Open SIM Card Slot on iPhone

How to Open SIM Card Slot on iPhone

The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a small card that needs to be inserted into your mobile device for network service. Sometimes you may need to delete the SIM card from your iPhone to replace it with the latest one. If you’re a new iPhone user, you may find it difficult to open the SIM card slot. Hence, we have shown the simple procedure to open the SIM card slot on iPhone.

How to Open SIM Card Slot on iPhone

The first and foremost step is to identify the sim slot location on your iPhone. Every iPhone device comes with a small-sized ejector tool, which plays a vital role in this method.


[1] Take your Apple sim ejector tool.

[2] On the SIM slot hole, slowly insert the ejector tool. Be careful while inserting, and don’t put overpressure.

[3] Gently give some pressure to the pin, and make sure the pin goes straight.

[4] Once you apply little pressure, your SIM card tray will get pops out.

[5] Once the sim card tray comes out of the slot, gently delete the tray from the slot.

[6] Today you can add, swap or remove your sim card from the device.

By following this easy, you can quickly take out the SIM card slot from your iPhone. If you want to insert the SIM card tray back, gently push the tray into the slot. While removing and inserting the SIM card tray, you have to give gentle pressure. Applying extra pressure will create damage to your device. Instead of Apple Ejector Tool, you can use different tools like a safety pin, paper clips, and toothpick. This example applies to all iPhone models.

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