Rotten.Com Alternatives

10 Best Rotten.Com Alternatives

This page discusses, its alternatives, and sites similar to A website called is devoted to strange, eerie, and morbidly fascinating stuff. The dismal world of rotting art and society inspired artists and writers to create Rotten in 1996. It highlights a point that is difficult to find in the top of a search engine or even in mainstream media. It’s hard to imagine how much easier it could be, yet makes it a reality. The purpose of rotten articles is to dive deeper than the surface level of some of history’s most awful figures and events. In conclusion, is a terrific site that you should check out as an alternative. There are many categories to peruse, regular updates, no login required, dark and bright modes, and it is free for everyone.

The 10 Best Rotten.Com Alternatives – Useful Sites Like Alternatives

1. Theync


Theync is the next website in our list of the top alternatives. You may find all gore-related videos on this page. Anyone may register for an account and publish a video on this public video-sharing platform. These graphic videos include, among other videos, footage of torture, murder, accidents, and wounds. In addition to the title, each video also has a thumbnail. They can be shared on unaffiliated networks and liked or disliked.

In the comments video, users can rate the videos with up to five stars and share their thoughts. Various factors, including duration, rating, views, and uniqueness, may be used to sort the results. For users who want to find particular videos, a search engine is also provided. Personal account, log in, user uploads, newsletter, featured content, active members display, and unground mode are just a few of its distinctive features.

2. Goregrish


One of the best sites to is Goregrish. On this website, you may find all content relating to gore in one place. Among them are images and videos of mishaps, things, suicide attempts, beatings, killings, and necrophilia. These pictures and videos are available for upload by anybody with a user account. They might even be downloaded and shared on unofficial sites. Every image or video has a title, a description, and a date of upload, and anyone can watch it for free.

Users can leave comments on these videos expressing their love or contempt for them. You may use the search engine to find certain users, videos, and pictures. A unique search engine is provided for each of them. A category tab, playlists, watching history, recommendations, a page of popular videos, discussion forums, the option to skip videos, change the playback speed, and a total views display are just a few of its standout features.

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3. Ebaum’s World

Ebaum’s World

This is a great alternative if you appreciate funny content. There are funny videos from all over the world in Ebaum’s world. And, yes, if you’re looking for videos with a lot of violence, head over to the video content where you’ll be greeted with appealing options.

4. DailyMotion

DailyMotion’s replacement, DailyMotion, is a great alternative. Despite losing some of its past brilliance, this site is still a serious rival to This site is a terrific place to spend time while catching up on your favourite shows because it has excellent videos and pictures.

5. MyVidster


MyVidster comes in last on our list of the top alternatives. With comparable content and an easy-to-use user interface, it is a fantastic alternative for You can follow other users to watch the videos they upload and to get a consistent stream of interesting content. All of the videos that can be seen on are available on this website. Since is no longer in operation, MyVidster may grow and attain its well-deserved grandeur. MyVidster is a formidable rival to

6. Hoodsite


One of the top sites similar to is Hoodsite. On this website, you may find all videos relating to gore in one place. These consist of self-harm, torture, and murder videos. Here, you may also see videos of fistfights and other less violent incidents. The main tab provides access to all of the platform’s videos, including featured content and the most recent videos. Each video has a captivating visual, a catchy title, and a detailed description, allowing users to select whatever video they wish to watch.

Users can even write comments if they so wish. These videos can be liked and disliked. Of course, these videos can be shared on independent sites. The ‘Older Posts’ link at the bottom of the website, which displays all of the most recent videos, also allows users to search for older articles. Its distinctive features include a quick video load time, a video upload time display, an intuitive user interface, and a strong server connection.

7. Body Modification Ezine

Body Modification Ezine

Body Alteration On the website Ezine, you can find images and videos of bodily modifications. Examples include body piercings, tattoos, scarifications, and piercings in the nose, ears, genitalia, and other places. For those looking for motivation to make these changes, this can be a useful platform. On the platform, users can even communicate with others by sharing their experiences.

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Any posted images or videos can be liked, disliked, commented on, and shared with others. Even an online store for accessories and things linked to body alteration is available on the internet. On the platform, each tab has a different category for tattoos and body piercings. Additionally, a search box is provided for the user’s convenience. Additionally, it offers a free membership, a personal account, email registration, a user name, password security, and a graphical user interface.

8. Documenting Reality

Documenting Reality

You can find real-life images and videos of accidents, suicide, human anomalies, and death on the uncensored site Documenting Reality. You should stay away from the site if you’re under 18 because it has some seriously offensive material. Violence is not encouraged on this website. As the name suggests, it is just documenting the reality of the world in which we live. It goes without saying that this occasionally involves violent acts, but it does not support them. The site is merely documenting the fact of such things.

CNN does not support any violence, including the violence they document in their photos and reports, just because you watch videos of it. I hope you understand the difference, and the same is true while documenting on reality. This is not a defamatory site. You’ve come to the wrong place if you were looking for a place to put your racial or phobia-based beliefs; find your wrath somewhere else.

9. Damaged Corpse

Damaged Corpse

Damaged Corpse is the next website in our list of the top alternatives. It is a website where you may view unedited content including videos, pictures, and voiceovers. You will encounter disturbing content that is unfit for broadcast media yet finds its way onto sites like this one. It includes actual pictures of accidents, human anomalies, and deaths via suicide. Overall, among the alternatives, Damaged Corpse is a fantastic platform.

10. Veoh


Veoh is yet another fantastic alternative. Its video section features a variety of genres, including news, sports, and humour; you can obtain anything you need to pass the time amusing yourself. Unfortunately, the site lacks the amount of graphic content you would want, but you may always try your luck in the current section.