Best Pokemon Emulators for PC To Play Pokemon Games

Are you looking for the finest Pokemon emulator PC in 2021 to play games on? If you adore gaming, now is an excellent moment to purchase the greatest Pokemon emulator PC. But, before we begin, please know that we will not be introducing little Pokemon into your daily life. Pikachu will not appear and eat your sandwiches from your lunch box.

Pokemon pc emulators are simply applications that simulate a game device. It is not illegal to emulate a PC. In other words, it is legal. However, there are numerous points of view on the subject. Following that, we will supply the best Pokemon emulator pc so that you may play Pokemon games on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Without bringing too many gadgets, battle, collect, snap, and explore the environment with your favourite pokemon.

So, let’s have a look at the Pokemon emulators for PC that may be used to play Pokemon games.

Best Pokemon Emulator For PC and Android for Playing Games

Take a look at the top Pokemon Emulator PC listed below to play Pokemon games.

 DraStic DS Emulator

In the world of emulators, the DraStic DS Emulator is well known as the Pokemon emulator pc on Android. In terms of functionality, this software is nothing short of a DS emulator for a computer. This emulator, like many others, includes features like state saving, controller compatibility, button mapping, and so on.

The DraStic DS Emulator’s internal resolution can be adjusted. The highest expectation for this emulator, however, is merely a high-end smartphone. Because the DraStic DS Emulator’s smartphone screen dynamics differ from those of the Nintendo DS, it compensates by offering six different layout options.

This emulator supports stacked views, single views, and the option to make one screen longer than the other. The only disadvantage of this emulator is that it has a $4.99 premium edition of the Android app. However, because to the number of features, this price is not considered a detriment.

What gives you the impression that you’ll use the DraStic DS Emulator? In general, it is often used in Google Drive online storage to save data and speed up emulation.


Melon DS is a popular Nintendo DS Pokemon emulator for PC if you wish to play Pokemon games on your computer. As a result, MelonDS consistently outperforms top NDS emulators like DesMuMe.

MelonDS, on the other hand, isn’t the same as DesMuMe. It is devoid of emulation and graphic options. The new OpenGL render capabilities, which includes a new JIT re-compiler, will allow you to choose extreme resolutions independent of your system’s performance.

MeelonDS will benefit from this type of quick emulation. In conclusion, if you’re seeking for the best Pokemon emulator, this is the one to use.
It is also known as the Pokemon emulator for PC.

MelonDS also includes a number of noteworthy features, including as local Wi-Fi connectivity for multi-player games. This function is merely an experiment, and it only works with a small number of games. Aside from that, this emulator includes a save slot, a limited amount of screen configuration options, and joystick support. People keep using this emulator for only two reasons. It has two advantages: first, it performs well at greater resolutions, and second, it is accurate.

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NO$GBA is a Pokemon emulator for PC that you should consider using. Though it began with mimicking Gameboy Advance games, it swiftly soared to the top of the best Nintendo DS emulators for Windows list.

The primary benefit of NOA is that it supports GBA, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo DS Lite games. In terms of graphics settings, this emulator provides a few possibilities. However, a few tweaks to the settings make it a more visually appealing game than DesMuMe.

In fact, this emulator runs fairly quickly even on low-performance PCs. It also uses fewer system resources than the other top NDS emulators we’ve tested.

The emulator’s biggest drawbacks are the lack of screen layout features and the still experimental multiplayer functionality. Furthermore, this emulator could not be used in every situation. As a result, the emulator is only available for Windows users. Fortunately, it has common features like as joystick compatibility, a save state option, and in-house cheat code support.


Are you looking for the finest free Pokemon emulator for PC? DesMuMe’s name is unusual, and it has the worst pronunciation. DeSmuMe, on the other hand, is a fantastic DS simulation for PCs. It is widely available for use with both Windows and Mac systems.

This Pokemon emulator works well on all platforms, although when playing games with the maximum graphics settings, gamers may experience frame drops on their MacBook Air, particularly the 2021 version. Finally, the performance of the game will be strongly influenced by your PC settings.

This emulator offers a wealth of graphic and configuration customization possibilities. Other useful features, such as a cheat code organiser and USB controller compatibility, have been added. This Pokemon emulator pc also contains a save slot option that allows you to resume the game from where you left off. A few concerns have occurred with the open project among Nintendo DS fans’ pokemon emulators.

For example, the project’s developers rarely work on it, and the most recent stable version was issued in 2015. You can play Pokemon games, although there aren’t many of them. Furthermore, there is no Wi-Fi emulation.

 Citra – Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Citra is the best Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC, allowing you to play Pokemon games on your computer. It has a mediocre system that can only run a few 3DS games with full graphics and excellent quality. This emulator allows users to choose internal resolutions of up to 4K, allowing them to play Pokemon games and The Legend of Zelda.

The Citra emulator also has an official website and a page where you can test the PC emulator’s compatibility with Nintendo 3DS games. Citra, like many other Pokemon emulators, supports cheat codes, joysticks, and other screen layouts.

It also features a built-in screen recorder. It also emulates 3DS local Wi-Fi. As a result, you will be able to play multi-player games with other people who are running the games on this emulator. Citra is the only Android emulator accessible, making it the only one. Citra, a popular Pokemon emulator for PC, is available for Windows, Android, and Linux. Overall, because it allows multiplayer and has a 10x internal resolution, many people continue to utilise this emulator.


Another front-end application to consider for other console Pokemon emulator computers is OpenEmu. This emulator is nearly identical to RetroArch in terms of emulation settings and supported systems. However, there is one feature that sets OpenEmu apart from other emulators.

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What is it exactly? It’s a lovely, simple user interface. If you’re using a Mac, the interface will look familiar. The emulator, for example, displays game box art.
It is further classified based on platform. OpenEmu includes DeSmuMe, which allows you to play Nintendo DS games.

One drawback is the lack of a variety of visual options. In addition, there is no possibility to improve the internal resolution. Aside from that, this emulator has, among other things, screen layout options, stored states, and cheat code support.

There are numerous controllers that can be utilised, including the Switch Pro, DualShock, Wiimote, and others. Overall, this is one of the greatest Mac Nintendo DS emulators.


Lemuroid is an additional Android Pokemon emulator for PC. The Nintendo DS’s emulator allows you to play Pokemon on pc games for free.
It also does not contain any advertising. Lemuroid also works with a multitude of devices, including the Atari 7800 and Atari 2600.

Atari Lynx, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and a bunch of more systems are included. When playing Pokemon, there are a few things that every user should be aware of. Two of them are quick saving and gamepad compatibility.

This method can even be used to connect multiple gamepads. In addition, the Android app for playing Pokemon games has a directory where you may view all of your games. Lemuroid is commonly used to connect devices other than gamepads and to provide zipped ROMs with the appropriate support.


RetroArch is meant to be an all-in-one emulator that allows you to play games on practically all retro platforms, unlike other Pokemon mac emulator pc for playing Pokemon games. The main purpose of developing this emulator was to combine numerous emulators into a single piece of software.

In this case, RetroArch supplies MelonDS and DesMuMe to emulate DNS titles. It can run more games because it is an all-in-one emulator, including Atari, MAME, and all Nintendo systems, including the NES, DS, SNES, 3DS, 64, DSi, and others.

RetroArch has an intimidating UI at first, but it gets much easier to use as you get used to it. Running the game with RetroArch, on the other hand, is said to be more difficult than with Nintendo DS emulators.

When using this pc Pokemon emulator, you can access a variety of useful functions. These are the emulation settings and graphics required. As a result, the original resolution can be increased up to 4K, and shaders can be utilised to radically alter the game’s image.

Extra features include controller compatibility, saved slot selection, and different screen layout options. Do you understand why people use RetroArch? People continue to use this emulator to play Pokemon for two reasons. It’s an all-in-one emulator with a few games pre-installed.

Final Word.

Overall, if you enjoy playing Pokemon games, there are several excellent Pokemon emulator pc options to consider. To fulfil your needs and tastes, select one of the eight alternatives we just described. You can also test out more than one of the emulators we recommend.