Top 14 Best Raw Story Alternatives In 2022

This post will go over the raw tale alternatives. Rawstory (also known as The Raw Story) is an American online news website that covers all current national and worldwide political and financial news, among other things. It is a progressive news website that emphasises stories that it believes are being reduced or ignored by other media outlets.

It offers a user-friendly interface and does not require registration or membership to use its services. Raw story exclusively uses high-quality content from many categories such as the United States, the World, Technology, Science, and Media. Everyone has their own story to tell.

Top 14 Best Raw Story Alternatives In 2022

You can learn about raw narrative options in this post, which is detailed below.

There is also an option that allows you to post its news straight on the social networking site with no restrictions. Raw has a large team of skilled editors and writers that are constantly working to bring you the most latest news.

1. News360

News360m is a cross-platform news aggregator, newsreader, and RSS feed that allows users to access their favourite trending topics and brief articles on their preferred designs. It is an app that constantly brings the latest news and stories from across the world to News360’s preferred devices, including Windows and smart devices.

One of the best aspects of this solution is that it allows you to read the news in your computer browser. Users must create an account at News360 or connect in with their Facebook account to enjoy this. Users can read their favourite articles and themes in the categories of service, innovation, politics, science, photography, and a variety of other desired items after creating an account with News360.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard is a free news and magazine aggregation platform where you can read the latest news, short articles, magazines, features, and other educational stuff. Flipboard is a social networking-based platform where Flipboard users from all over the world share fascinating content with other Flipboard users.

It also aggregates the best pieces from major newspapers, magazines, and other writing material companies on its website. It is a platform where you may acquire all of the written and video content that you have seen in popular newspapers and publications around the world.

3. Digg

Digg is a digital news aggregator designed primarily for locating trending issues and viral subjects on the internet. It is a really effective web-based platform where you can acquire all the latest news on a variety of topics. Digg delivers knowledge from social media policies in addition to getting news from credible sources in the form of digital media services.

Digg also functions as a social news site, allowing users to vote on easily available content and promote any topic or post. There is a correct submission and voting method that is only present in a few news aggregation platforms.

4. Hubski

Hubski is a social networking and discussion website that was created as an alternative to Reddit. It is known as the community for sharing thoughtful information and conversation. You may easily explore all of the interesting tales, topics, and occasions on this platform, as well as share what interests you with others.

You only need to follow people, tags, or domains, and the posts that others you follow share if someone likes and shares what you publish. They may also follow you by sharing and re-sharing the post as it spreads throughout the community, sparking a dialogue along the way. The majority of this service requires you to follow persons, tags, and domains of interest.

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5. is completely free to use. Web-based and mobile application designed for folks who want to discover and share the best web content with friends all around the world. The site has a large number of groups and allows you to join your favourite groups to discover the greatest content handpicked by your friends and the world around You can also use this platform to share your favourite films, photographs, articles, and gifs, among other things.

It, like social networking platforms, allows you to participate in group discussions on themes and concerns that interest you. is a simple yet effective platform that you may use at any time, from anywhere in the world. The website required registration to use its services, and once completed, you can easily access all functions without restriction.’s most notable features are the ability to read and exchange lengthy articles on a range of topics, as well as group discussions and daily updates.

6., like Reddit, is a news aggregation, website content score, and conversation website. In this app registered members submit information to the site in the form of links, text images, and photographs, which are then voted on by other members all around the world. All posts on this platform are organised by subject into user-created boards that span a wide range of topics like news, science, video games, movies, music, books, physical fitness, and foods, among others. You have complete freedom to review each subject and location feedback.

To use its services, you must first create an account and then gain unrestricted access to all functions. also offers Forums and Wiki functionalities that set it apart from the competition. Its function online forums include Ability, Art, Books, Empire, and many more. Overall, is one of the greatest platforms for individuals looking for Reddit alternatives.

7. is a simple link aggregation site with the original Voat culture of unrestricted expression. The vast majority of viewers on this network are interested in shows but only talk about them in IRC. It is similar to Reddit and uses all of the same services, but with some brand-new features.

With the aid of this website, you can quickly read an endless number of posts, leave comments, compose posts, and show others. Before you may use its services, you must first register by authenticating your e-mail address and other information. After completing the registration process, you will have full access to all of its features.

8. 4chan is a news site based on photographs where anyone may submit comments and exchange images. It contains a board dedicated to a variety of themes, including Japanese animation and culture, video games, photography, and music. The user intends not to create an account before participating in the 4chan community.

It offers a vast collection of unique photographs such as Anime and Manga, Flash and Video Games, Technology, Weapons, Music, Fashion, Fitness, Movies, and so on. Everyone has a collection that is constantly updated with new items. The nicest part about this platform is that anyone may submit them with or without a name.

9. Steemit is a blogging and social network website that rewards publishers and management using the Steem blockchain. It is a useful portal with content divided into several categories. Each group has its own set of short articles and stories that you can read and share wherever you wish. To provide the best information, it only contains high-quality and significant content.

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It is not necessary to register to read articles, but if you want to write and receive prizes, you must enter all of the required information. Steemit contains popular features such as daily updates, instant redemption, Steem chat, trending articles, and check out classifications, among others. Give it a shot if you want to use a sophisticated social networking platform to make virtual money.

10. Quora is the world’s most advanced question and answer website, where questions are asked, responded, revised, and grouped in the form of perspectives by its community of users. Users on this site can collaborate by posting questions and recommending revisions to responses submitted by other users all around the world.

The platform’s ultimate purpose is to exchange and expand global understanding. It contains a huge number of issues and responses. Its replies are from people who understand the issues and have firsthand experience.

11. Smashingmagazine is a website and eBook publisher that offers editorial content as well as specialist resources for web designers and designers. The website also offers conference and workshop events, jobs, and membership services that set it apart from the competition.

It receives over 3 million page views each month and is regarded as one of the world’s most popular and widely read journals about website design and web development. Website design, graphic design, and user experience are all important aspects of a website. The platform’s material is primarily aimed at innovative website design and development experts.

12. Slate is an online publication that focuses on current events, cultures, and politics. Michael Kinsley, a former New Republic editor, created the website in 1996. The journal also covers business, technology, and human interest themes, which distinguishes it from others.

All of the information on this platform is created by a professional team of editors and writers who are constantly working to give something new and fascinating. Slate is not primarily a breaking news specialist, but rather focuses on assisting readers in examining and comprehending the world through humorous and amusing writing.

13. Snapzu is a prominent software for all web content production, aggregation, and discovery in which the user gives content and decides what stays and what goes by using community approval. Users on this platform can send web content such as links, brief essays, photos, and videos to several distinct users.

This program’s participants can vote on them. Every appointment is evaluated by each of the people to whom it was presented, as well as the Frontpage. Snapzu appears as an alternative to Reddit, offering all of the same features and services but with a more appealing aesthetic.

14. Justjared is a home entertainment news website that features premium current culture trends, extensive celebrity photo galleries, and breaking movie news. It was founded in 2005 and has expanded rapidly due to the fresh viewpoint it provides in the often harsh world of celebrity news. It now receives over 10 million unique visitors every month from a devoted core of loyal readers.

Justjared reports on sports news from around the world. That is why it attracts visitors from all over the world. The site offers a powerful search bar that allows you to effortlessly find news on your favourite celebrity and other related information. It, like all other home entertainment news websites, has a set of essential functions that set it apart from the competition.

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