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Top 8 Free Bulk SMS Marketing Apps

Which are the Best Free Bulk SMS Apps on the Market for Sending Bulk Text Messages from Android and from PC to Mobile? Let’s investigate.

Over the past two decades, SMS (Short Message Service) has been one of the most popular ways to connect with others or deliver messages. Despite the recent rise in popularity of messengers and multimedia messaging apps, SMS still accounts for the majority of marketing, advertising, and transaction-related communication.

Importance Of bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing allows individuals to increase their brand’s visibility and grow their business.

The principles of bulk SMS marketing and free group SMS must also be understood before engaging in SMS marketing.

How to Use a Free Bulk SMS Sender for Bulk SMS

Sending bulk SMS to customers and prospects is made easier by free bulk SMS apps. SMS marketing merely needs to follow a few simple steps when using a free bulk SMS sender:

  • Create the message that will be sent using a free bulk SMS app.
  • By choosing their phone numbers from your address book, add the receivers.
  • Fill out the Message box with the message you want to send to your target audience.
  • To send your message, click the send button after reviewing it. It is that simple.

Best Free Bulk SMS Apps in India (Free Bulk SMS Senders)

On the market, there are several free SMS bulk sender apps that can be used to send free bulk SMS. While some are comprehensive and have many features, others are simple and have only a handful. With our list of the top free bulk SMS apps, we have you covered.

Top Free Bulk SMS Apps For Android: Send Free Bulk SMS

With your smartphone, you can rapidly send free bulk SMS and receive text messages for marketing and other branding purposes. Let’s have a look at the best free bulk SMS apps for Android, which let you send SMS in bulk for free from your phone.

1. PlaySMS


Are you still seeking for the top SMS marketing platforms to engage with your users? One of the best free bulk SMS sender apps for SMS marketing is PlaySMS. This web-based, adaptable bulk SMS software is available. This bulk SMS sender apk can be modified to carry out a number of tasks, such as sending bulk SMS, offering SMS gateways, promoting group communication by sending free group SMS, etc.

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In addition, one of the top-rated free bulk SMS sender apps offers sending SMS to email and vice versa with the aid of a polling mailbox and can integrate with a number of database engines.


  • Supports multiple database engines
  • SMS for single texts and bulk marketing
  • Supports Unicode, text, and flash messages
  • It is made to handle large volumes of texts of up to 500,000 SMSs per month.
  • Supports email to SMS & SMS to email services
  • Simple, web-based interface.

Price of an Upgrade: It is a completely free bulk SMS open-source app.

2. TextLocal – Free Group SMS App

TextLocal – Free Group SMS App

If we talk the best free bulk SMS apps to interact with your users, TextLocal, a British company, has teamed with IMI Mobile to engage the Indian market. This free bulk SMS app for Android download includes a dedicated customer support team and offers all the standard Best Bulk Text Message Services of 2022.

The app also offers a competitive delivery speed and is suited for marketing promotions. This free group SMS app is less adaptable in terms of integration and customisation, though.

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  • Auto-schedule messages
  • Personalization of bulk SMS with multiple merge fields
  • SMS in more than 15 regional languages
  • MMS with web links, images, surveys, attachments, etc.

Price to Upgrade: This free bulk SMS sender offers users a free trial of 10 messages, while the fundamental bundle costs £270 for 1,000 SMSs.

3. Msg91 Free Bulk SMS Service

Msg91 Free Bulk SMS Service

Are you seeking to find the greatest Android Apps for Sending Bulk SMS Messages? It is one of the best free bulk SMS marketing apps available. Msg91 offers worldwide coverage as a service and has a rapidly growing number of resellers. Some of the most well-known businesses, including Xiaomi, MakeMyTrip, and ICICI Prudential, use this free SMS marketing software.

Additionally, Msg91 comes with both an Excel and a Google spreadsheet plugin, making it simple to send free group SMS in bulk from a spreadsheet.


  • Message Scheduling
  • Option to send single and multiple messages
  • Web-based messaging
  • Delivery Reports
  • It can integrate with add-ons with its inbuilt API

Price of an Upgrade: It is available for free download and use, and its transactional route costs 20 cents per message.

4. FrontlineSMS


FrontlineSMS is the next app on our list of the top free bulk SMS apps that don’t require registration to send free bulk SMS. The best open-source bulk SMS transmitter, it enables instantaneous two-way or one-way communication with any number of mobile devices. Although it is small and free to download, users and businesses must pay to send messages.

If users upgrade from the desktop version, this free group SMS app offers a variety of cloud-based capabilities.


  • Secure
  • Interactive UI
  • Fast delivery
  • Delivery reports

Price of an Upgrade: A cloud-based version of the open-source bulk message app FrontlineSMS costs $177.75 per month.

5. XtraBulk SMS (PC)

XtraBulk SMS (PC)

XtraBulk SMS is the next app in our list of the top free Bulk SMS Apps. It is a web-based bulk SMS sender app that is small, speedy, and dependable. With the business to connect to an HTTP API or SMPP server, this Free SMS Marketing Software serves as a host for commercial servers.

Additionally, the app is perfect for banks that place a priority on privacy and security as well as food or supply delivery services.


  • Fully open-source bulk SMS software
  • Free & easy setup
  • Compliant with the latest technologies
  • Continuous development & periodic updates
  • Free to use
  • Plug-and-play ready
  • Compliant with almost all leading SMS providers.

Price of an Upgrade: Although XtraBulk SMS is free, businesses can pay £76700 for the reseller software and server infrastructure.

6. SpringEdge


SpringEdge is the next app on our list of the top Android apps for sending bulk SMS messages in 2022. The SpringEdge bulk SMS App was created by developers for developers. With the help of this free bulk message sender, SMS may be used right from the source code thanks to seamless integration. It also contains code libraries for almost all widely used platforms and computer languages.

Additionally, this Best Free SMS Marketing Software offers both technical support and a high delivery rate. It allows for software with a variety of CRM and ERP programmes, including SAP, vTiger, Tally, and Zoho CRM, and it offers extensions for popular e-commerce platforms like Magento and Opencart.

The typical delivery time for transactional SMS from SpringEdge is between 2 and 5 seconds.


  • APIs for add-ons and integration
  • Instant Message Delivery
  • User-friendly Web-based Interface
  • Tools for Reports & Analytics
  • Global coverage

Price of an Upgrade: Installing this bulk SMS app is cost-free.

Free Download For PC Bulk SMS Apps

Apps for PC bulk SMS senders are widely used by marketing experts to send out large numbers of text messages online. These free bulk SMS apps increase delivery rates when sending SMS in bulk from a PC to a mobile device.

7. Bitrix24


Bitrix24 is a free bulk SMS app that offers customisable chatbots for chatting and prewritten responses if we’re talking about the finest Bulk SMS Apps for PC. Additionally, it is the top free bulk SMS app for video calling and file sharing.

Additionally, this bulk SMS sender offers a clustering feature that you can utilise to grow the message sending strategy in accordance with your requirements. The best free bulk SMS app for Android and iOS also provides notifications and real-time updates for comments, posts, likes, etc.

Bitrix24 Bulk SMS Sender features include:

  • Intelligent task reporting
  • Cloud storage for sharing documents
  • Creating chats for better collaboration
  • Time tracking interface for better communication
  • Notification settings & updates in real-time
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Price of an Upgrade: Paid packages start at 4490 per month. Connect with us for support with the free Bitrix24 demo.

8. RapidSMS


One of the finest Bulk SMS Apps For Your Business in 2022 is this one. RapidSMS is an all-inclusive SaaS-based free and open-source PC software for sending bulk free SMS messages. Businesses looking for a solution and seeking the management of their systems handled by outside experts should use this bulk SMS app. RapidSMS offers free bulk SMS sending services that are easy.


  • Secure bulk message app
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Regulated privacy
  • Maintenance-free
  • Track message history & delivery
  • Fast delivery with more than 100,000 SMS/hour
  • It lets send SMS straight from Microsoft Outlook
  • It offers Excel plug-in.

Price of an Upgrade: The free bulk SMS app for PC’s entry-level subscription costs 1,780 and includes 10,000 SMSs.

A Guide To Free Bulk SMS Apps

Without registration, is it possible to send free bulk SMS?

Without registering, you can send bulk SMS messages for free. The best free bulk SMS apps make advantage of HTTP APIs to enable end users to send SMS and MMS right away online.

What Is the Price of Bulk SMS?

You may send messages easily from your web browser using one of the many free bulk SMS apps available. Furthermore, sending such messages is easy—all that is needed is to provide the sender’s ID and phone number in the SMS.

Which Bulk SMS Packages Are Best For Business?

Bulk SMS apps and services have become one of the most economical forms of marketing. It helps businesses to instantly and quickly communicate with customers. It is possible to send several marketing messages from a computer to a mobile device using bulk SMS apps for Android and PC.

To further advertise your goods and services, you might offer transactional and promotional services to particular groups. Many free bulk SMS apps make it possible to distribute advertising messages for little or no cost. When your needs increase, you can upgrade to their paid packages and pay per message bundle.

Which Is The Best Software For Sending Bulk SMS From A PC To A Mobile?

Customers can send SMS using PCs thanks to a variety of bulk SMS sending software apps available on the market. However, just a small number of businesses provide all the common SMS marketing methods.

Furthermore, many businesses require SMS sending systems with distinct characteristics. For instance, a small business would need a wider range of instruments than a medium-sized or large organisation.

Among the many SMS sending software apps for PC, TextMagic, MSG91, RapidSMS, TextLocal, playSMS, MySMSMantra, and XtraBulk SMS, to name a few, provide the bulk of the features that appeal to all types of enterprises.

How Can I Send Free Bulk Text Messages From My Computer?

Sending mobile text messages no longer requires a smartphone. All they require is a computer with an efficient Internet connection. It is feasible to send bulk SMS messages using a laptop and several online bulk SMS software and websites. Even while the majority of these websites and bulk messaging software are free to use, a handful do charge a small fee for extra features and message volume.

Some bulk SMS apps or bulk SMS sending apps also transmit SMS using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

How Can I Send 1000 SMS Online For Free?

You can send 1,000 (or more) SMSes for free at once using a variety of online bulk SMS apps, programmes, and websites. All of the major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android, support this capability.

In addition, the majority of these providers, such as Digimiles, MSG91, and TextMagic, provide their services without charge, and some even give free customers free credits. You must pay a little price to send extra messages when your credits have run out or your free message allotment has been achieved.

Can a Bulk SMS Sending App Be Used To Send WhatsApp Bulk Messages?

Promotional messages cannot be sent using WhatsApp in bulk due to the limitations on WhatsApp messages in India. The well-known messaging app has announced that it will take legal action against organisations and individuals that send contacts bulk messages.

It directly contravenes the section of WhatsApp’s terms of service titled “Unauthorized usage of WhatsApp.”