Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105 How to Fix It

This article talks about the error code 0x8024a105. There are a few things you might do wrong while trying to update your Windows 10 PC. Error Code 0x8024a105 is one of the most common issues with Windows Update. This error is usually caused by an incorrect installation, a virus, damaged or missing data, or something else. This mistake also doesn’t show up in the main error code list for Windows. A mistake might be made if your update has stopped. It might say:

The upgrade process didn’t go as planned, but we’ll try again later on. If you keep seeing this, try looking for help on the web or calling customer support. This error code might support: (0x8024a105).

Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x8024a105 How to Fix It

In this post, you can know about 0x8024a105 here are the information below;

When we want to Fixhome windows update error 0x8024a105, we have many multiple methods to do it right now. This guide shows you seven known ways to resolve error code 0x8024A105, so go ahead and try them.

Fix# 1: Use the Advanced Repair Tool (Restore).

Windows Update Error Code 0x8024a105 is the easiest way to fix any problems with it. To do this, you can use Restore. Make sure your computer is working properly with this software system. It will also help you to check, upgrade, and fix any problems with your computer, including problems with Windows Update. Great thing about this software system is that you don’t have to do anything except set up a program itself, which is very simple.

These steps can help you download and install Restore on your computer, and they will also help you set it up.

Action # 1

Restore can be downloaded and installed for free. People should wait for the download to finish, then open the documents to start setting things up.

Action # 2

Start the setup process by clicking on the documents. Check the “I Accept the EULA and also Privacy Policy” boxes, then click on the “Install” and “Scan” buttons to start the installation process.

Action # 3

When you set up Restore, it will run a check of your computer for problems and weaknesses, like old drivers. It will also look for the mistake that caused your Windows Update to not work. Once it’s done, you’ll get a detailed look at any errors that were found, and a way to fix them right away. While the software can help with some issues, you may need to buy the full version to get the most out of it.

Action # 4

It’s time to clean up your mess. When the full check is done, choose the “Clean Now” button to fix your issues.

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Restore will keep fixing all of the issues that your computer has, even if there are problems with Windows Update. Once everything is done, reboot your computer and check to see if everything works fine. Your sound should be working now, and the software should come from the Start menu and also the taskbar, not the Start menu or the taskbar.

If you want to fix Error Code 0x8024a105 on your own, follow the steps below.

Fix# 2: Reboot the PC.

Has it been turned on and off again?

Most of the time, the best thing you can do is to restart your computer. This repair is thought to fix the error code 0x8024a105, which is why you should do this. Click the Shut Down button on your computer. Then, turn on your computer for the first time. After that, try to run the Windows Update again to see if it works this time.

If the error doesn’t go away, try one of the methods below.

Fix # 3: Switch Your Internet Connection.

After you restart your computer, the next thing to look at is your internet connection. Then, check your internet connection to see if it’s good and there aren’t any problems with it.

After and then, you need to change your web connection. In this case, you should try to connect to a wired connection, like with a Cat5 wire. After you switch the links and restart Windows Update, you should try to do it again.

This is a common way to fix Windows upgrade error 0x8024a105. It usually works, too. if the problem doesn’t go away, try one of the manual ways below.

Fix  # 4: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Some common problems with Windows 10 can be fixed by a troubleshooter. This tool can help you with things like the home windows update error 0x8024a105.

Action # 1.

Then, look for your Windows Update settings in the search bar and also try to find them.

Action # 2.

Right after you get to that point, click and then go to the Troubleshoot area below,

Action # 3

It’s easy to find the troubleshooter for Windows Update. Click on it, then choose the “Run the troubleshooter” button.

The troubleshooter will look for problems and look for solutions, and it’s thought that it can solve issues with Windows Update, like the error code 0x8024a105, as well as other problems.

After it’s done, try to update your Windows again and see if it works this time, too. If the error is still there, try one of the hand-operated technological fixes below.

Fix # 5: Reset Software Distribution Folder.

Problems with Windows upgrades can be caused by the Software Distribution folder, and in many cases, resetting it can help fix the 0x8024a105 error.

This is how you can change the software distribution folder in Windows, which is a part of the Windows Update service.

Action # 1

When you start the Command Prompt (or Windows PowerShell), you can run it as a manager and do other things.

Action # 2

In the command timely, write down each of the following commands one by one.

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Web stops little bits.

stop wuauserv.

Action # 3

Next, find the Software Distribution folder on your computer.

You can open up the Run command by pushing the Windows Key and R keys. Then, type the following in the box.

Action # 4

Select all the data found in the Software Distribution folder and delete it, then start over.

NOTE: Do not change or remove the Software Distribution folder. Just delete all of the data in the folder.

Action # 5

When you get back to the Command Prompt (Admin), type in the commands that follow.

Bits that start out.

The internet starts with wuauserv.

Action # 6

In order to fix this, you should restart your computer and try to get and install Windows updates again.

This method restarts your Software Distribution folder, and also your Windows will download and install and also install the data on its own to fix the problem.

Fix # 6: Employ the DISM Tool.

Consider using the Dism tool as well, since the error 0x8024a105 can be caused by corrupted files, and you should also try this method.

Action # 1

Following the directions above, run the Command Prompt (or PowerShell) as a manager to do the things above.

Action # 2

You can do this in the Command Line. Type in the command that happens to agree with the command.

Dism/ Online/ Cleanup-Image/ CheckHealth.

Action # 3

There is a good chance that the DISM device will try to find problems with the computer and fix them.

Take your computer out of the case and restart it to try to run Windows Update again.

Fix # 7: Reset Catroot2 Folder.

The Catroot2 folder may need to be reset if none of the other options above worked.
The method used right now is similar to the one used with the Software Distribution folder.

Action # 1

As a manager, you can start the Command Prompt (or Windows PowerShell) and do things.

Action # 2

In CMD, type in the commands that will work.

internet stop cryptsvc.

md %systemroot% system32catroot2.old.

xcopy %systemroot% system32catroot2 %systemroot% system32catroot2.old/ s.

Action # 3

Before you do anything else, make sure you get rid of all of the files in your Catroot2 folder.

Use the Run command (Windows Key + R) to look for it, as well as the key in the next sentence to find it.

C: WindowsSystem32catroot2.

Keep in mind that you should not remove or change the name of the catroot2 folder. Simply delete all of the data found inside.

Action # 4

When you’re an admin, open up the Command Prompt and type in the following command.

net start cryptsvc

Action # 5

Take a look at your pc again and see if you can get it to update.

Fix# 8: Reinstall Windows 10.

If nothing works, there’s a decent possibility there’s something wrong with your Windows 10 installation. If you can’t get help from anyone else, try to reinstall your Windows 10 again.

The best way to get rid of system errors is to install Windows 10 correctly. It’s also the best way to get rid of problems with Windows Update and the error 0x8024a105.