Top 26 Best Hotstar Alternatives To Watch Live Sports

Watch Live Sports On Hotstar Alternatives. Alternatives to Hotstar are described in this post. Free Sports Streaming Sites: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, and the list. List of sports that are entirely free. There is a sport for everyone, and occasionally it may be rather expensive to watch your favorite teams and athletes. A premium sports channel sport can be costly, especially if you don’t watch a wide variety of sports or lead a busy life, and tickets to see the biggest names in sports can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

As a result, more and more individuals are using free sports streaming sites to enjoy their favorite sports without paying a high fee. However, finding a decent place that offers high-quality streams can be a tiresome process that involves trial and error before you eventually find a stream that works. We don’t believe that’s how things are intended to be.

So that you may watch the big game without spending a dime or hours searching online, we’ve created a list of the finest free sports streaming sites. The listed streaming sites are all completely free. There are no restrictions or fees; just streams and highlights of your preferred sports, 24 hours a day. Do you love soccer? Hotstar is your best option in that case. The biggest matches worldwide are streamed in high definition and free on Hotstar.

By providing HD streaming for all available games and highlights for the majority of recent games you might have missed, Hotstar distinguishes itself from the competition. The website is presented like a calendar, so you can see which games are scheduled to be played shortly, catch the highlights of recent matches, or start streaming any of the significant partners currently allowing place.

All major games are broadcast here, from club championships like the Premier League, Copa Del Rey, and Serie A to international events like the African Cup of Nations and World Cup qualifying. Hotstar offers streams of minor leagues, some of which you might not have even heard of, and substantial European games with well-known players and clubs. This excellent free sports streaming site features leagues worldwide, including the Serie A in Brazil, the Primera A in Columbia, and the J-2 company in Japan.

However, most links to the streams go to external sources, so accessing them might be more challenging, and the quality might be inconsistent. This does not, however, detract sufficiently from the streaming site’s outstanding quality. Because of the vast selection of games from around the globe, a live stream is almost always accessible anytime you need one. Hotstar is now a need for all soccer fans who enjoy watching sports online.


Another straightforward and concise website. Although this free sports streaming site has a “classic” design similar to many other websites, I found that it lacked other websites’ user-friendliness. Searching for a stream can be more challenging than it has to be due to the size of the text and the general layout.

This website’s loading delays are its saving grace. Besides Myp2p, I could not find a site that opened streams more quickly. Once I discovered what I was searching for, I could decide without difficulty. Undoubtedly, this website has potential, and a new homepage will significantly improve it.



With Live Soccer, you may view free movies from many websites. You can watch a variety of sports for free online. For instance, there is a live sports streaming website where you can watch cricket, rugby, and soccer matches. You may learn information about upcoming athletic events on this website. LiveSoccerTV is one of the best places to watch live sports. Thanks to the website, you may view various athletic events online for free.

On this site, you don’t even have to register for a free account to watch sports videos!

3. Crackstreams


The following website in our list of the best websites to watch free live sports streaming is Crackstreams. It enables you to watch a variety of well-liked athletic activities without charge. Viewers often use the streaming service to watch MMA and UFC sports and boxing. You may watch live XFL and CFB games on the site as well.

It is an excellent resource for free online sports viewing. To avoid watching and resume sports broadcasts, ensure you have a quick Internet connection. One drawback is that only a few live sporting events may be seen on the streaming website at any given time.



You may watch ESPN’s most exciting parts of significant international sporting events. Unfortunately, there is no free way to view live events. This free sports streaming website offers a wide range of activities.

You can do many things, including reading articles, watching video commentary, and checking standings. The ESPN website is like an encyclopedia of sports. There, you can learn anything you want to know. The website features numerous sports-related videos and articles. The site does not offer live streaming of games or events.



One of the top Hotstar alternatives is FromHot, which offers live sports streaming. It is a sizable free streaming platform that maintains links to ongoing sporting events under many headings. It indexes them and offers free viewing access to them. This is a fantastic place to check out if you want to watch live TV channels on other websites. You won’t see any of this content on FromHot because it is an indexing site and doesn’t have any of it. A link to an event transports you to a different website where you can view it.

To watch free sports online, there are several excellent Hotstar alternatives. From rugby to soccer, LiveTV offers a vast range of European sports. Basketball and American football are also available as streams on this site, but it is evident that European sports are its primary focus. League standings and future games are only a few of the sports-related details available with the streams. The website features a user-easy layout, few intrusive adverts, and offers enough information.

The streams on the site generally seem of slightly inferior quality, which is an issue I’ve found (there are far fewer HD streams available). Additionally, there have been some issues for UK users trying to access the site, but I cannot determine the cause of these difficulties or whether they have been fixed. LiveTV is an excellent streaming site; however, it has some issues.

6. NFLbite


To be able to quantify the scope of the issue. The sport of your choice for you is American football. The best one for you is NFLBite. The site started as a small Reddit community before evolving into a top-notch streaming site. This means that the site is run by fans just like you; you can rely on them to care about providing you the most outstanding service.

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The NFL is the only competition featured on this site. Therefore, the variety is restricted, despite the site’s name making it rather evident. Additionally, the website is not mobile-friendly, making it difficult to utilize without a laptop or desktop.

The site’s social networking panel, however, is one saving grace. An ongoing list of the most recent tweets from each NFL team and the league’s official Twitter account may be found on the website’s right side. This lets you access all the most recent league news in a single location.



To watch free sports online, there are several excellent Hotstar alternatives. This is a little different from most streaming websites you may have seen. Reddit has a subreddit found MLBStreams. Users can share links to streams with the entire community. This subreddit only features Major League Baseball streams, as the name would imply.

The most significant advantage of using this community to find your streams is that everyone is supplied by fans who identify with you, meaning they have already been evaluated for quality before you even see the link! The social features of Reddit, such as the ability to comment, upvote, and award, are now available, allowing you to interact with other fans while watching the games and, if this feature appeals to you, even post streams you find for others to utilize.

The downside is that since the streams are not integrated into the website, you must visit outside sites that may or may not vary high-quality streams. Both the amount and quality of streams depend on the number of fans who use the website.

8.Watch Batman

Watch Batman

Yet another vast, continuously enhanced free sports streaming site. Batman-Stream has a sizable user base and continually improves its website due to user input. They provide a more comprehensive selection of sports streams than most of its rivals, including more “minor” sports.

Their superior search engine is one feature that sets them to stand out from the quality. You may search for streams by league, team, player, etc., and their service is among the best I’ve ever used in this area. The results are always exactly what I was looking for and are always provided promptly; this is essential for a site with so many different streams.



Another website-focused straightforward website design above showy ones. It is plain, easy to use, and simple—perfect for users who are only interested in a stream and don’t want any extraneous features taking up unnecessary page points.

The website also has a chatroom feature. This can get pretty crowded during big games. However, the users who frequently post in the chatroom seem to be friendly and always active in the community about the games. Unfortunately, the search feature occasionally failed to find the results I was looking for, which was a significant letdown. Some people will have strong feelings about this website’s simple, timeless design; you’ll either love it or loathe it.

The website also offers a chatting feature. This can get quite crowded during big games. However, the users who post in the chat room generally seem friendly and always active, creating a community about the games. Unfortunately, the search feature frequently failed to see the results I was searching for, which was frustrating. Some people may strongly feel about or against this website’s straightforward, classic design.

10. Facebook

face book

Another of the top Hotstar alternatives to watch free sports online. Facebook has gained aware awareness. But not everyone is mindful of the wealth of entirely free streams available on the biggest social media platform. There is a “watch” page on Facebook where you can quickly search for any video game you like.

Facebook sports streaming Free online sports streaming. Utilizing all of the social elements that Facebook is known for is made famous by the website’s size, which is an advantage of using Facebook. Likewise, most individuals will be immediately familiar with the site’s layout and overall functionality, making it incredibly user-friendly and easy to use.

The one drawback is that, especially if you’re searching for a more minor game, it can occasionally take longer to find the stream you’re searching for than on other websites.



Another of the top Hotstar alternatives to watch free sports online. Free sports streaming site that is simple to use but effective. The user-friendly design and abundance of readily available languages make it usable by users globally.

The vast majority of video games are discussed here with various sources available, giving you options should one of the sources not be suitable for you.

This website’s frequent URL changes mean that, should they decide to change it, it might be challenging to find the site again. Searching for a “VIP box” will redirect you to the site, but other, larger websites don’t see this extra effort.

13. MamaHD


Your go-to website for the UEFA Champions League must be MamaHD. I’ve noticed that, among the websites mentioned, this free streaming site employs the streams with the best quality for these games. If you continue to be interested in the highest level of competitive soccer, this factor puts the website ahead of many others.

This free streaming website does have some drawbacks, though. First, you cannot access the website if you have any adblocker plugins active in your internet browser. This is not a deal-breaker, but it may cause some users some concern. Another concern is that occasionally, especially during busy times, the chat room seems to experience connection problems. MamaHD might be your website if the drawbacks mentioned do not bother you personally.

14. Cristiano Ronaldo7

Cristiano Ronaldo7

A fan site dedicated to providing the most recent and pertinent information on Cristiano Ronaldo is called The site also includes news, stats, scores, videos, and gallery information. Additionally, it contains private information like girlfriends. The website is dark, which complements the visuals beautifully.



BossCast offers sports feeds from well-known channels like Eurosport, NBA TV, ESPN, TSN, and others, similarly to Hotstar. Additionally, a curation system lets you stream games and events straight from the website. BossCast offers a live chat so that you may converse with other fans as the game is happening, just like the other Hotstar alternatives on this list. Additionally, you can alter the time zone on the homepage to correspond to the time in your nation, allowing you access to regional events. It is one of the most well-liked Hotstar substitutes.



GoATD is a fantastic substitute for Hotstar if it’s not available if you want to watch online sports. It is a simple sports streaming service that broadcasts live sporting events. Unlike other Hotstar alternatives, goATD is unique. The website merely lists the daily games that are scheduled. Soccer, tennis, golf, and tennis are among the sports featured on the site. The website offers an easy-to-use navigation section that lists all the athletic events it sponsors. With a widespread user base, goATD is well-known and well-liked among streamers worldwide. As a result, goATD doesn’t show unnecessary advertisements that can interfere with the viewing experience.

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Strike Out

This service can provide an easy-to-use site with secure connectivity. The UI design makes picking, streaming, and switching between games simple. You can also enjoy the stadium experience with a live view in HD print. In time to avoid having to rush to the event grounds, put on your headphones and start playing right away.



This site offers a wide range of sports streams, including obscure sports. You can browse among their streams based on the game’s start time because their streams are organized according to a timetable. Planning which games you might want to watch in the future is made more accessible by this.

One minor issue is that the streams are not organized as clearly as they are on other sites, so this layout is a little trickier to use than most. The website offers incredible streams you will adore if you can get beyond this!



This streaming site is the most acceptable option for individuals who view layout and design as critical features. You won’t find this feature on any other free sports streaming websites, but they have a clean layout and even let you customize the design to suit your tastes. This enhances the user experience by giving the site a personal touch.

The site has no usage fees, despite the word “VIPleague” in the name implying otherwise. The streams are also of high quality and almost ever have technical issues. This site sets out from the great majority of other free sports streaming sites thanks to its personal touch.

20. Sonyliv

A further top Alternative to Hotstar to watch free sports online is SonyLiv, an Indian-based website that offers free sports streaming. It has a stunning website design and is one of the widest selections of free sports streams I’ve ever seen. This is accessible without sacrificing quality; the free streams are often in excellent resolution and hardly ever experience loading issues.

This site is perfect for users in India and the nations that border it. However, if you are not using a VPN, the site may be region-locked, making it challenging for users from the United States or the United Kingdom to access. Users from the nations mentioned above may offer this site little value due to the region locking issues. However, users from the other areas will find some of the best streams on this site.



There are numerous streams available on this free sports streaming website. Rugby, baseball, basketball, and soccer are among the sports with the highest-quality streams on the site, which appear to be more focused on “popular” sports.

The site has some of the fastest loading times I’ve come across, which is a perk I’ve observed. The streams are also highly consistent; I almost ever observed any quality drops, lagging, or complete breaks. A website redesign is long needed; one drawback is that it currently has a reasonably senior appearance. This site will be perfect for you if this does not worry you.



This sports streaming site has a lovely layout and offers streams from expensive sports channels. The streams are reliable; lagging, poor quality, and highly infrequent frame drop. Sites like Time4tv come in handy since they allow you to watch channels like ESPN and Sky Sports for a fraction of the cost, saving you hundreds of dollars in channel fees.

The fact that this website only provides streams of channels rather than specific games is its lone drawback. At a time, if you’re seeking a particular match, it is unlikely to be available unless a primary channel is airing it right now. It also means that you cannot catch up on any highlights of previous games or watch any games you might have missed. Due to this, the website is excellent for big games but less helpful for more miniature games.



A further top Alternative to Hotstar is to watch free sports online This free sports streaming site will appeal to users who are only interested in links to high-quality streams; nothing else, such as fancy layouts, chatrooms, social network feeds, or timetables.

This site offers streams of top sports channels like ESPN in the best quality possible. They provide the most tracks of any sports streaming website I have ever used.

These Free Sports Streaming Sites may not be to the tastes of those wanting more features, but they will appeal to those looking for a simple site.



A Hotstar substitute that offers up-to-date live sports links is For instance, Hotstar presents an extensive sports library. It ranks among the popular live sports streaming websites in the Middle East. Additionally, this website has many live sports links from Asia and Europe. The NBA and MotoGP coverage of this Hotstar alternative are its most well-known alternatives. It is not necessary to log in or register to use Additionally, users can click once to access all of the website’s content.

25. 6streams


Compared to other streaming websites, 6streams has a significantly heavier workload. 6streams.XYZ made a list despite being above average thanks to applying the peculiarities. The website’s pertinent features can be used to broadcast high-definition sports videos or any other type of program. As a result, you can access streams for the NFL, UFC, and boxing, as well as MLB, MMA, and other underappreciated sports.



To watch sports online in 2022, here are some additional Best Hotstar alternatives. A well-known sports streaming service called Batsmanstream offers a range of intriguing athletic events, including rugby, the NBA, football, and the NHL, among others. Nearly all sports feeds are available on this site, including some with previously unheard events like poker!

Batsmanstream was the previous name for Dracula. The website is without a doubt the best sports station on the internet.

It consistently maintains an uptime of above 95% in online use, especially during significant occasions like the Champions League.

The website is updated approximately every 15 minutes. You can search football by competition, including Ligue 1, Bundesliga, FA Cup, La Liga, Serie A, Copa Brasil, etc. Handball, rugby, tennis, football, NFL, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and racing are a few of the well-organized divisions.

This site’s geographic restriction is its lone drawback. The site’s creators should unquestionably work on some mirror sites so that users can access it without a VPN.