Best 13 Harem Games for Android and iOS 2022

The Harem Game swiftly became one of the most popular games on the planet. It’s only because of romanticism and the various universes it can build. Harem construction games have culture, romantic lines, lovely relationships, lovely clothes and costumes, and handsome and attractive protagonists and villains.

Most importantly, harem video games always have a plot twist in their storyline to keep the player guessing. It allows players to transform into characters from stories and their imaginations. It’s not just entertaining, but also deeply moving. The romantic love story in this game is a wonderful departure from the game’s dark, violent, and strategic thinking. Yes, there are chores, quests, and goals to do, but this does not detract from the game’s enjoyment.

The name “harem anime games” traditionally relates to an Ottoman-era time in which the Sultan would marry numerous women and house them in an unique palace known as the harem game. Despite the fact that they are the Sultan’s wives, they do not live in the manner of a queen or princess. Behind this photograph comes a sad and tragic story. The harem game, on the other hand, appears to disregard this issue in favour of focusing completely on romance and love stories. There will be no violent incidents, but instead the characters’ lovely bond will be explored.

Best Harem Games for Android & iOS in 2022

1. The Phoenix

The entire plot of the game is devoted to the development of a love story set in an ancient universe, as expected. All of the events in this game take place in an Asian environment, replete with its own culture and traditions. The game revolves around your choices, and each one has an effect on the plot and the outcome of your story if you make them (just like in real life). It goes without saying that you get to create the main character before starting the game. It is possible to customise the character’s name, appearance, and wardrobe, as well as all small details about him or her.

It should be mentioned that the game places a high value on the correctness of the costumes and the atmosphere in general, so be prepared to be amused by how elegant and smooth everything appears throughout. Although the game is free, you may be able to spend real money on more clothes or in-game currency.

2. The Legend of the Phoenix

You might also be interested in the following titles: 11 Best Anime Love Story Offline Games for Android & iOS Connect with Princesses. Princess Connect is a software that allows you to connect with other princesses. Princess Connect is yet another harem game in which you can travel around a fantasy world on your own terms.

In the same style as the last game, this one is devoted to Asian culture, which serves as the foundation for the authentic world of Astraea. However, because the entire game is designed in an anime style, you will feel as if you are immersed in your favourite manga. As a result, well-known animation studios built the game, and you will be treated to breathtaking cinematic scenes throughout the game.

In terms of game play, the first thing you’ll be able to do is build a character that is unique to you. The game allows you to customise everything from your complexion to your attire and weaponry. The majority of them will, of course, be locked at the start of the game, but you will unlock them as you proceed through the stages.

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3. Harem

Nightmare Harem is a game in which you can make your own love story in a fantasy world full with fantastical people. Everything in this game revolves around the fact that a demon and an angel both fell in love with a human at the same time. And, as you might expect, you will have the opportunity to play for this lucky individual. Before you begin playing, you will be able to customise your character’s appearance by experimenting with different haircuts and clothing.

The fundamental difference between this game and others in the genre is that there are no side activities to distract you from the main goal of the game, which is to create a love relationship. The plot, on the other hand, is not restricted to love connections; you will get caught up in political intrigues, betrayals, and other such events.

4. Golden Empire

The term “Golden Empire” refers to a time when a country was ruled by a golden empire. Golden Empire is a classic harem game that is available for PC and Mac The story takes place at the time of the ancient Roman Empire, and you have the ability to influence the plot’s growth trajectory. As emperor, you will be able to build towns, raise armies, conquer new territories, and, of course, discover a female love interest in the game. The most remarkable element of this game is how deadly and authentic the entire setting appears.

5. Obey Me

Obey Me is an anime-style harem game in which you can develop virtual relationships with other players. The game takes set in a fantasy universe where you can get to the role of master and eliminate the evil brothers. You will need to attend numerous training sessions and organise a team to do this. But first and foremost, you must create a character. The nicest aspect about this game is that you can select the gender of the character, and all of the potential love interests will remain the same regardless of your selection.

Once you’ve finished this, you’ll be able to start travelling through the levels, where you’ll meet a variety of characters. As a result, you will be able to create any form of relationship with them — you may become friends, foes, or lovers. Every action you take has an effect on the relationship you’re building, so be mindful of what you do and say. After you start a connection with a character, that character will start texting and calling you, so it’s not only about face-to-face interactions here.

6. Phoenix

You can access the whole collection of ancient Chinese love stories by downloading this game. All of the characters are gorgeous, with soft, blushing features and exquisite Chinese clothes, and they all join together to make a whole in a funny love story. Another point of interest is the exceptionally smooth user interface, which will ensure that you have the most fun possible. Begin by picking and customising them by giving them names, dressing them up in costumes, determining their appearance, and establishing all of their details. The premise is unique in that every option has consequences throughout the entire story. You will not meet your mate right away, but you will have to get to a certain level.

7. Refer to me as a Legend

To become a legend in this game, you must become acquainted with female characters. One approach is to take them on a date and buy them a gift. As a result, they will grow familiar with your name. Because this is a simulation role-playing game, it is not realistic. To name a few plot components, there are love affairs, politics, battle scenes, and quests. The preservation of a legacy is required for legendary status.

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8. Harem of Nightmares

Nothing is more intriguing than a love story between two people who aren’t destined to be together in the first place. This video game contains emotional love stories between humans and demons or angels.

Don’t worry; the player will be a real person. There are no quests or activities to do in this harem game, simply a love story to tell. However, betrayals and political intrigues will occur in order to advance the story.

9. The Emperor and His Ladies

Explore the tranquil realm of ancient China as the emperor in charge of governance. Choose a wonderful girl to be your wife, and raise your children to be the family’s next generation.

However, before you settle down, spend some time socialising with other attractive women. If you want to rise in power, you must gain retainers and form bonds with them after their tasks are fulfilled.

10. ISEKAI: Demon Waifu (Demon Waifu)

You are a demon prince responsible with protecting your people in Paladina, a citadel that acts as a stronghold. Be brave in order to vanquish your opponents and expand your zone of influence. Don’t be scared to seek out partners because your empire is in critical need of heirs. Using portals, you can travel to any location and meet a woman who is a good fit for you. Win their hearts, fall in love with them, and build a family with them.

11. Lies! Lies! Lies!

All you have in this harem game is a stunning face, nice clothes, and nine laying males on your side. It’s the story about your character falling in love with a charming liar. According to the evidence, you are affiliated with a group of ten men, one of whom is a liar. As a result, identifying the liar is the most critical stage You will play the role of a detective in your personal romantic life.

12. Make Me Fall in Love with the Otome

The final tip is to play an RPG game with an engaging storyline. Everything begins when you inherit your grandfather’s large fortune as well as the Anderson Toys Company, which he founded. You discovered five handsome injured men on the ground floor of your lobby on the day you moved in. When they came to, they told you that they had been attacked by something unusual. Every decision you make has an effect on the plot of the next episode.

13. Dangerous Individuals

This is an Otome dating simulator game based on the novel. You might uncover episodes with adorable characters on each of them. Despite the fact that it is a love story, don’t anticipate to spend the day with your lover on a gorgeous bright day. As a result, your world will be dark, interesting, and full of unexpected creatures such as zombies and sick humans.

In this game, you can have fun collecting cards, changing clothing, interacting with the main character, and increasing intimacy. This game can now be played in both English and Portuguese. If you have Android 5.1 or higher, simply download it from the Play Store or App Store.