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10 Best News Apps For Android You Can Use

The foundation of entertainment is news. The lifestyle has changed as a result of important news apps on the Internet. You are now more knowledgeable about all news types. Even if there are many news stories, picking the best one might be challenging. Not all newspaper apps can be set up. In order to make you happier, we have gathered the best Android news apps. The 17+ Best News Apps for Android will be covered today as a source of enjoyment.

The Top 10 Android News Apps You Can Use

Many newspaper apps exist, but none of them provide accurate information. The best 17+ Android news apps are listed in this article. These apps were chosen based on factors including user reviews, instals, downloads, and popularity.

1. Flipboard

One of the most renowned news apps for Android and cellphones is Flipboard. This fantastic news app is used by over a million users to access their preferred news. It compiles breaking news, trending stories, discussion, and important stories. It is advised to spend some time on Flipboard in order to get the report. It’s encouraging to see that you’re considering using this newspaper app. You can read stories from the best publishers with Flipboard. You can also create a magazine by compiling stories from various sources.

2. Google News

Google News

An clever app that offers the most recent news is the Google News app. It can manage the story you’ve chosen. By highlighting several points of view, the Google News app offers the complete context. It provides top-notch content from all trustworthy sources. Sports, entertainment, rumours, and politics are just a few of the news categories covered by the Google News app. More than a million people have given this app positive evaluations because it is a global hub; nevertheless, some people find the local news annoying.

3. CNN Breaking US & World News

CNN Breaking US & World News

Breaking News on CNN The CNN Breaking News app is just another top-notch news app that offers precise information. US & World News News Apps For Android It demonstrates what is going on around the rest of the planet. To stay informed without becoming overwhelmed, you can create a custom alarm system. You may watch CNN, CNNi, and HLN TV at any time, anywhere with this app. In-depth coverage of breaking international news is offered by the CNN news app. It offers live TV and video on demand to Americans. You must sign in with a satellite or cable provider in the United States in order to access limitless viewing.

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4. BBC News

BBC News

One of the best news apps available is the BBC News app for Android. BBC News has this division. The BBC and other journalistic networks’ news is real and trustworthy thanks to this app. It also offers more BBC galleries, BBC radio, and BBC news. Featured articles, personalised news, important news, video, audio, and stories are the essential features. You can use it to find the most recent and pertinent news. Networks with 3G and Wi-Fi can access videos. Offline functionality, font customisation, linked stories, and related topics are some other popular BBC news features.

5. Reddit


Reddit has more than 100,000 communities and is a secure network. It can reflect on, debate, laugh, and delve further into issues that are significant to you. Anyone may read, assess, and share significant news articles on Reddit for free. You may easily communicate with the online group with this app. Users of Reddit can participate in discussions, upload pictures, and obviously, submit stories. The user base of this app benefits from frequent content updates. For fans of news, it is one of the most useful social sharing apps.

6. Feedly

One thousand people use Feedly every day on an Android smartphone or tablet. To use news more effectively, managing your blog, YouTube channel, and publishing is simple with Feedly. People use Feedly to read blogs, stay current on news, and keep track of keywords. It can link to more than 40 million feeds. You can find feeds in one place thanks to it. Facebook, Buffer, Twitter, Evernote, and Onenote are all integrated with Feedly. It believes that simplicity promotes speed. It is thus one of the best news apps for Android.

7. The Guardian

The Guardian

One of the most trustworthy and accurate apps for breaking news is The Guardian. Access to news about sports, business, and politics is provided. This app instantly sends breaking news to your phone. A news app called The Guardian features outstanding stories and journalism that has won awards. Each piece of news and its stream can be altered. It supports all sports, including Formula One and the NFL. This app also has a premium edition to offer a different flavour.

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8. BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed News Apps for Android Buzzfeed is one of the most well-liked apps for story sharing and social sharing. Quizzes, the best News, popular stories, delectable recipes, and entertaining videos are all included. Explore the tab to get a variety of news. The trending story can be viewed if you choose. To get your feedback, this app has comment and reaction buttons. You might stay informed through notifications. Share with a single tap on Facebook, Viber, and other social networks.

9. Topbuzz Lite

Topbuzz Lite

One of the best news apps for tablets, smartphones, and Android devices is Topbuzz lite. A news app made to make you laugh is this one. It offers you timely news by utilising sophisticated artificial intelligence. Due to its extensive service and simple-to-scroll feed that compiles all the headlines on one platform, Topbuzz lite will make you a news expert.

10. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports

One of the best and most visually appealing news apps is the Yahoo News app for Android and smart smartphones. NFL games can now be watched on a smartphone or tablet. Sports news, scores, and statistics are easily accessible through the Yahoo Sports app. You can stay informed about activities in the MLS, NFL, NHL, NCAA, MLB, and NBA by using the Yahoo Sports app. You are now better informed on cricket, football, and golf as well. To access all services, Yahoo should require users to sign in.

The Verdict:

The best Android news apps are available to keep you informed. Finding the best one, though, is difficult. So, our research might help you find the most important one.