. To make the device smarter, developers are utilising your location to recommend the things around you. For example, If you are booking a cab, then the app you are using to book needs to know your location to make booking more comfortable. If your location service is not turned on, it isn’t simple to know your exact location. Unlike Android, iPhone doesn’t turn on the location services automatically. So it is always important to turn on the location services on your iPhone whenever required.

Turn On Location Services on iPhone?

Turning on the location service is a easy method. iPhone is a secured device developed by Apple. You can choose the applications that need location access, and different apps will not know your location.

Ere proceeding to turn on the location service for individual apps, let us see how to turn on the service generally:

1. Continue to Settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and press on the Privacy Settings option.


3. Press on the Location Services option.


4. Turn it on by tapping on the Toggle button.


Your iPhone’s location service is now turned on. This will support you if your iPhone is missing as well. You can utilise the Find My app to find your iPhone location, however only when the location service is turned on.

How to Turn On Location Services for Specific App on iPhone?

To turn on location service for a specific app, the entire iPhone location service should be on. Make sure that the location service is on and follow the below steps:

1. Continue to Settings >> Privacy Settings >> Locations Services.

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2. When the location service is on, you will find all the apps that require location service.

3. Select the app to which you want to turn on the service.


You will find three options: 

  1. Never
  2. Ask Next Time
  3. While Using the App

If you want the app to utilise location whenever you use it, press on the “While Using the App” option. If you want the app to seek permission, press on the “Ask Next Time” button.

Precise Location: Turn on the accurate location toggle button to enable the app to utilise your exact location.

If you don’t want the app to use your location, you can select the “Never” option.

Wrapping Up

Turning on the location service is helpful when that particular app is using your location to benefit you. A few applications might use your location to send location-based suggestions and ads for their benefit. Therefore, give access to those applications that support you. iPhone is a secured smartphone, and your location will be safe from the tracking of third-party apps.

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