Activate And Install Xfinity

How Can We Activate And Install Xfinity

You must first activate up for Xfinity services on in order to activate starter kits from Xfinity. The kits come with installation and activation instructions. There are several options for activating an Xfinity kit. You have complete discretion about how to proceed forward.

You may be prompted for more information as you proceed through, including the Xfinity activation number (also known as the Xfinity activation code).

Therefore, in this tutorial, we’ll go through the basics of activating an Xfinity activation using an activation number or code at The characteristics of various Xfinity products, such the Xfinity X1, vary.

For assistance authorising Xfinity, visit and read this guide. To activate Xfinity on your Xbox, Samsung, LG, or Roku streaming device, we have everything we need. You can deactivate any devices that have linked to or been activated through the Xfinity service at, just like you can manage third-party devices that log in with a Google app or account by going to

Activate Xfinity on the Go with the Xfinity Activate App!

Access from your mobile phone to activate your Xfinity kit today.

  • Download the official Xfinity app right away (for iPhone or Android) and instal advantage of all of its features.
  • Launch the app from your phone after it has finished installing. Simply log your Xfinity account. If you are a new customer, you must activate the “create account” click in order to create an account before you can activate your Xfinity beginning kit.
  • You’ll be led through the Gateway activation process as soon as you log in to your Xfinity account. If you aren’t immediately prompted to do so after entering your Xfinity account, choose the “Account” tab in the top left corner. The “Overview” tab of the Xfinity mobile app contains this information.
  • Select your xFi hardware by choosing “Devices >> Activate xFi Gateway or Modem” from the menu.
  • Launch the Xfinity app, then select “OK” in the confirmation window that pops up after using your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the back of the Xfinity modem.
  • When a green checkmark appears, the QR code has been successfully scanned. You can also enter the 12-digit Mac number located on the back of your Xfinity box to proceed if you don’t have a QR reader.
  • To give, you can follow the steps in the Xfinity app, which include connecting to the device and turning it on.
  • Before clicking “Done,” give your wireless network a name and select a password.
  • Take a moment to unwind while the device is configured. Your device may activate a few minutes to set up before being activated.
  • Once the “Activation” procedure is through, a confirmation of your WiFi name and password, as well as the “Xfinity voice number,” if you have one subscribed, would be completed on the screen. Please click “Confirm and complete” to keep this information for later use.
  • Verify that all of your devices can join to the network using the new name and password once you have finished setting up your network.
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When using the app, you may set and activate your device without going to We’ll then proceed on to the next step of the activate guide. Users of Activate Up Digitally

Xfinity X1 service will not be able to use this. However, if you are activating Xfinity devices like Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Voice, or Xfinity TV shows, this will be helpful.

  • Simply turn on an Xfinity device to begin utilising it. The adage “Internet, Voice, or TV” might be used in this situation.
  • Launch a browser and go to Visit “” to access Xfinity on mobile devices. To instal your device, you will see a download and installation option for the Xfinity app.
  • Click “here” to begin activating Xfinity Voice or if your apartment has an xFi Gateway already installed and is WiFi-ready.
  • To confirm your account, log in to your Xfinity account and double-sign your information. You can use your Xfinity username, Xfinity password, or Xfinity phone number. Click the “Next” option after selecting the best option if you’re ready to proceed.
  • Once your Xfinity account has been authenticated, activate your service by following the on-screen instructions. Activate on the TV

By Xfinity, activate on Xfinity X1

  • Make sure that your Xfinity X1 set-top box is active.
  • You can select the language you want to use by using the TV remote. If you used a spelling or pronunciation device while selecting your language, press and hold the power button for at least ten seconds to force a restart and give it another go.
  • The final four digits of the phone number associated with your Xfinity X1 set-top box must be entered.
  • Select “Custom name option” and give your device a name. You can choose a predetermined device name or enter your own.
  • Select “OK” when ready. Call in to activate, please

For over the phone, the following prerequisites must be ready.

  • Location of your Xfinity X1 set-top box.
  • Your Xfinity account is associated with the primary phone number.
  • The last four digits of your X1 set-top box’s serial number.
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Call 1-855-OK-BEGIN (1-855-652-3446) to activate your Xfinity Internet service once you’ve satisfied the minimum requirements.

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