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How to Show Offline Status on WhatsApp

The messaging behemoth, which is currently owned by Meta, has been trying to make it simpler to use WhatsApp on many platforms (without internet on the primary device) and to move WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone. Prior to approximately a year ago, users didn’t give much thought to their online privacy. In order to satisfy customer needs, the company has updated its policy regarding user privacy and is testing out new technologies. However, a common gripe among WhatsApp users is that you are regarded as being online even if you simply access the application once. Even though it’s not true, it provides the appearance to others that you are active and accessible for conversation. It’s lot simpler than you may think to appear to be offline on WhatsApp in this circumstance. The best practises for hiding your WhatsApp last seen and online Status are explained here. So let’s get going so your privacy is maintained and nosy folks are kept at a distance.

Online/Last Seen Status/Last Seen Hide on WhatsApp (2022)

In this article, we’ll teach you step-by-step how to disable WhatsApp’s last-seen feature and temporarily go offline, complete with images. We have also provided an unauthorised tool that you can use to hide your online status on WhatsApp Web. The ideal approach for you can be found by looking at the ways in the following table.

How to Hide Your WhatsApp Last Seen Private in the Best Ways (Android)

Before you can hide your online Status in the WhatsApp app, you must first learn how to turn your last seen Status. And the process is as follows:

  • The ellipses (three dots) icon is located in the upper right corner of the app and can be used to open WhatsApp. The “Settings” button is the following choice.
  • To change your “Last Seen” status, open WhatsApp’s Settings and navigate to “Account -> Privacy.”
  • Third-Party Privacy Settings for Whatsapp Then look for and tap the “Share your last seen and online location” option. To prevent anyone from seeing your most recent online activity, adjust the messaging app’s “Who can see my last seen” setting to “Nobody.”

You can select the “My contacts except.” option if you want some contacts in your list to display the last seen time.

You can choose to hide your WhatsApp online status if you wish to.

How to hide your online status on Whatsapp (Android)

You may now hide your last seen time on WhatsApp in addition to controlling who can see your online status. Here’s how to make offline to everyone on WhatsApp but still being able to text whomever you want:

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Only Android and iOS beta testers currently have access to WhatsApp’s online status hiding feature. We utilised OnePlus 9RT devices running Android 12 and WhatsApp to make this guide.

On the same page as the “Last Seen” setting, there is now a “Who can see when I’m online” option. Selecting “Same as last seen” will select you to choose a step.

Additionally, the “Online” text that appears next to your name in the WhatsApp chat window will no longer be accessible to anyone if you have “Nobody” selected as your “Last Seen” status. Nobody can look at your history of online messages and wonder why you don’t reply to them when you’re online.

How to Hide Your WhatsApp Last Seen Private in the Best Ways (iPhone)

Now that we know how to disable the last seen Status on the Android messaging app for Meta, let’s examine the procedure for the iPhone version.

  • Open WhatsApp on your iOS device, and then from the select-down menu that appears, choose “Settings.” Click the “Account” tab to move your account settings.
  • Open the app to access the WhatsApp options on your iPhone 2. Locate “Privacy -> Last Seen & Online” under “Account” settings after moving to “Account” settings.
  • You should be aware that hiding “Last Seen & Online” settings is only accessible in WhatsApp beta versions. The only option available is to disable “Last Seen” on your device.

Go to the “Who Can See My Last Seen” section and select “Nobody” to complete hiding your WhatsApp activity. Your last online time will no longer be visible to other messaging app users.

How to hide Your Online Status on Whatsapp (iPhone)

Similar to Android, select the “Same as last seen” option under the “Who may see when I’m online” section of the privacy settings. Please note that as this feature is currently only accessible to beta testers, we tried it on WhatsApp beta version on an iPhone 11 with iOS 16 installed.

Whatsapp Online: Hide Your Tracking Status

WhatsApp advises that you won’t be able to see other users’ Status if you disable off your own last seen and online settings.

You can hide your online status by turning off the last seen feature while using WhatsApp on a computer.

You may disable your last seen and online Status on WhatsApp Web, so don’t worry if you rely on it to stay in touch with family and friends. On a Mac, Linux, or Windows computer, take the following actions to hide your last seen:

On WhatsApp Web, how to Hide Your Last Seen Status

  • The last-seen feature may be disabled in the official WhatsApp web app, just like it can on Android and iOS. Click the ellipses (three dots) button to open the app’s settings in web browser mode.
  • Select “Privacy” from the WhatsApp web settings in the menu that appears.
  • Navigate to WhatsApp’s web-based privacy settings and select the “Last seen” section.
  • The “last seen option” setting for WhatsApp on the web is set to version As we did in the Android and iOS sections, choose “Nobody” under the “Last Seen” setting to select WhatsApp from broadcasting the time you last checked your messages.
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Hide your PC’s last seen information on WhatsApp’s web.

  • In WhatsApp Web 5, hide your online status. You can utilise a third-party app to make your online Status until WhatsApp adds this feature to the web version, which hasn’t happened yet. Let’s investigate the mechanism at work in light of this.
  • First, go to the Chrome Web Store and search for the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension (visit). It has 21,000 ratings and a 4.6 rating, making it a highly desired Chrome add-on. Click the “Add to Chrome” button to add the extension to Chrome.
  • Make the WA Plus for WhatsApp Chrome 7 extension if necessary. After installing the extension, navigate to the “Extension” icon to the right of the address bar and select the extension from the drop-down menu to use WA Web Plus for WhatsApp.
  • A Chrome extension for WhatsApp 8. The extension configuration dialogue box has started to appear. By turning on the “Hide online status (Invisible Mode)” feature under the “Enhancements” option, you can enable it appear as though you’re offline when you’re online. Another way to protect the privacy of your WhatsApp discussions is to enable “Hide typing status.”

Please keep in mind that it could take a few seconds for the extension to activate and note you active online when you launch WhatsApp Web on your desktop. Prior to heading off, why not tap away at your contacts list?

We’re done with that now. The “Online” status that was previously displayed next to your contact’s name will vanish after you log out of the messaging app. If you enable this feature, users who exclusively use the web app for conversation won’t even notice the typing indicator.

Query and Response

On WhatsApp, should I assume that everybody “online” is conversing with someone else?
The online Status of a contact shows that they are currently using WhatsApp, but it does not necessarily imply that they are chatting with anyone. It would have been as easy as leaving the texting app on the phone open. You might also be doing something else, like setting WhatsApp’s fingerprint lock or checking your status.

Can I hide my online status on WhatsApp?

You can choose to hide your online status on WhatsApp in addition to disabling your last seen status. In other words, your contacts won’t be active to see your WhatsApp activity.