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How to Activate Crave on Apple TV

For a better Apple TV viewing experience, install the Crave app. a step-by-step guide for adding, turning on, and installing Crave on Apple TV.

Crave is a terrific streaming service with a vast library of video content. You can watch Crave on Apple TV. Subscriptions are needed for the service. It shows access to Letterkenny, numerous popular series, Crave originals, Showtime series, old HBO programmes, and many more. Additionally, it offers a 7-day free trial when signing up through a TV provider.

How Does Crave Work and What Is It?

The best place to watch Crave Original and other HBO series is on Crave. On this platform, you can access amazing series shows with your choice of subtitles. On-demand access to movies is provided by Activate Crave TV on the TVs of your choice.

The Crave App cannot be used unless you purchase one of the subscription packs. You can choose any of these bundles from a range of subscriptions that meet your needs at various subscription points. However, you must install and activate the Crave app before you can activate Crave on Roku on any of your favourite TVs.

How do you install Crave on an Apple TV?

To watch all of Crave’s amazing movie series, your TV must have the app loaded and activated. The methods outlined below can be used to do these rather easily.

Create a Crave account.

The first step in downloading and utilising the Crave App is creating an account. To create for an account, go to the Crave website and click “sign in.” You will then be prompted to provide some basic information about yourself. The generated data will be used to create your account.

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You should be aware that every information of information you provide with us on the Crave platform is encrypted end-to-end for security, and that nobody else will ever be able to access it. In order to prevent account duplication, these information must be required.

There is no use in creating another account with Crave if you already have one. If you follow the other instructions, you can utilise use of your present Apple TV account.

Visit the Apple Store to download Crave App.

After creating an account or logging in via another app, locate the Apple store and search for the Crave app. On download the app to your Apple TV, follow the on-screen instructions.

App Store for Apple TV

Once the app has been downloaded to your Apple TV, open it. It can take some time, so you might need to learn patience. The Crave app won’t work unless you sign in to Crave.

How do you activate on Crave?

To sign in to Crave, you must enter the username and password you chose when creating your account. An email with an app activation code will be sent to you after you must have finished this.

You must enter the activation code on your mobile browser.

After downloading the app, you must enter the activation code on the Crave page of your web browser. You must email Crave’s customer support to get the issue required if an activation code is not necessary. You won’t need to be concerned because you will get your issue addressed immediately, along with instructions on getting your activation code.

Make Sure You Check Your Information on the App and Enter It

Make sure the information you entered while logging in matches what you entered on the app when you return to the app after inputting the activation code on the web browser. If the information is the same, one more step is needed to activate Crave on Apple TV.

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Return Your Apple TV Once More

You can use the app on your Apple TV by launching it as soon as your browser shows a notification letting you start everything worked out fine. In a few simple steps, you may download Crave on your smartphone.

How Do I sign with Crave?

You have the option of subscribing directly via the platform at or via third-party applications. Any subscription you make using this app may access your favourite series on Apple TV. All you need to do to gain access to it on your TV is activate your Crave subscription.

How Can I cancel My Subscription to Crave?

If you have completed watching your favourite series and do not want your credit card to continue to be charged even if you are no longer using it, you must cancel your Crave subscription.

  • To cancel your subscription, log in to
  • Click the profile menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  • On your profile, click Manage Account and then click Subscription.
  • Click “cancel subscription” to cancel your entire subscription.
  • If you want to stop getting a certain series, click on the series to cancel your subscription.
  • You must confirm your cancellations after selecting a justification.


The Crave app is available now that it has been installed and activated on Apple TV. Most web browsers are compatible with the Crave platform.
Install and activate the Crave app on your Apple TV to watch movies and TV shows from HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ.

Using screen mirroring, you can transfer the Carve app from your iPhone or iPad to earlier Apple TV models. Please let us know what details about Crave you would like to see in the comments information below.

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