20 Best MyAnimeList Alternatives in 2022

An excellent website for streaming animation and Manga is My Anime List. You’ll find that there are a lot of amazing options if you want to acquire a lot of anime and Manga. offers access to Manga, anime, community forums, news, and, of course, reviews in addition to animated television programs. On the site, you can find animations if you’d like.

What Characterizes My Anime List As A Superb Animation Service?

A popular and excellent option for the best anime and Manga to stream for free is My Anime List down tv has been a perfect pick for all of your requirements relating to having access to videos and video evaluations, user interactions, and forums. It is an excellent site for fans of both Manga and anime.

My Anime List reddit tv could become one of the most well-liked options ever because of its user-friendly layout and wide range of filter options. You can select your videos based on factors like genre, ranking, studio, and anime season. Check out My Anime List App ( My Anime List App APK here ).

Top Anime on My Anime List

10 of the best anime available on My Anime List:

  1. Family in Fullmetal Alchemist
  2. Gintama’
  3. Part 2 of Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3
  4. Steins; Gate
  5. Fruit Basket: The Last Word
  6. Gintama
  7. Hunt x Hunt
  8. Eiyuu Ginga Densetsu
  9. Enchousen Gintama
  10. Infinite Gintama

You should search for the best sites like My Anime List, even though it is one of the best options for your animations. Here are some of the top My Anime List alternatives, whatever your motivation.

20 Best My Anime List Alternatives

1. Netflix

With the help of the online entertainment provider Netflix, you may access high-definition content worldwide. It is a website that offers dramas, documentaries, action movies, comedies, TV shows, and other fascinating content. The most excellent part about Netflix is that there are no adverts or other forms of solicitation; instead, viewers may anticipate seeing a teaser of any TV program. Netflix has three different payment options: basic, standard, and premium. A free trial of thirty days is also available to viewers, albeit this is only for a brief period. Additionally, anyone can sign up for Netflix’s free program and receive a month’s worth of free entertainment for free.

2. Go Go Anime


This is one of the typical ways that so-called anime from My Anime List gets distributed. Go Go Anime has been providing a sizable English anime library for a long time. Fans from around the world visit anime in English due to many English-speaking animals. On the internet, you can view any specific anime in English. Each anime surface provides a summary of the anime and further information about its genre, runtime, quality, and rating. To help other users filter for the highest-rated anime, you can also post your rating for each anime on its page.

3. Anime heaven


You can watch and download anime shows for free on the website Anime heaven. Over 3500 titles are available on the My Anime List alternatives site, and more are being added daily. A summary that gives context for the series and its characters is included in each anime series. Additionally, it offers a comment tool that lets you discuss anime with other viewers. It provides a variety of genres, including Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance, and Super Power, just like other websites of that exact nature. There are various titles under each category.

To find your preferred item, there is a search box where you may enter the name, genre, or other keywords. Additionally, Anime heaven offers a few distinctive features that make it stand out from its competitors.

4. Dark Anime


The user interface of Dark Anime will make you think about My Anime List. You can use the free version or pay for the premium version to get all the features. English-subtitled high-definition media is available through Dark Anime. Additionally, the content is consistently updated so that you won’t miss any fresh episodes of your favorite anime series.

5. Chia-Anime


If you’re looking for a site similar to My Anime List that offers content than anime movies and episodes, check out Chia-Anime. It offers free TV shows, movies, music, and Asian dramas. Although this platform provides high-quality content, the pop-up advertisements will ruin your experience. You can stream anime with English subtitles and English dubs.

6. Kiss Anime

Selecting the top My Anime List alternatives was difficult, but Kiss Anime took the top spot because of its user-friendly interface and extensive library of resources. The online streaming service is perfect for any anime lover who wants to see more complex depictions of item interactions and even intangible ideas. Despite the barrage of advertisements and redirect links, this can usually be avoided by just registering.

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7. Hulu


Due to its multi-platform experience, Hulu is the most well-known entertainment website for streaming movies online. It contains a fantastic selection of critically acclaimed films, television shows, and thousands of essential hits. All digital media players and operating systems can access this. One of the most well-liked My Anime List movies competitors is Hulu, which has the newest features, resources, and a popular interface. Furthermore, it lets you watch movies in various languages, including anime, Hollywood, Bollywood, and more.

8. 123Anime


We are all aware of sidebar advertisements’ negative impact on the user experience. A user-friendly browsing experience is provided by 123Animes, one of the websites like My Anime List that doesn’t have any promotions on the front page. Due to its straightforward navigation and cleanest interfaces, it is one of the best prospects. You can access this gateway to watch some of the most well-liked and popular anime shows.

9. Anime ultima


A well-known and free anime streaming website geared toward anime fans is called Anime ultima. It’s a straightforward My Anime List with lots of information about anime, including movies, dramas, episodes, and new releases. For visitors’ entertainment, the website also offers a sizable library of anime movies that can be downloaded for free.

Thanks to its comprehensive search engine, you can find your favorite movies on Anime ultima quickly. One of the most intriguing aspects also contains a synopsis of each film, detailing the series’s plot, characters, and other details. Most titles include English subtitles, but you may watch the dubbed series if you prefer them.

10. Because. moe

The most popular website for discovering the fantastic world of internet entertainment is because. Moe. High-definition anime movies and episodes can be streamed without buffering. Based on My Anime List, offers some of the same features as My Anime List while also adding some new ones. The platform’s primary goal is to satisfy any desire an anime fan might have because Moe offers a wide selection of more feature films in addition to Eureka Seven, Dragon Ball Super, Land of the Lustrous, and Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

11. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is one of the best ways to improve your time and have the best time ever. Without creating an account, watch more than 4000 distinct free and authorized cartoon videos from anywhere! It would help if you used it because it’s your best option for finding the best sites like My Anime List. One of the most dependable and secure sites ever, according to many people. Like orange My Anime List, you may search for manga movies and reviews. Find that the site offers a section specifically for Japanese manga movies. This is accurate. Using strong filters is one of the best ways to make animation, though there are many other ways.

12. Anime Streams


This website is a great place to start because it has the best My Anime List substitutes. You may also watch a tonne of free TV series on the website. This is one of the best My Anime List sites because joining is free. The app’s simplicity and ease of use were two of our favorite features. It would be great if it had an excellent way to search for things. You’d find that it is among the safest options available. It would also be among the best items available to you.

13. Master anime


If you want to have a great time, Master anime is one of the best sites similar to My Anime List. One of the few places to watch anime content in this high-definition is on this site. It offers a great approach to compiling a list of good animations. Master anime is among the best places to watch animated films and TV episodes. Nearly all of your needs are covered. To enable you to use it, ensure the user interface is attractive and easy. One of the best things we felt was cool is that it doesn’t buffer even if you have slow internet.

14. Anime Lab


Anime Lab is one of the best options for the best anime streaming experience, although many great ones are available. You can download the content on various things, including Android, iOS, PlayStation, and others, if you want to. With an intuitive platform, you can find the top anime and other content websites like My Anime List top anime on the market right now. You can only utilize the service at the time in Australia and New Zealand. You can choose from many animated films on the service, but you can only access them there. This approach worked successfully for My Anime List when they applied it. They should be widely adopted, just as we would desire. If the app could be utilized on various device types and had an easy-to-use UI, anime fans would find it even more straightforward.

15. Funimation

One of North America’s most well-liked anime streaming sites is Funimation, and My Anime List stats enhances the anime experience. However, it’s more than just an anime streaming website. With the aid of this site, you may locate anime games, guides, well-known anime series, popular anime movies, even home videos, accessories, and much more. You can also acquire the most recent information on anime series.

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16. Crunchyroll


The best sites that resemble naruto My Anime List will then be found. Among those who enjoy watching Japanese anime, My Anime List jojo is a well-liked alternative to Crunchyroll. More than 25000 TV shows and more than 15000 hours of Asian anime are available to watch on it. Everything is in one place. On this site, everything is safe and legal. You may read a lot of good information there. This site is where you may watch streaming content from Asian Media. The website is accessible in various languages and locations worldwide, and you can watch movies there and utilize other things. It offers you access to some of the best content on Android devices and other tablets and phones you may use. Additionally, you may utilize it to play PlayStation games.

17. 9Anime


The best place to look for high-quality animation if you like it is 9Anime. For sites like My Anime List, it might be good. This is good for me because it lets me watch my favorite animated films without paying for registration, which I find appealing. Free and open-source animations are available to people who sign up for the service. Given that it has all the filters most people need, it is one of the best options. This site has several good-notch videos. You can look for different things with various filters, such as how good or long they’ve been around.

18. Dai suki


If you don’t want to use the My Anime List app, Dai suki is one of the best places to find cartoons and anime programs. Aside from Japan, you may watch anime programs from practically any nation worldwide. It is open-source and free. One of the best sites is similar to My Anime List rwby in that it doesn’t show films with commercials. When Asatsu-DK and other anime creators collaborate, fresh ideas are generated. It has a lot of good things, but the best one is the high-caliber films.

19. Horrible Subs


One of the best places to find a top-notch website that offers you a fantastic experience for nothing is here. You may watch movies in various resolutions, including 480P, 720P, 1080P, and even 4K. This will be a good choice if you’re searching for one of the best My Anime List twitter substitutes. Much more enjoyable than other options. Unfortunately, you are not required to sign up for a service to stream your videos on the site. It would be even better if the user interface were more straightforward. That would make it even further than it already is. Although often slow, it might be one of the best torrents for watching anime.

20. Baby Anime


Baby Anime is the best place to go if you love anime and want to watch every episode of your favorite anime series. It has whole anime series with English dubbing. You can watch anime live on the internet and you must sign up for an account to do this. You can ask questions about anime and obtain answers from many people by posting your queries in the forum.

Please use the search field to search for a specific genre or category, or type the name of your favorite show to find it among all the available options instantly. To save time and avoid having to go back to the library and search them up again, add episodes and series to a “favorite” list.

FAQs for My Anime List

Is It Safe To Use My Anime List?

Although some anime streams appear free, several anime websites employ dubious advertising strategies to install malware on your computer or mobile device to make money. Anime-Planet users ask Is My Anime List logo Illegal?

Regarding the legality of My Anime List, we cannot provide any firm conclusions. For your safety and security, kindly use a VPN.

My Anime List: Is It Legal?

The site My Anime List is not authorized to be used.

Is My Anime List Currently Down?

My Anime List and live anime streaming websites frequently receive DMCA notifications and legal notices. To prevent being taken down, they clone their domains elsewhere.

Does My Anime List Have an App You Can Download?

As far as we know, neither the App Store nor Google Play offers a My Anime List app for download.

The Bottom Line: Alternatives to My Anime List

The best My Anime List substitutes are available and provide comparable features and services. Even if My Anime List has promised to keep you occupied with its enormous library of anime series and movies, users should consider these alternatives before committing to a single website. I hope you found the list above to be helpful. Your appetites for anime and Manga might be sated by sites like My Anime List. The websites are user-friendly and safe. So start binge-watching now and enjoy your favorite series, making the most of your free time.

You now have access to a substantial list of My Anime List alternatives and websites similar to My Anime List for the best experience consuming top-notch content. By selecting the best site that delivers the same experience as My Anime List, you can access a great list of high-quality anime and manga content.