8 Best Pixwox Alternatives – Apps Like Pixwox

This article is about Pixwox, Pixwox alternatives, or Pixwox-like apps. Pixwox makes it simple to download and view Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and Instagram posts however you’d like. Pixwox lets you download or view them in your preferred style in addition to letting you search for the username of your choice. Additionally, users can quickly download or view public or private accounts offline. Girl, life, sports, happy, beauty, love, fashion, the arts, food, travel, and a few others are supported and popular hashtags that you can use as you see fit. Its primary features include online profile view, downloading Instagram Stories, tagged posts, Instagram watcher and stalker, and free and private profile downloads.

Useful Features of Pixwox

  • You can download particular posts online without checking in with your ID.
  • If you’re curious in his user history, you can view it as well.
  • The steps listed below can follow you download history to your smartphone if it isn’t already available.
  • Nobody has access to what you do on Pixwox.
  • Pixwox offers a secure area for viewing posts that can be downloaded.
  • When used in conjunction with the Instagram Charge Less app, it is a secure website.

The Top 8 Pixwox Alternatives – Pixwox-like Apps

Apps that can be used as Pixwox alternatives.

1. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram

Let’s say you wish to download other people’s Instagram videos, photos, and stories. If so, 4K Stogram is the app for you. Downloading Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations is amazingly simple and cost-free with 4K Stogram. With this service, you may also download your desired media from an addition of Instagram accounts. The user’s name, location, and Instagram hashtag must be entered into the app before you may enter. Then, click the download button.

You can immediately download images, videos, IGTV, and other types of media, along with their original captions. Additionally, you may choose to download all or a specific subset of Instagram content, as well as download multiple Instagram posts at once. Save any Instagram media with ease using The 4K Stogram! An app makes it simple to search for and download desired media from numerous locations throughout the world. You may also use the app to subscribe to the Instagram accounts, locations, and hashtags that you think would interest you the most.

2. StorySaver


If you want to download Instagram stories from certain people, you can do so with StorySaver.net, another stylish tool. It helps you to become a professional stalker while leaving no evidence. You can easily view and download stories from almost all publicly accessible Instagram accounts and take pleasure in stuff. To check the download status, enter the user name and press the download button. The following step is to select the page’s highlights and the current story. You can download the desired media after clicking the “Save as” button. Without registering or paying anything, you can start utilising the platform right away.

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3. Instalkr


As we talk about reading or downloading stories, there is an app that enables anonymous viewing of the stories of your choice. You can’t download anything, of course, but you can view anything without letting on to the fact that you’ve just stalked someone. Its main feature is the opportunity to quickly check your stalker and see who has viewed your profiles.

You can stalk IG users incognito by surreptitiously viewing their stories. Well, it enables you to easily explore a variety of topics and discover who blocked your account, who stalked your account, and how many people liked your photos.

No matter if you’re watching Instagram stories, you can immediately follow all of your inactive followers by visiting their profiles. If you want to find out who has stalked, blocked, or stopped falling for you on Instagram, The InStalker – Who Viewed My Profile is the most remarkable tool.

4. InstaStories


InstaStories is the first option on our list of the top Pixwox alternatives. It enables you to browse and view IG from the users you want to see in an anonymous manner. You only need to enter the necessary username in the search field and click the search icon on our anonymous IG browser to get the results. Next, type the desired username into the search field and then sit back and wait for the platform to enter. Then, add your desired usernames to the list of favourites so that you can easily access them all whenever you need to.

5. Dumpor


Would you want to view Instagram stories in secret? Yes, it provides the best platform for you to secretly stalk people. This platform enables you to view the Instagram stories you want to without giving away your identity. It never informs anyone of your stalking and keeps it a secret. You may view profiles of people you’re interested in, find out about their followers, IG stories, and tagged posts, all while remaining anonymous.

By entering a search term in the field provided and pressing the search button, Dumpor helps you to search up Instagram profiles, tags, and locations. Visit Dumpor’s website to watch the best Instagram experience. One of its standout features is the ability to download stuff while browsing anonymously and analyse profiles, comments, likes, followers, etc.

6. FastSave


Fastsave is the next option on our list of the top Pixwox alternatives. It allows users from across the world to browse and download videos and photos from their desired IG users without paying to pay anything. The popular platform Fastsave – Repost photo videos is used for stalking down people’s Instagram IDs. You can instantly view videos and photos offline by downloading them with this app. With a few simple clicks, you can even republish the complete collection of photos or videos.

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It offers simple navigation, high levels of protection, and quick download times for your desired items. Using its sleek UI, you may save numerous video and photo reels and properly manage everything. Additionally, you may use slideshows to conceal or view the downloaded photos and videos. Additionally, you may easily share, delete, view, or repost videos or photos from the app. For Instagram users, Fastsave – Photo, Video & TV Video Repost is a quick and simple app with a lot of helpful features.

7. Instasaved


The next option on our list of the top Pixwox alternatives is Instasaved. It is a fantastic Instagram downloader that helps you to swiftly download the desired Instagram content. Not only can you download people’s photos, videos, albums, and IGTV, but you can also instantly download their stories. It doesn’t call for a login or any other private data. You can go to the website and visit downloading your desired Instagram account’s desired goods.

A well-known photo-sharing website called Instasaved helps you to instantly download media. You may download media using this platform in three easy steps because it is user-friendly and straightforward. If you want an app that helps you to download photos and videos from people you want, this one is fantastic.

8. Story Saver For Instagram

Story Saver For Instagram

You can utilise a less well-known but important tool to download Instagram videos and photo stories. You may easily download specific Instagram stories to your phones with just one click. Additionally, it enables you to store Instagram stories from open accounts directly to your phones without disclosing your identity.

You can download stories to your devices and repost Instagram shops. It helps you to browse through your feed of stories and even explore stories from particular users. With the Story Saver for the Instagram app, you can add any user to your list of favourite users and access their stories whenever and wherever you like. For a simple way to download Instagram stories, download Story Saver.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pixwox

Pixwox is it legal?

Yes, Pixwox is entirely safe to browse, and using this Web App to download pictures, videos, or even search up specific Instagram profiles is entirely legal.

Is Pixwox a Reliable Name?

The Pixwox website states that because “your personal information, date, and time of your visit are not shown nor recorded,” the view is fully anonymous.

Does Pixwox Comparably to Instagram?

A simple and free Instagram editor and viewer is Pixwox. To explore and update your Instagram profiles, news, followers, posts, tags, and locations, you have an unlimited amount of time and space.

Conclusion: Pixwox Alternatives

We are confident that this list will help you choose the top Pixwox alternatives. Please leave any feedback or comments regarding these apps similar to Pixwox in the section below.